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Mom’s Deal

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The deal Mom offered me in exchange for a vape

I want share my story. I am 14 and the older of 2 siblings. My family is a slightly prominent political family. I will leave names out to help protect my parents especially my mom. Life in a family that revolves around politics sucks as our whole life is coached about keeping my dad’s imagine inline with what the public wants. Honestly at this point I rarely spend time with my dad’s he is always traveling or at his office even when he is home most of the time he is on the phone or in his study. Mom is the family manager and house keeper. As long as we are at home without guests she is very easy going and lenient when it comes to most things.
Well as a 14 year old boy 2 of my close friends discovered marijuana and I was very eager to join in the fun. Naturally my dad would have had an aneurysm if he found out I did pot. Due to my close relationship with my mom I want to ask her if she would allow me to join in the fun with my friends and hopefully she would go to a dispensary for me as one of my friends parents are that cool. I also knew from ease dropping on my parents that mom use to smoke a lot in her teen years. So one Tuesday I approache her when while dad was out this week and likely the next week.

“Hey Ma!”

“Stop yelling at me in right here in the kitchen.”

“Ok sorry, I have a really serious question but I want you to consider it before answering. My friends are allowed to vape cannabis products and I REALLY don’t want to be left out. Will you let me and maybe get me my own vape?”

“Absolutely not! Your not old enough and if anyone found out it would be horrible for your dad’s image! I appreciate you talking to me but that’s a bad idea. There are things I want and need right now but I don’t just do what I want either.”

I dropped it as the conversation was hitting a solid wall. Obviously I made my mind up I would join in with my friends regardless.
Friday night my mom made me and my sister get ready for bed early. Which was annoying because usually we were allowed to stay up late on weekends but I figured my conversation earlier that week may have caused the early bed time for the both of us.
About 9:30 my mom slowly opens my bedroom door and steps in. She had on her robe that she always wore to bed. It was silk like and only came down to the bottom of her ass cheeks. I had only ever seen her in it a few times as usually she was changed by the time we got up.

“Hon I know you’re not asleep and I wanted to talk”

“Yea I’m not asleep”

“I thought about what you said and have a deal for you”

“If it’s about what I asked Tuesday I’ll agree to anything mom!

She sat on the edge of my bed.

“I will get you what you asked for as long as you only use it at home, at night after your sister is in bed and when dad’s not here.”

“Deal mom!”

“I’m not done! You also have to do something for me.”

I hadn’t noticed it but while we were talking she had slid her hand under my sheets. When she said she needed something she slid her hand over my boxers on top of my dick. I must have looked dumbfounded but my dick shot to attention.

“You know how I said there are things I need and want?”

I just nod.

“Well intimacy is one and I can’t get caught cheating as your father would never forgive me. Not because I slept with another man but because of the attention it would draw.”
At this point she had my dick pulled out of my boxers and was lightly stroking it. I could feel her hand becoming slick with my precum.

“So my deal is if you help me fulfill my urges I’ll get you vapes. That way we both have secrets to hold from everyone. Deal?”

I must have nodded or squeaked out deal because the next thing I know mom stands up and drops her robe. I had never thought of my 34 year old mom sexually but seeing her perfectly round tits and shaved pussy made my just about shoot my load. Things were moving so fast I was frozen in place. Mom pulls the covers off me and pulls my boxers down throwing them on the floor. I go to sit up but she places her hand on my chest and pushed me back down on the bed. She then gets on my bed and starts to suck my dick. She licks up and down my shaft while swirling my precum around the tip with her fingers, occasionally licking down to my balls and gently sucking on them.

“Mom I’m going to cum!”

“Oh baby we can’t have that. Mommy needs pleasure or it’s not a deal right?”

She then moves around to where she straddles my face with her pussy and tells me to play and lick it while she keeps my dick company. I start rubbing my fingers around her slit and find it was drenched in pussy juice. I had never seen a real pussy and tried to mimic what I had seen on some porn by sliding my fingers in and licking where I thought the clit was. I must have been doing a bad job because shortly after mom says.

“Baby I’ll have to teach you about pleasing a woman but for now mommy needs an organism.”

Mom gets up and turns around to straddle me. She rubs her fingers in her pussy and then wipes the juices on my dick. Then as she lowers herself down she guides my cock to her slit. As she waits with the tip barely parting her pussy lips she holds it there and asks

“Has my boy ever fucked a pussy before?”


She drops her body down and quickly has me balls deep in her wet pussy. She rocked back and forth with my dick fully in her wet hole. As her pussy starts to discharge even more juice she starts to hump the shit out of my young cock. Much to my and her surprise it doesn’t take long for me to erupt all of my cum into her cunt. I feel spurt after spurt shoot off into her unlike anything I have experienced before while masturbating. As soon as my mom felt it she said

“Oohh god yes baby don’t give out on mommy yet I am almost there too baby”

She starts pounding my cock making some very pleasant squishing noise each time the direction of our bodies change. My dick started to lose some of its firmness untill I herd the pleasant sounds of an overly wet cunt sliding over my dick. After a couple mins of this mom lets out a high pitched moan and I fell a fresh rush of warm pussy juice coat my thighs and balls. At that point mom falls over on me giggling.

We laid there for another minute as my dick slowly deflates inside of her. Once it shrank enough to pop out she gets up and sits at the edge of the bed and spreads her legs.

“Want to come here and see what we did?”

Slightly confused because I thought I already knew what we did I complied and knelt down on the floor facing her crotch. She starts finger herself for a few seconds until a mixture of cum and pussy juice leaked out of her pussy. I was mesmerized by this. She pulled her fingers out and closed her legs. Then she stood up and picked her robe up while I sat there on the floor looking like an idiot. She smiled and pulled 2 new disposable pens out of the robe pocket.

“Go ahead pick one and maybe after we work on how long you can last I’ll let you have the other pen.”

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    Totally perfect.

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    I hope she enjoyed her organism.

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    I want to know how your relationship is after you she fuck you…