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Mother (Poonam)Fucking in Shiv Temple

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I fucked my sexy mother Poonam in lord Shiva Temple

You have already seen that I fucked my mother (POONAM)at night then I do sex with him regularly. This is another real story,I want to share with you.Yesterday when my mother was listening music in kitchen I came and pressed her big sexy breast. She said don’t do I am cutting vegetables then I said that I want to fuck you in temple. She got harm that her child want to fuck in temple but I told please Poonam I want to fuck you. I requested to fuck him in temple then she agreed but one condition she will do sex in temple at night because in morning people will come then I said ok . That night we went to to shiv temple which is close from our home.My Poonam weared Blue saree with blue bra and pink panty ,she was looking so hot. When we reached temple at 10:30p.m.there were no priest and people and that place there was gate which was not locked .Me and Poonam seen that there is two statue {one God Shiv and Godess Parvati and lord Ganesha}and one shivling.I opened my Poonam saree and seen panty and and bra .I opened the bra and panty and pressed the breast in front of shivling . I fucked my mother she was saying ohhhh.. ah.. I slapped slowly on my Poonam booty ,then I released sperm In Poonam vagina.She said I want to seat on shivling then I said okay. She sat on shivling and doing up and down . She want to do toilet and she did it . I said what you did mom ,why you did toilet then she told me government and take some water from tap and I got bucket and filled the bucket with water and given to poonam.She thrown water on shivling. She said you have to sit at one place and I want to do sex with state’s, then i said okay. I seen that she picked the god statue and doing sex with that and picked God Ganesha statue and trying to putting in her pussy but she failed.I helped her to put statue in pussy but it was not possible , my Poonam was totally tired and I understood I have to do sex with him I did sex , pressing nipples and breast. She said stop but I didn’t stopped and doing sex and I started the masterbution.It was 11:45 I said I want to sleep now then she said okay and we cleaned the place where we did sex .My Poonam weared saree and went home with me and we sleep together. This is my real sexy and fantastic story comment on my mother (POONAM)

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  • Reply SluttyKhushi ID:5mf6opx3d36

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