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Meeting a stranger in person

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l meet up with a man l meet in stiffles and he fucked me

l had joined this app stifles a couple of times but never really gotten any hits until now l decided to put my profile picture of just my face and obviously l got noticed by these older men and they made me do stuff but we never went all the way it was usually just making me suck their juicy delicious cock over and over again till it was covered in my saliva, till my mouth started aching from sucking on it so much till they came inside my mouth multiple times to the point that it started dripping out of my mouth. Until last week l met him he hit me up told me he had seen me with my family shopping so l told him to not be shy talk to me next time he sees me walking by myself, and he did l went to the store with my grandpa and while he went to the restroom the man came up to me ” hey your that femboy from the gay app right” turning around l see a tall ( am 5’2 ) man looks like 40 around there looks like he works at the store l could feel myself getting excited” yes sir I am ” without saying anything he grabs my hand brings brings me to the back pushing me my knees and takes out his big delicious juicy cock l start kissing the tip while massaging the balls and then licking starting from the balls and finishing on the tip.and then l start sucking his delicious cock while I suck his cock my hands jerk him off l can hear him grunting and moaning he’s telling me all these things (how am doing such a good) ( how am a good slut for daddy) l try to respond but I have his juicy cock in my mouth, he cums inside of my mouth. “Shit ok take off your pants and bend over for me slut” ” ok right away Daddy” l take off my pants and remove my purple thong bending over in the process, I slap my ass to get him excited not the he needed it but grabs my hips and finally forces his cock inside my 16 year old femboy ass and god it felt good he proceeded to pound my ass over and over again grabbing my neck so he can pull me closer to him and kiss my lips, l jerked myself off while he pounded my young virgin ass with his delicious juicy cock. My email is [email protected] hit me up l would really like to talk to you daddy.

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