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Me and my moms bonding session

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I was just 11 year old when this happened. My dad used to work overseas and was not at home for more than half a year, so it was just me and my mom, we lived alone in an apartment. Being a single child, my mom really loved me more than anything, she was with me most of the time, as she was a housewife.
I was really good academically, and always got straight A’s in my exams. But, I had a little problem, it was that, I was addicted to porn and masturbation. I had almost reached my teenage, and my porn addiction was growing. It didn’t affect my grades, but I used to spend a lot of time watching porn and jerking off.

My mom didn’t know about my addiction until now, but what she didn’t know was that she was the main reason for my addiction. She was most of the time involved in chores and at night after dinner, she used to make me study and teach me too. But the worst, or I should say best thing about her was that she didn’t care a bit about her clothes, she wore the most revealing clothes in home, never wore a bra, only a loose top and skirt and no pair of panties. She felt that at home, you can just wear anything and save some clothes from being washed again and again. I had seen her nude since childhood, and it had become quite habitual for me to see her boobs and pussy regularly, to the point I didn’t care, but since I was reaching teenage, I had started to stare at them for a while. My mom believed that there should be no secrets between mom and a son, and I always agreed.

We slept together in bed always, and sometime while cuddling her big saggy tits used to pop out from her loose nighty and end up on my face, and she didn’t even care.
However my porn addiction kept growing, and one day when I came back from school, I was really horny and ran in my room to jerk off. I took off my pants and started stroking my cock, just when mom entered my room. She actually came to take my clothes to wash them but ended up catching me masturbating, she was just speechless and we stared each other for 4-5 seconds when she started screaming and lecturing me. I stood there in shame, she lectured me for about 20 minutes and also told that she is going to tell this to my dad, I begged her not to tell and somehow calmed her anger. She said it’s ok just don’t repeat this again, and hugged me.

Two days later, mom had completely forgotten about it, and it was a holiday so she told me to clean the bathtub, she told me to take my clothes off and do it, so I agreed. While cleaning I got really horny again and couldn’t resist from masturbating, I kept edging as I had a fear of being caught again. I was rubbing my semi-erect cock against the tub while cleaning, when suddenly mom entered and appreciated me for the work I had done, my cock was now really hard and mom was right in front of me. She looked at it and said ‘no jerking off’. I don’t know why that sentence made me really horny and my dick started to throb, I told mom no I wasn’t jerking off, Mom said ok. She then started teaching me how to properly clean the sides of the tub or something I don’t even remember, as I was just staring at her downblouse at the moment. I just held me hard cock down with my palm and kind of started to rub it. I also kept agreeing what mom was saying. After some time I couldn’t control myself, and I was really on the edge of cumming, and god, I came all over the tub, that was the biggest load of my life. My mom again lectured me and told me to clean it again.

Over the next few days, mom started to catch me jerking off more often, while I was bathing, under the sheets etc. Slowly I didn’t even care and jerked off with the door open in my bathroom, mom was always annoyed but now she didn’t lecture as much.

I now had crossed all the boundaries, I now even used to jerk off freely in my room, with the door open, in the living room or basically anywhere in the house. This went on to the point that my mom was busy watching T.V and I was besides her stroking my cock while I laid on her thigh. She was now completely ok with me jerking off, now she just kept telling me to not cum on the sofa and make it dirty.
Once while I was jerking off, my mom came next to me and kept staring at me and my cock, I got nervous and asked mom what’s wrong. She then laughed and told me not to worry and asked me why did I jerk off so much. I said to my mom that it feels really good and I was anyways doing really great at studies, so it was not even affecting me, it also reduced stress. I even said why doesn’t she masturbate too, as it will make her feel good. She laughed and told me to shut up. Then things went on for a while and because of jerking off a lot, I was becoming skinnier, and my mom was starting to concern about it.
Now it had become a habit for me to put porn on the big ass tv we had at night and jerk off after dinner. Sometimes when there was no internet, I used to jerk off looking at my mom who was just revealing her assets like I said in the start. Once mom was laying on the bed talking to her friend on phone, and I had a massive urge to jerk off and there was no internet, so I casually lifter her clothes and jerked off to it and mom was like wtf am I doing, she couldn’t even scream at me as she was on the phone and had to lay there helpless, then after cumming I ran away to my room.

Mom was sexually deprived for a long time as dad was not home most of the time, she now started to watch porn with me at night and couldn’t resist but rub her pussy besides me. I literally ignored the porn on the T.V and watched her hot pussy while she masturbated it, god that are the best orgasms of my life. Mom now loved masturbating with me and soon it became regular for us.

Now my exams were reaching close, and mom used to make me study for long hours at night, I studied well but my hands were continuously in my pants and my eyes were on her tits. I told mom to show me her tits but she strictly said no. I said I wanted to touch her boobs and suck on them. Mom never let me touch her, but this time, she made me a deal, that if I left porn, masturbation and every other sexual deed till my last exams, and topped it, I can touch her boobs and jerk off and also get to suck it. God I got so horny hearing that, I agreed with my mom, and left all the porn and masturbation. It was really hard, my mom’s breasts had become even more attractive during those days as I hadn’t jerked off for a while, she had the best tits I had ever seen on a lady, she was very fair and had black hair, her tits were bigger than my head and had the perfect sagginess on them, it made them more soft with perky nipples that were always visible through her clothes.
The results came and I had topped the exam, mom was really happy and told me that now her tits were all mine, I leaped on those tits and sucked on them for hours, she even had milk in them after all these years, I sucked and pressed them all I wanted and came without even touching my cock.
I came 7-8 times more while sitting on her lap, I was so damn horny that day.

Since I had holidays after the exams, I spent most of the day cumming in my home.
Mom sometimes even told me to rub her pussy as she was tired after all the work or sometimes was on her phone, so I rubbed her pussy and made her cum a lot, now she always told me to rub her pussy whenever I wanted and it became habitual for her. I also licked her pussy sometimes, I couldn’t control my self and made her cum several times.

One day, while we were both masturbating together, I told mom that I wanted her to rub my cock, as I was helping her whenever she wanted to rub her pussy. Mom said yeah no worries baby, she grabbed my cock and gave me the best handjob and god I came so hard.
Then the most unexpected thing happened, mom started giving me a blowjob and I was really shocked, I said mom what are you doing, then she said that if I licked her pussy, she should get to suck my cock too. This carried on for a few days, when one day, mom took off her skirt and inserted my huge cock in her wet pussy, before I could say anything, she hushed me and said let this be a secret between mom and son. I fucked mom for hours, in every fucking position, she made me cum so many times that day. Mom used to comment on how big my cock is compared to how skinny I was. We fucked a lot and till today whenever I am horny, me and mom do what we call our “bonding session”.

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    Awesome great bonding made me cum 3 times reading it. Lucky you

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    Mine started with my mom lasted 44 years ago [email protected] let’s chat

  • Reply [email protected] ID:oymogcfzr9

    In many ways l can well relate to this story, even after 60+ years!

  • Reply Mike ID:1d8tzix6ytl6

    [email protected]. Chat ? Mine started with my mom when I was 9

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    Wish I had your mom