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My adopted sister

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My adopted sister Pari was 4 when I first met her. She was adopted from India. She was gorgeous, medium dark skin with long black hair, thin body. I was 5 and she looked up to me as the all American boy. We became very close.

We were playing in her room one afternoon.

“Can I see your thing?”, she asked me

“If I can see yours.”, I said. Her eyes got wide as she saw my dick for the first time.

“So cool”, she said. She poked it with her finger and giggled.

I touched her and she shied away. She eventually let me touch it. At that age we didn’t know much but we knew what felt good.

9 years later I was 14 and she just turned 13. We were playing outside and she slipped and broke her left wrist. My mom took her to the hospital and she had to get it casted. She basically could not use her left hand for a while.

Our Mom got called into work on an emergency. She was on call. My Dad had already left. I assured them I would take care of my sister and they knew she was in good hands.

My sister wanted to take a bath. I set everything up for her. She tested the water’s warmth.

“Jake can you help me get undressed?”, she asked with that cute little grin of hers

“Really? Do you have to ask?”, I said jokingly

“I am warning you right now. You touch here or here and you are dead.”, she said. I mentioned I touched there before and got the death stare.

I helped her get her shirt off. I fumbled with her bra. “Ugh!”, she said and got it off with one hand. She got disgusted as I stared at her b cup tits. I helped her get her panties off and just admired her body. She was beautiful. “Quit staring at me it is embarrassing!”, she said

“Why? You have a gorgeous body.”, I said

“YOU ARE EMBARRASSING!”, she said and laughed. “Out! I got it from here.”, she said. I protested but to no avail. 5 minutes later I was called back in.
“Wash my back please?”, she said. I took the liquid soap and rubbed it all over her back and her shoulders. I started giving her a soft massage on her shoulders and then rubbed the sides of neck. “Dang Jake that feels amazing.”, she said I moved all her hair to one side and kissed her neck. “Jake what are you doing?”, she said giggling. I didn’t answer. I slowly moved down her shoulders to her back. She was loving it. She moved her hair to one side and tilted her head signaling for me to kiss her again. I teased her kissing her shoulder instead. I got down to her lower back and to her ass. I massaged her ass cheeks.

“How is that not in every magazine of what a nice ass should look like?”, I asked

She laughed. “Probably because I am 13?”, she said and laughed

I took my shirt and shorts off and massaged her shoulders again. I kissed her neck again. Slowly running my tongue along her neck. I reached around and started massaging her breasts.

“Uh Jake? Those are not my shoulders.”, She said

“Oh sorry I flunked anatomy.”, I said

“Jake. Ok this needs to stop.”, she said. I stopped and went back to her shoulders and neck. I could see the grin on her face. I was making love to the side of her neck and to the back and to the other side.

“Uh..uh..watch my arm”, she said. I had a big hard on. My dick was pushing against her ass cheeks. “Whoa! Wait! Why is that out? This needs to stop now. Jacob! This needs to stop. We are moving a little too fast.”, she said

“Seems slow enough for me.”, I said

“Jacob! Out! Ok? Just go watch tv!”, she said. She saw the disappointment on my face.

“Ok. Just let me finish soaping you up ok?”, I said

“Uh no.”, she said chuckling. “You are being sneaky.”

10 minutes later. “Jake come in here again.”, she said

“Jake come in here. Jake get out! Jake come here. Make up your mind.”, I said

“I am a complicated girl! Can you help me towel off?” She asked. I started toweling her back. “No start with my hair.”, she said. I put the towel on her head.

“Look at your shoulders they look so tense.”, I said and started massaging them again. I kissed her neck.

“Ugh I hate you!”, she said chuckling. I laughed. She turned around and we started making out. I had to force my tongue in her mouth but she finally figured it out. Our tongues danced together as I started exploring her body. I got a feel on her tits. I was flicking her nipples with my thumb. Her breasts were firm as I caressed them. Her hand went down my shorts and felt my erect cock. She started moving my dick back and forth giving me a handjob as we made out. “You like that?”, she asked. I took my dick out and went back to playing with her tits. “You can touch my pussy ya know.”, she said.

“I did not want to get thrown out again.”, I said.

“What? I would never throw you out!”, she said teasingly.

My finger went down exploring her pussy. My finger found her clit and I went back to her hole and then slid back up. I started rubbing her pussy lips between my fingers.

She suggested we go to her room. I helped her dry off. I made my way to her room and she laid down. She was nervous as all hell. I went down between her legs and spread those beautiful pussy lips. I just licked her all over. Just doing a sloppy job. “Lick the dot thing Jake. That is what feels best.”, she said.

The smell of her pussy was wonderful as my tongue flicked her little dot. She started moaning. I stuck my finger in her hole.

“That better not be what I think it is!”, she said

“My dick isn’t that small!”, I said. She laughed. I rammed two fingers in her for insulting my manhood. “Damn Jake. Loser!”, she said giggling. I did it again. She kept calling me names to get me to do that.

“You don’t have to call me names. If you want me to pound your pussy I will gladly do it.”, I said

“This is more fun! Dummy!”, She said. I was getting turned on by it also. I rubbed her clit between two fingers as my fingers pounded her. That was it. “Uhhhhh Jake.”, she said. Her legs came together. I kept rubbing her clit as best I could as my fingers became soaking wet. Her tunnel tightened down on them. “Mmmmm”, she said and it was over. She motioned for me to come over to her all smiles and giggles. We made out for a few minutes.

“Do you want to do it?”, she asked me

“Yeah. Do you?”, I said

“Do you love me?”, she asked

“Do you have to ask that?”, I asked

“I love you. I wanna stay with you forever.”, she said

“I love you too Pari.”, I said

She lifted her legs up and I got into position. She told me to be gentle. I lined my cock up to her hole and pushed it in. “Uhhhh”, she gasped as I entered her. She was making “ow” sounds as I was making gentle pumps in and out. I felt her hymen break and could see blood on my dick. She started getting used to after that. I started going harder. She was enjoying a little more but still noticed her face grimace at times. I went back to a little more gentle and she seemed to like that more. “Jake. Jake.”, she said. Her hand went down to her pussy and she was masturbating herself as I fucked her. It was totally hot. “Jacob! I love you!”, she said. Her upper twisted. “Mmmmm Jacob!”, she said as she came again. Her pussy was soaking wet as I fucked her now. I went back to fucking her harder. I felt myself about to come. My head went back as my dick swelled. “Uhhhh Pari!”, I said as I unloaded my nuts into her. I got up. I laid next to her and we made out.

That was the best summer of my life. Losing my virginity to the woman I loved most. I still do.

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  • Reply Dennis ID:1euafugzk8bk

    That was awesome is there any more

  • Reply The Penetrator ID:30hrg0lifia

    I remember fingering the fuck out of 2 girls when they were 13 at school, their cunts just had a covering of light hair, great little tits to.

  • Reply Sven ID:cxcbm99

    First girl I fucked was 13 she was a tease but let me get my cock in her after a few weeks ,so good😊

    • Riya Pagidi ID:1es72d71cbmr

      L first girl I fucked was 11. Her vagina was so good and God Damn her tits were already a 34B.

  • Reply Tim ID:1dsp9y4s4b54

    You are a lucky guy!