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Middle of the night

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I thought it was a dream, but it was amazing

I awoke in darkness as my eyes tried to adjust. I felt warm, wet blissful sucking on my cock. I was only 13 so i did not fully understand what was happening but it felt amazing.

I reached down beneath my blanket to find the braided pigtails of my 9 year old sister. When i touched her hair she froze and held my cock in a mid suck. The feeling of the vacuum like mouth made me groan in pleasure.

With a popping noise my sister’s mouth realeased my cock and i felt her lick from the base all the way to the tip. It felt so amazing since this was the first blowjob i had ever had. I felt her hand wrap firmly around my shaft and for a moment I was wondering it this was a dream. When her mouth went back down on my cock and i felt the head hit the back of her throat, it was too much. I didn’t know i was about to cum but the tingling got intense and built up really fast. My mouth opened but no noise came out. I didn’t know what to say.

Then i felt it…like and explosion, I flooded my sisters mouth with my cum and she held her head there. Her mouth was so hot and i could feel my cum pooling on her tongue. I didn’t know what to do next so i just moaned in pleasure as another spray of cum left my cock and dripped from her lips onto my stomach.

She sucked steadily as she slid up my shaft and her lips left my cock with another pop. I heard her…mmmmmm…with a seductive low tone and then the sound of a swallow. I felt drained and suddenly very tired. My sister slid out off the foot of my bed and I layed there for some minutes pondering what had happened. When I drifted back to sleep…

I opened my eyes to the morning sun light that cascaded in through the blinds in the room. I blinked a few times and sat up. Did I dream last night i wondered to myself? As I lifted the blanket to realize my boxers were not on me. Looking around i found them laying on the floor next to the bottom bunk where my sister was asleep. I leaned over the edge to see my beautiful 9 year old sister soundly sleeping hugging her teddy. I was now looking at her in a sexual way. Her light brown hair was still braided and laying on her face and shoulders. Her bare neck exposed out of the top of the blanket.

She took a deep breath and opened her eyes noticing me hagging over the bunk looking at her. She smiled and I saw the lust in her eyes as she looked up at me…

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  • Reply nora ID:7ylrjpkm9j

    Very good

    • Beachboy ID:1cueu1xd131a

      Hmm well okay but I don’t want to pump it in her pussy that will be a problem

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    Dam I’m so excited and horny with your story and I have been thinking about trying to get my sister to have sex with me just so weird but I’m horny for her and I think she is going to let me. Thanks for the family thing and how many people are going it with a family member before hmm yeah

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    Part 2, fuck her

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      Hmm well I’m really not sure about it but I’m sure going to try, if you have any ideas for me to get my sister horny please let me know soon and thanks again

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    Wow what an amazing sister

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    Fantastic little sister you have a nice little toy now

    • Beachboy ID:1cueu1xd131a

      Hello from across the pond is the first time I have sent a message like that one too a friend or something like me and I’m looking forward to chatting with you soon enough

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    Hope there’s more