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My account of my fist rape at my catholic highschools library room by a priest

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A few months after my rape by my high school priest when I was 16. I became very sexually active and now I’m also getting fucked by BBC and I love it.

It was Friday the last school day before spring vacation, and I go to St Tristian’s Catholic high school. I’m wearing my school uniform which consists of a navy-blue halter dress with a white button-down ruffled blouse and navy-blue tights with 2-inch school regulation heel pumps. The day started out great as it’s the last school day before our long spring vacation.

During the last two periods I noticed the new catholic priest was staring at me whenever he saw me walk by and he gave me the creeps, but I ignored him and went on to my schoolwork and eventually forgot about him.

After my last class, I went to the school library to finish up my book report and read up on some of the material that I’ll be using in my report. I was the only one library, most of the students and teachers left the school building, it was only me and one or two teachers left inside the school and that creepy priest that stared at me earlier in the day.

My mind kept on replaying everything that had happened to me. The horrible events are seared into my memory, yet what I couldn’t stop thinking was that it hadn’t happened like I would have expected.

I always imagined rape like they show in the movies, like a dark stranger pulling the scared girl, kicking and screaming into a dark alley tearing her clothes off and fucking her as she tries to get away.

I didn’t struggle and I was too afraid, and the priest wasn’t violent, he didn’t have to be with me.

The man was that creepy priest that stared at me during the day, he found me completely alone in the empty library room after school. He seemed nice at first, complementing my hair and ponytail.

I smiled and thanked him while he kept on chatting with me as he browsed through my books, asking innocent questions, he even listened to me as I recited Shakespear out loud on what I’ve been studying for my book report.

Things hadn’t started to get tense until he closed the library door. I immediately knew I shouldn’t have been alone with him. He was tall about 6’5 and strongly built, meanwhile I was 16 years old at 5’2 and weighing 119 pounds. My breath got caught in my throat when he turned to me and smiled, it wasn’t a kind smile like before. It was smug and predatory. If a lion could smile when it trapped a fawn it would smile like he did.

I knew I should have left or cause a loud fuss if he prevented me from leaving, but it was unlikely anyone was close enough to hear me, but it might have deterred him. But instead, I sat frozen in fear. Now I know why deer freeze in the headlights, that same petrifying fear locked me in place as my heart pounded like a freight train.

The priest approached me slowly and still smiling, when he reached me, he lifted up his hand and gently brushed his fingers over my cheek. He didn’t say a word, he just stood there smiling at me as he moved his hand down my cheek to my throat.

Tears began to run down my cheeks as his hand momentarily closed around my neck, choking me.
When his grip relaxed a moment later, my breathing was shallow with uneven gasps of air, as if I just ran a few miles.

Still the priest said nothing to me as he slid his fingers around the back of my head and gripped down tightly on my brown ponytail and gently pulled it back as my face tilted upwards. I was forced then to look the janitor in the face. My eyes were as wide as saucers, he was not attractive at all, in fact he looked absolutely like a beast of a man.

I then saw his free hand move down to his belt and unzip his pants, then he pulled his cock out.

It was big and hard and ugly with a purplish bulbous cockhead.

I tried to turn away as he stepped closer and bringing it towards me, but a quick painful yank on my ponytail stopped me from moving. Before I knew it, the warm, purplish, bulbous, pulsing cockhead was gently being pressed into my luscious red lips, and with another quick tug on my ponytail, I obediently opened my mouth.

Then the school priest groaned out, “Aaaahh”!!! as the cockhead portion of his purplish bulbous head of his veiny 8-inch cock shaft slipped into my warm, wet mouth. That was the first sound he’d made since closing the library door.

I was frozen in fear and completely passive as the priest began to slowly work his 8-inch cock in my mouth. I had to squeeze my eyes shut tight so I wouldn’t see him, as the head of his purplish cock probed the back of my throat causing me to choke.

The priest seemed to like the sound of me gagging and choking as he pushed his cock even deeper into my mouth, I just gagged while my body tried to retch while his swollen, purplish, bulbous cockhead was forced further down my throat with every slow thrust from his hips.

The priest paid no attention of me gagging and choking on his cock, as he used his other hand to hold my head in place, he continued on his slow steady assault on my mouth and throat. After gagging constantly for a few minutes, it really felt like a few hours.

I was able to manage and force my throat muscles to relax, but by doing that, allowed me to stop gagging but it also allowed the janitor to shove his 8-inch cock even deeper down my throat.

Before I knew it, I found my nose and face buried against the priest’s pubic hairs and his big balls squeezed tight against my chin with every thrust he gives. He was moaning out, “Aaaaaaahhh”!!!!!
freely now.

His hips were flexing as he slowly throat fucked my mouth, and my chin was covered in a lot of my saliva and his precum and my jaw ached bad, but I was too scared to put up a struggle. At this point I was praying that the priest would finish up fast and blow his load before he decided to do more to me.

Unfortunately, after a few more minutes he pulled his swollen 8-inch cock out of my mouth and pulled me to my feet by my ponytail.

I gave up any thought of resistance, and now I’m giving up all hope of getting out of this room without being raped, I know it’s going to happen. The priest can easily force me, and I am terrified on what he would do to me if I fought back.

I now stood before him, with my head down staring at my black heel pumps.

The priest continued to be strangely gentle with me as he began unbuttoning my white school blouse, even when he had been throat fucking me, he was insistent but never rough. It was like he could tell that I lacked the capacity to resist him out of fear.

I’m in complete shame now, realizing what I have just done degrading myself by having a priest’s cock in my mouth. Even as the priest pulled my blouse off and began groping my big 32-DD tits through my thin white lacey brassier, I didn’t even try to pull away from him. I also stopped crying, so I simply let him do what he wanted, so I complied with every one of his unspoken commands.

Eventually the priest got tired of simply touching me, but now his cock was so erect it seemed about to burst, but his touches had worked a spell on me causing an unwanted warmth between my navy blue covered thighs.

I knew what that meant but I tried to pretend that this wasn’t happing as he turned me around and bent me over the library desk as he methodically lifted up my school dress uniform and ripped a hole in my navy-blue tights and that’s when I felt his purplish cockhead pressing against my virgin pussy.

That’s when I put my head down on the desk and started crying.

The priest didn’t seem to care while he slowly pressed his large, purplish, bulbous, cockhead through the ripped hole in my blue tights and straight all the way deep into my virgin pussy, popping and ripping my cherry hymen as I cried out in pain, “Aarghhhhh !!!! Uungg !!! Aarrghhh !!! Ohhhhhhh”!!!!!!!

Even though I was moist the priest’s large cock painfully stretched me.

He began steadily working his cock in and out of me, while plunging deeper and faster with every thrust, my cries began to get louder, “Ohhh !!!! please stop !!! please father !!! please stop fucking me !!! I’m a virgin”!!!!

Without slowing down the priest brutally slapped my blue tights covered ass causing me to jump and yelp out in pain, “Owwee !!!!!!! Aaarrr !!!!!! Owhhhhh”!!!!

I cried out again only to have him slap me again harder this time on my blue tights covered ass, I quickly got the message and bit down on my finger to keep from crying out, as I forced myself to endure my rape as quietly as possible.

Before long the priest had worked his cock as far in and deep enough to hit the opening of my uterus as he picked up speed, my pussy had finally stretched to accommodate his large cock, his thrusts no longer hurt me as they did.

I was able to stop biting my finger which nearly begun to bleed.

Now I found my breathing heavier, but my crying slowed down as a warmth started spreading from my on and off bleeding pussy every time the priest thrusts his thick, purplish, 8-inch bulbous cock deep into my pussy, as he reached a steady pace. I started biting my finger again but this time to keep from moaning and squealing out.

While my pussy is still tender and swollen with trails of blood. I couldn’t deny that the pounding I was getting in my pussy was feeling much better with every thrust the priest was giving me.

After a few more minutes of fucking me bent over the desk, the priest pulled out of my pussy while I was openly gasping for air, but he seemed to take no notice of me, instead he pulled me upright and turned me around and without saying a word, he placed his hands on my bare shoulders and firmly pushed me down on my blue nylon covered knees.

A hundred thoughts went through my mind, I felt scared and in pain, violated with on and off bleeding from my virgin pussy, but at the same time part of me enjoyed what he was doing to me which added to my humiliation to my list of conflicting feelings.

Despite whatever I felt, I continued to obediently to do whatever the priest wanted. I was still afraid of what he might do to me if I resisted him, so I knelt down before him.

I can smell myself on him when he brought his big ugly cock that just fucked my virgin pussy to my face as I obediently opened up my mouth to receive him. But this time he wanted more from my passive submission.

Still not saying anything to me, he reached down and lightly nudged my head forward but when I didn’t respond fast enough, he slapped me on my face, it wasn’t a hard slap, but it stung me, and I knew he would hit me harder if I didn’t do what he wished.

So, I leaned forward and took his glistening, purplish, cock into my mouth, the taste of my cum on his cock caused my stomach to retch, but I forced myself to continue to suck his cock with tears once more running down my face, so I began bobbing my head back and forth sucking his cock.

As I looked up above me with his cock in my mouth, I can see the priest groaning softly, “Aaaaahh”!!!! With his cock in my mouth, it felt like a piece of living wood, incredibly stiff and large, but very warm and pliable.

It didn’t take long for the hard tiled floor to start hurting my blue nylon covered knees, but I knew better than to stop sucking his cock, but after a few more minutes my knees and jaw were really aching, and I started to cry from the pain, but my crying was muffled by his cock stuffed in my mouth.

He kept me kneeled down on the hard floor for another minute before grabbing my ponytail once more and pulling me to my feet. I was grateful just to be off the floor and to give my jaw a rest. I was also glad when he laid me back onto the desk.

The priest hooked both of my blue nylon covered legs in the crook of both his elbows and lifted both of my blue nylon covered legs up and stepped in between them and placed his purplish 8-inch cock wet with my saliva at the entrance to my wet swollen blood smeared pussy once more.

His hard bulbous purplish cock slid through the hole in my navy-blue school tights and straight on deep inside my pussy, and the priest began pumping me as I squealed, “Ohhhhhhhh !!!!! Ohhhhhhhhh”!!

I was past the point of caring about anything anymore, after being forced to endure a nasty blowjob that had sapped what feelings I had left after my rape, either pleasant or otherwise.

Now I just wanted this whole terrible situation that I’m in to end.

As the priest is screwing and banging the hell out of me on the desk, I became completely limp as my hands and my navy-blue nylon covered legs and heels are dangling off the desk are rocking and swaying while he’s ram fucking the daylights out of me with all his might as I was yelping out,

“Ohhhhhhhh !!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhh !!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh”!!!!!!!!!!

I had to cover my mouth quickly with my hand so he wouldn’t hear my yelping and moaning as I stared at the ceiling, while both of my big 32-dd tits are bouncing freely with every one of his thrusts.

Slowly I became aware that the priest’s pace was increasing as his breathing got very heavy, then suddenly he started pounding and thrust fucking me so hard that the desk was shaking and moving as I squealed out loud again, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suddenly his body went rigid on top of me as he groaned out loudly, “Oh yaah !!! that’s my girl”!!!!! and with a few final powerful thrusts the priest completely emptied himself inside me.

For a very long moment he remained inside and on top of me catching his breath, then with a very happy sounding sigh he pulled out of me and tucked his semi-hard cock back into his pants.

I was slightly shivering when I looked down and saw his sperm mixed with my pussy cum and blood from my popped hymen cherry, oozing out of my very swollen and bloody pussy.

The priest couldn’t help himself and ran his filthy and disgusting hands all over my big tits one last time as he turned and headed for the door, as he was about to leave, he turned to me and said ,

“Enjoy your spring vacation Britney !! and I’ll see you when you come back in the library !! and I’ll make sure sister Joan passes you for the rest of the year”!!!!

With him saying that he walked out of the library, closing the door behind him.

Still in shock on what just happened to me, I just laid there on the desk as my blood mixed with his sperm is leaking down into my blue school tights and panties, finally sore, swollen, stiff and cold. I forced myself to my feet.

The sperm that was leaking out of me had mostly dried up leaving white stains on my blue tights, but some still dripped out of my pussy and on to the floor as I put my blouse back on and straightened out my school dress.

My pussy felt swollen and very tender in my panties and tights as they rubbed uncomfortably against my pussy as I walked limping to the bus station.

It took me nearly an hour to get home, and during that time I neither spoke or looked at anyone, I just stared aimlessly at the ground in front of my school heels.

I knew that if I spoke to anyone, some how they would know what happened to me and I just couldn’t face that right now.

Thankfully when I got home, the only sign of my parents and sister was a note on the fridge saying leftovers are in the red Tupperware.

I headed upstairs and made a b-line to the shower, where I stripped out of my sperm-stained school uniform and throwing them into the laundry except for my panties and tights, I threw them into the trash.

I put the shower on and stepped into the hottest water that I could stand, I stayed in the shower sitting in the tub hugging my knees to my chest and tits crying, until all the hot water had run out.

I finally made myself to shut the water off and wrapped myself in a towel as my teeth were chattering but I still felt dirty. I’m now worried that I might be pregnant from my high school priest.

A few minutes later I was all dried off and dressed in my bedtime spandex leggings and my oversized Montreal Canadians hockey jersey.

I just laid back on my bed and stared up at the ceiling as my mind kept on replaying my rape, and what had happened and what he did to me.

I also thought about the priest’s last words on what he said to me about the library room, I’m very upset thinking about his words and wondering what he’ll do to me when I come back from spring vacation. As I cried myself to sleep.


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  • Reply Master ID:9psbr51q8wb

    So I fuck you like this Britney

  • Reply HistBuff ID:cxtp0kz6ij

    These things happen a lot more often than we think. This is a gut-wrenching first-person account of how a teen girl’s life was changed forever. This is why we need forums like this one, because aging up the girl to 18 would considerably weaken the story.

  • Reply Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

    Wow I’m so sorry to hear that that happened to you Britney. The degrading of youg girls and their abuse by scum like that always makes me mad. I am glad that after reading your stories and commenting back and forth with you I feel that unlike a lot of girls and women you have been able to deal with the trauma and be able move on and have a great life. I have always been a kind loving man treating women with respect and kindness like the deserve like a queen. I may want to fuck your brains out but I will do it with love and respect. Your friend Dave

  • Reply Courtney ID:8aga5tv1

    I’m sorry to hear about what happened to you Britney! I’m glad my time in Catholic school wasn’t like that. In fact I was put in Catholic school because the other schools near me at the time had incidents of male teachers abusing young girls like that. It’s just sick people abusing their power.

  • Reply Jenica ID:1dwbugioa2rw

    Most priests are nasty, and I love looking at girls if they don’t go jack off somewhere they will come back and try to fuck say a lot of priests fuck the young girls

  • Reply Big Bad John ID:8bvvy07zrc

    I’ll be a good boy baby and I want you to fuck me in your gartered stockings!! Love & kisses Johnny

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Ohhh !!!! so my Big John wants to fuck his princess wearing her 10 strap gartered stockings does he now !!!! well big guy !!!! you’ll just have to wait and see what I pull out of my well stocked lingerie draws and closet !!!! (HUGS & KISSES) Britt

  • Reply Big Bad John ID:8bvvy07zrc

    Hey baby doll. Got hard in the shower this morning thinking of you dressed as a nurse straddling my cock as I lay in my hospital bed!! I had to jerk off imagining us fucking!! Love your big hard stud Johnny

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Oh John !! you’re so ! so ! fresh with me !!! Maybe if you’re a good boy John !! I’ll write a story with us !! and I’ll be your sexy night nurse wearing my 5-inch white heels and either my crotchless white tights or gartered stockings !! your choice of hosiery for me sweetie !! love you baby and thank you for your comments !! I appreciate them your Former catholic schoolgirl and now your princess !! Britney !!

  • Reply Rosalie ID:c9lffskd3

    Omg this is such a wonderful story Britney ! I’m having trouble identifying whether it’s a real or fictional story. But either way it describes rape from the girl’s pov very well, like how they go showering right after thinking that they’re dirty and just washes away all the proof that the rapist has raped them. And how they tend to be silent while being raped thinking that no one will help them and just end up obeying the rapist.
    Absolutely Terrific Story Britney ! (I mean this in both meanings, terrifying and of course, splendid)

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Thank you so much Rosalie ! It is real on what happened to me ! only girls or women who went through what I went through will understand what I went through ! just like you understood the fear and shame !! I’m not a fan of priests they ruined a lot of boys and girls lives at a young age !! please don’t be a stranger !! Britney

    • Rosalie ID:c9lffskd3

      Omg I feel sorry for you Britney !!! It must have been so traumatizing ! Did the priest go jail in the end ? Did you tell your parents ? So did he sin in front of God’s eyes ? I’m glad that you’re opening up, since your sharing this ? Ngl but wow your before-last sentence is shocking. I’ve always thought rape was rare and that priests were nice since they believe in God ? but damn…

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Thanks Rosalie I did get over it and no I didn’t the police because my parents were devout Catholics ! and they would have never believed me ! and they would have accused me of making up terrible lies about the priest ! I found out a few years back that the priest that raped me went to prison for raping and sodomizing other boys and girls after I graduated !! and he was killed in prison by a fellow inmate !! so gods justice was served !! but now I love sex and by having and writing about sex !! has tremendously helped me out so much that I’m kind of a nympho now and I love it !! Rosalie please be careful if you’re thinking to go to a catholic church and try to check the priest’s history out if you can ! When I got married to my first husband it was a justice of the peace that married us not the priest or catholic church !! Britney

    • Rosalie ID:c9lffskd3

      I’m glad you got over it and that God’s justice was served though I would personally say “killed by a fellow inmate” is not a very torturous way of dying, but at least he’s dead now so he can’t go ruin other people’s lives. And it’s sad how many parents are careless and sometimes don’t believe their kids which leads to even worse things happening sometimes. So umm are you happy that you like sex though ? And yeah after reading this I’m definitely staying away from priests and I will be more careful and cautious irl. Thank you Britney !

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Rosalie I just thought up a story for us is it okay for me to write it ?? Britney

    • Rosalie ID:c9lffskd3

      That’s great ! Ofc you can write it ! hehe
      Looking forward to read it !!!!!

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      I’ll write a small sexy and erotic one with the two of us and see how you like it babygirl !! Britney

    • Rosalie ID:c9lffskd3

      Hey ummm, Britney ? Is it possible to contact you ? <– as in somewhere private.
      If yes, please name a messaging app you use.
      If you don't want everyone to know yours, I guess I can send you mine but with a different "Your name" when commenting it ?
      Thank you !

    • Rosalie ID:c9lffskd3

      I’m really sorry if that sounded really random, but yeah i think you should know.

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      I really appreciate your wanting to contact me Rosalie !! please believe me babygirl !! but if my boyfriend ever found out what I’m doing on this site it will not end well for me ! I do not have my own email or anything like that ! my boyfriend controls all of my electronic devices !! I have to erase all of the sex stories log in’s on my history every time after I’m on here so he doesn’t know what I was looking at !! So please understand !! and just use my comment section on my most current stories and thanks ! I’m also half-way done with our story, and I’ll give you a heads up before I submit it ! (HUGS & KISSES) Britney

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Rosalie !! I just finished our story and I’m about to submit it !! we should see it posted sometime tonight and I hope you like it !! Britney

    • Rosalie ID:c9lffskd3

      Damn… Is your bf kinda like a yandere ? Is he manipulative ? Omg if he ever does anything bad remember to call the police !! I just read your story Birtney !!! Its wonderful !! I really enjoyed reading it !! Thank so much Britney !!!

  • Reply Big Bad John ID:8bvvy07zrc

    A great descriptive story baby doll and it made your horny stud’s cock hard reading it. You’re a very powerful writer and even though I hated the thought of you being hurt I couldn’t help being aroused!! Love you my horny princess. Your Alpha Stud Johnny

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Thank you so much sweetie for some reason I had to write this maybe because of that story about priests being so good that I read a few days ago triggered me !! love your princess and nurse Britney !!

  • Reply AlabamaSlamma ID:1dldx4zlgtds

    Another hot sexy story.

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Thank you so much bama !!! Britney