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Me and My Dog Went Hunting

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I learned about dog breeding while hunting

Growing up in the country, our neighbors had hunting dogs. I would go with the Father and his son who was my age. Sitting around the campfire listening to the dogs on a trail one night, the father said to me, “Want to see what a dogs hot cock looks like”? Of course I was curious. He rubbed a male dogs sheath a few time and the dog started humping, he dropped his pants and the dog mounted and humped him. I noticed that his cock started shooting his sperm out. They were but to but for a while. He said how good that felt and laughed. WOW I thought what a site! I realized my cock was hard as a rock. It was time to go home now so I left towards home with my mixed breed dog.

I was horny now and I decided to stop and sat on a log and pulled out my hard cock to give it some relief. My dog started licking it and it felt so good I just let him lick and all the time I was thinking about my friend’s dad and what I had seen him do. He seemed to enjoy it I thought, no one is around and I think I will see if my dog wants to breed me.

I leaned over the log and dropped my pants and shorts. My dog started licking my rear end. I reached around and rubbed his sheath and he started humping. I lay back on the log and he decided to mount me and searched for my waiting hole, in he went and soon was knotted with me, no escape now. I was being filled with his puppy seed. I could feel his cock throbbing as he emptied his balls in me.

My cock started throbbing as I shot my load, WOW, it felt so good and I did not need to pump it, the cum just started shooting. Soon my dog moved off and licked me some and then lay down and licked his rod. I pulled my pants up and enjoyed my thoughts on my way home, thinking of what I had learned.
That started me and my dog enjoying each other.

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  • Reply Jas ID:1i2kjt9lfib

    It’s been a long time fantasy of mine to be knotted by dogs. I just don’t have any dogs..
    If anyone in South Carolina has some dogs and would like to let them knot inside me. Contact [email protected]

  • Reply Mike ID:1d8tzix6ytl6

    It’s amazing to to be doing pets I’ve been doing for years [email protected]. If anyone wants to chat