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Methin Around with 10 yr old neighbor part 1

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How me at 27 fucked a 10yr old ebony goddess

Hello. This is a true story of how I ended up taking my neighbors virginity. Me at the time, 27yrs old, 6’3, 175 lbs (mostly muscle, some fat). My name will be John. Her at the time, 10yrs old, and had turned 11 on May28th, 2019, 4’8, 105 lbs (very thick, better body than women in their 30’s-40’s. She had 36dd breast. Her name will be Melissa. And for a guy like me, breasts that big deserve a lot of attention.

Her mother was my friend. Me and her mother worked with each other and would hang out everyday after work. I always knew Melissa. She would come outside just to sit and hangout. I never thought of her sexually until I had fucked around and been smoking a lot of meth. As I was sitting outside on the porch enjoying the peace and quiet and relaxing, I hear lil ol Melissa laughing and having fun in her swimming pool. So me being me, I go over an FCC chat with her mom for a while and find out that she is going on a business trip to New York.

She then proceeds to ask me if I would not mind keeping Melissa with me for the 2 weeks she will be out of town. Seeing that it was summer vacation, meaning no school, no homework, no unnecessary lil teenage boys being aggressive with the girls. Melissa especially stood out to me because of her body.

The day I started wanting Melissa to be my cum slave, slut, cum bucket, deep throat machine, and everything else sexual, was the day I was in the backyard in my hiding spot where no one could ever find me even if they looked. I had just picked up 14grams of Christal Meth. I had been smoking and reading sex stories online when I heard the sexiest thing I ever heard in my life. I heard Melissa tell her mom that she wants to start wearing thongs and g-strings.

Hearing this peaked my horniness by a long shot. I was sitting in my hiding spot with a meth pipe, weed, alcohol, and a hard 9 inch big black cock. As I think back to that day, that was actually on my birthday of that year. I just made 27 years old. And she would be turning 11 girlie days after my birthday.

On June 27th, 2019, I officially have permission from my friend that I am now responsible for this beautiful luscious ebony Goddess of a virgin preteen sex slave. We go to the mall, buy her clothes, shoes, and anything else she wants. I ask her “what did you get me for my birthday?” She says “I don’t want to tell you. But you are going to want more and more of it. Trust me.” My dick instantly bulges thru my boxers and shorts and I’m stuck standing in front of her with my hard dick in her face. I ask her “are you ok?? Looking kinda surprised there.” She says I am ok. I just need to go sit in the room and relax my body and head. She runs into the room she’s staying in.

3 hours later dinner is ready and I call her. “Melissa, dinner is ready” “Coming right now”, she says. When she comes downstairs it’s obvious she changed and cleaned really fast. She now has on just bra and boy shorts. Very very tight and maybe a few sizes to small for her fat juicy ass cheeks to be stuffed in. My dick bulges again and I’m lusting over her beautiful juicy fat titties. I say my my my. What am I going to do with you? As I’m “massaging her body”, so she thinks. But I am actually here to let her know that she is mine. I say “I’m loving the outfit, seems very fitting.” She says I am funny and swipes my cock as she walks past

Pt 2 if I get enough comments to continue this storyline.

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    Yes please share part 2
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    Definitely need part two