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Mom refused to satisfy Dad, so he raped Me

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My mother refused to let dad have his way with her, so he raped me to satisfy his needs and get his dick wet.

So for context, I am a 14 year old boy, I have a hairless body, I am 5’1 feet tall, I have not so big but jiggly butt, I live with my parents and brother in a small house it has one small bedroom, which is where my brother sleeps, I my mother puts two mattress on two side of a couch in the living essentially splitting into two bedrooms, mine and my parents, which means I have heard and seen my fair share of my parents sex life, in the last few months I’ve been hearing less and less of my parents having sex, and it was my mother refusing to let my father have his way with her, my father complained to her but it fell on deaf ears, but my father would always annoy my mother by constantly groping and caressing her body while sleeping, so my mother came up with a plan I would go sleep in her place instead and she would sleep in mine, me and my father had separate mattresses, he never did anything until a few days ago.

My mother and brother went to stay with my grandma at her house, like they always do, in the evening I went to take a shower because I didn’t take one in the morning, when I got in this time, my dad Would occasionally “check up on me” when he checked up for the 6th time I asked him “can you knock next time” he responded saying “we’re just two boys nothing to be embarrassed about, so I said nothing, he checked up on me like 4 or 5 times again, I got out of the shower and went on with my day.

Fast forward to 9pm, my father had prepared the mattresses, I removed my clothes, I always sleep in boxers, I layed on my side and drifted to sleep, near midnight, I woke up laying on my stomach with something heavy crushing me on my legs, I looked back, only to see my father with a weird look on his face staring right at my ass, I asked him what he was doing, and he didn’t respond, with warning whatsoever, he removed my boxers and pulled them down to my knees, I felt him try to remove his boxers without letting me escape, then I felt his dick between my ass cheeks, I was so embarrassed and humiliated, then he started moving his dick between my cheeks, his dick wasn’t that big (it’s like 2 to 3 inches big), then he lifted only my ass up in the air, and he buried my face in the mattress, I was starting to tear up, he started to push his dick into my hole, i screamed very loudly, but no one was here to help me, I kept screaming, he buried my head even deeper into the mattress, my screams became muffled, he still kept pushing his dick raw into my ass, it was hurting me a lot, until he finally inserted the head, I was painful, my father let out a sigh of satisfaction, without realizing I started moaning, he started going deeper very slowly, “he said oh you’re tighter than your mother, that bitch used to be so tight until you were born” he picked up the pace a little bit, he started breathing heavily on rhythm with his thrusts, I was still moaning, then he just started fucking me very hard, I felt my ass jiggle, the clapping noises my ass made from the contact of his fast moving crotch, my moaning which was very loud although muffled, his very fast breathing that was on rhythm with his thrusts, it all felt like a never-ending nightmare, midway through my dick got super hard, finally he thrust deep inside releasing his cum all over my insides, it felt warm inside me, he lasted only 3 minutes, but for me it felt like an eternity, he stayed deep inside for atleast a minute, he finally pulled out and went to sleep on his mattress, my ass was gaping and stretched, his cum started leaking out a little bit, he didn’t let me do anything before he pulled up my boxers trapping the cum inside my boxers, making them sticky, he hugged me super hard and lifted me to his mattress, we slept like that I was in shock I couldn’t react, and I somehow slept.

In the morning I woke up early, I escaped his arms and went to straight to take a shower, I brought with me some clothes and fresh new boxers, I started showering, I heard the bathroom door open, when I looked my father was there with a pair of (probably my mother’s) panties, he just replaced my boxers which I was supposed to wear with them, I said “what are you doing” he responded “that’s you new underwear from now on” I didn’t want to say anything because now I don’t know what he might do to me, I showered and finished my business there, when I went to my clothes the panties were a green silk panties, they were so smooth, and they had a little hole from behind at the top, when I tried to think what it could be for, I didn’t now, I mean that little hole could barely fit a finger inside, and its not like it’s located on top of where any of a women’s hole would go, I have seen panties with a hole on the backside on top but they were never this small, when I put them on, they were a tight fit, you might think because of my dick, but no because if my ass, they felt so smooth on my ass and dick unlike my boxers, I wore my clothes on top of them, it felt weird.

When I got out of the shower, my mother and brother were already here, I went on with my day, knowing I was probably wearing my mother’s underwear, they made me quite uncomfortable but they atleast felt nice on my skin, my dick was constantly hard, I guess my body noticed those were a woman’s clothing, in the afternoon, I went to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat, my father was already there, I ignored him, I opened one of the snack storages we had, I had to bend over, that’s when my father came behind me and started caressing my ass, I was trapped, he started pushing his croth on my ass, I felt his dick start to slowly get hard, then he held me by the shoulders and stood me up, while still groping my ass, he started kicking my neck and left ear until he whispered “don’t forget to remove your clothes tonight and sleep in your underwear, then he went away.

Fast forward to night time, I was hesitant to remove my clothes not because of my father, but because what would my mother think if she saw me like that, when my father came into the room and my mother was still not here I asked him “can I remove my clothes later after she slept, so that she doesn’t see me like this” he agreed, near 9PM, my mother was already on her mattress in the other side, my father called my mother’s name, she responded by saying “what?”, He said “nevermind” acting like he didn’t need her anymore, I felt sleepy, and I didn’t know it but I slept, I was facing away from my father, I woke up and I think it was like 1AM, I was laying on my back with my legs spread, my father’s dick was hanging over my head, he started removing my pants, after that he got on top of me making us in a 69 position, he rested his dick on my face, his balls were on my forehead, and his dick was stretching till my chin, he started smelling and sniffing my ass, I was staying still, he touched my dick over my panties, and said “you don’t deserve to have this, now open your mouth” I obliged and he put his dick deep in my mouth, he didn’t move it or anything, he just let it rest in my mouth, he pulled my panties to the side, and started spitting and licking on my buttcrack, he was ruthless while doing, he kept going on and going and he would get more wild while doing it, all that while his dick was resting in my mouth.

After that he sat me up and removed my shirt, he started sucking my nipples, it was dark, but not so dark that you could still be able to navigate through a room, so I was able to see his face while sucking my nipples, his near hairless head was moving a lot, my dick got quite hard, I heard my mother make some noises on the other side, I tried to whisper to him while stuttering from all that is happening “d-dad, I-I thin-nk my moth-er woke up”, he said “what” and I repeated myself still stuttering, he got up and he was standing over me while running his dick, he went to check on my mother, he came back and started kissing my neck and shoulders while he was running his hands over my body, he was groping my ass, putting his hand in and out of my panties, he was kissing me quite loudly, then he flipped me over on all fours, I was looking at the wall in front of me, while he was kneeling behind me, he pulled my panties to the side, and started spitting aggressively on my buttcrack he went on a 2 minutes and he would rub his dick every 3 spits, and whenever my panties would go back to where they were he would pull them to the side again, finally kneeled over me and his head was on the right side of mine, he whispered in my ear “don’t make a lot of noise, so we don’t wake her up”.

He went back to his position and pulled my panties one final time, and as he spread my cheeks, he was entering me slowly, this time it went in easily, and it was painful but not like the first time, I would say the pain that time was one thirds of the pain from the first time, I let out a soft moan, he started breathing heavily again with the rhythm of his thrusts into me, I was moaning softly trying to not moan loudly, he picked up the pace, now my ass was making wet noises, they were like watery, I was still moaning softly but more frequently. he picked up the pace of his breathing to match his thrusting rhythm, and with every thrust into me I started enjoying it for some reason, I starting to smile unconsciously, finally he started fucking rough and hard, the clapping noises my ass and his groin made with every contact, the wet noises my ass made with every thrust, he was breathing very fast and heavily, I let out long soft continuous moans, I put my head down and started looking to the right while he was fucking me, he invaded every last space inside me, and stayed there while cumming inside me, he rested on top of me, his head on mine, he started kissing my neck, he let the panties slide to where they were not letting his cum escape my asshole, I got to my mattress and slept, in the morning, I woke up and my father went to work (he works every 2 days) I went to shower and he left me a note in my clothes and it reads “do not wash the panties you’re wearing, and don’t replace them, keep wearing them until I give you another pair” so I did, I didn’t put them in the laundry basket, and wore them after, during that shower I couldn’t help but think why was I enjoying it, I didn’t find an answer, also when I got out of the shower, I couldn’t help but smell the panties I was wearing before I wore them again, they surprisingly smelled good.

So that basically summarizes the events of the last two night for me, there’s a chance I might write more about it if things continue to happen, I don’t really know why I wrote my story here, but I guess things happen, so goodbye for now I guess.

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    Wow i love this sooo much, i wish that’s could of been me

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    Very hot story ever want to chat more feel free to message me 😘

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    why she refused to satisfy him?

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    Just admit it to yourself You love getting a cock up your ass. I wish someone got me when I was your age. Getting fucked is so good. I cant get enough, that and cock shoved in my mouth

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    So says the homophibic son of a bitch whos problaby enjoying eating shit and is using Bert G. for his shitty username. (yeah,
    take that bitch)

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    Inevitably, you are gay.

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      So says the fag that uses a “:/” for a user name.

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      so says the homophonic son of a bitch who uses “bert G.” for user name