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Maz and the dream girls

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A dream becomes a nightmare before my very eye’s…

Maz and I had been together for about 4yrs. We got engaged after two and things gradually just went downholl. We still had a better sex life than most i guess, she still liked to dress up usually nurses and schoolgirl. She was into all things but hated anal when i wanted her to do it. She didnt very pften and i loved getting into her gorgeous pesr shaped buns and tight shitter. She was spotlessclean back there so i often had my tongue up her arsehole while thrumming her clit as she sucked on my dick. This oral anal she seemed to like. Obviously painless and defo arousing to her as being a serious gusher she’d cum and cum getting fucked. I thought she’d wet herself first time! Then i realised she was a squirter, double bonus gorgeous, great tits and a squirter. I thought she mine for keeps. I used to love teasing her by slipping my hand into her panties in the pub and watching her try to stay composed as i fingered her always very moist cunt. Anyhow. We tried to stop the arguing and squabling a few more times but it always returned to the same old stuff.

I booked us a break in the sun, was pointless really. We just argued then also. Plus she took the hump and wouldn’t hump. Said we wernt an item anymore. I shouldnt have but I post it when i was pissed on too much rum and really gave her arse a thrashing, it was bruised and sore for days. She ignored me at meals and tried to book a different flight home. When we came back from the very expensive break in the carribean. Which i paid for as per. We both knew it was over. She then a week later enlightened me she had left her name on council housing list when she moved in with me. Theyd offered her a flat and she was moving out. Part of me was so glad, the other part of me was peeved that she was being so selfish and secretive. I’d given her all i could and she didnt want for fuck all. I had allowed myself to be used and got so angry at her. I told her that evening to just move out ASAP. I was working away for that last weekend and warned her not to be there when I returned sunday night. 6pm on the Sunday i returned. Maz is nowhere to be seen? No bags packed everything as it was when i left. I looked in all the rooms and phoned her. Around an hour later she returned with her slutty pals. All giggly and mouthy with her so called friends to back her up.

I wasnt about to let her away with it. I shut myself in our bedroom and listened to them chatting and squealing just acting like teenagers not the 42 yr old she and they were. I heard someone shutting the upstairs loo door, next second Carol her blond girlfriend burst into our room? She stammered. “Sorry Jay. Maz says its ok to use your en suite, please mate I’m bursting for a piss?” Caz was groping her fanny as she pleaded to me. “Of course as if I’d say no for fuck sakes girl.” When she came out she sat next to me fircing her skirt to ride up her thigh. I hear your going to be available soon boyo, I’m free too as you well know. Carol Thompson was 5ft4″ had long curly blond hair, blue eyes, about a 34b cup and thick but not fat build. Nice shaped arse aans cute face. Looked 35 but was actually 45. Still made my dick straighten some. Maz had gone back to the others downstairs and knew fine Carol had a thing for me. She and I had been on and off at one time and I introduced Maz to her when Caz worked with me. Holly and Yazmina were the other two. Holly had long raven hair. Blue eyes.
5ft 2″ tall and average looks. About a 34c cup and was very mouthy but sexxy when drunk. She could skin a cock raw with the tight cameltoe she sometimes exhibited.

Especially when she was on the hunt and in heat… Holz defo liked it up the bum. This much i knew for certain, from Maz’s comments on her. Two faced bastards the lot of them!! Yaz was an asian, Pakistani Maz had told me. Nice girl, she was youngest at 30. Single very reserved and a little too quiet for my liking. I always think she’s hiding the real Yaz, ive joked with her about it. Yazmina is 5ft5″ taller in the heels she likes wearing, she is slim built small titted, looks about a 32a cup. slim hips, a cute tight boyish bum. Slim but defo not skinny her arse and legs look great in the tight fighting dresses she usually has on. Y az never ever seen with a guy. Just her lady friends!! I tease Maz she and Yaz are more than just friends. I told her I’d pay to see her and Yaz get it on. Didnt go down too well with her. Methinks the lady did protest too much. Caz and I got to kissing, then groping, then losing certain clothes. Then minutes later shes on her belly hanging off the bed with my 6″ cock stuffing her furry fuckhole before we both came. I didnt bother about Maz knowing she’d guess and hear from Caz about us fucking.

I went downstairs to get a beer and the bitches had a go at me aboout treating women better, obvz that big mouths Maz n Caz had spilled the beans about me being rough with them. Telling them all to fuck off I returned to the safety of my bedroom. After fucking Caz with a quicky I desperately needed more. I knew I’d no chance with that cunt Maz. I intended throwing her out just as soon as her so called als all fucked off. Though no sign it’d be anytime soon judging by the laughter and music. Bitches, fucking cant live with them but cant live without neither. My beer was talking to me so I trotted to the loo. When I returned my eyes were on stalks….!! The women had stripped downstairs and all were draped across our kingsized bed. Including Maz? The filth and foul language would have shamed a bus load of rugby fans. My dick immediately responded at the sight of four naked women their bare arse’s and tits on full display. “Oy you, small cock” Holly shouts, they all giggle. “Get those shorts off. Lets see if its true.” I just stared,frozen in place. Caz flew off the bed and tugged me over to the bed. I was swiftly dragged into the middle of a feast of flesh, my shorts ripped off and god knows whos hands grabbing at my raging boner and spanking my arse.

I couldnt move, pinned by my arms and legs as a very well trimmed peach pink muff hovered over my face. I knew it was Caz as my cum was still on and in her pussy. She lowered herself demanding i tongue fuck her. Meantime theres a kerfuffle and protests from Yaz and Maz. Holly and Maz are trying to force Yaz to sit on my cock. She obviously isnt enamered with this part of proceedings and struggles so much she ends up slapping Holly!! She in turn loses the plot and crying and screaming she forces Yaz’s face into my groin. With Maz helping her they both manage to get my dick in her mouth and instinctively I thrust upward forcing at least 4″ of hard manmeat down her gagging gullet. I dont know why but I just erupted, no thrusting hard ir fuck all. Just a pump or two and whoosh….!! I heard Holz and Maz laughing manically as they assisted in the oral rape of their so called friend?
Meantime as i grew soft down there, Caz was moaning wildly up here, she suddenly clamped her throbbing clit in my mouth and soread her cunt with one hand while holding my forehead as she squirted into my mouth and face.

Blinded temporarily I felt unseen fingers between my arse cheeks? Suddenly a wet finger drills up my hole then another fumbling and wriggling up my rectum. Searching and finding my prostate. My cock was soon back to life and the bitches had no intentions of leaving it alone. Caz flopped off my head and I was pulled off the bed and as the crying screeching Yaz now bound hands and feet is forced to kneel on the floor, her head held down by Caz as her bum is lubed up by Maz?? Holz is smirking like the witch she is as she whispers to me. Like her punk bits there all yours mate. Maz then smiles evilly and states “Theres your gift from me to you. You said your fantasy was to see me get it on with her… so you fuck her back door and watch me fuck her face. She deserves it for being such a racist, stuck up cow. I said ” No way this is rape for fuck sakes. I can’t, wont do it.” Maz piped up yes you will or we’ll say you raped all four of us and we cant all be lying can we??

I struggled to comprehend the reasons for their behaviours. This was way out of the usual inuendo riddled teasing and groping. This was sexual assault. I had no choice I knew they’d go yhrough with the threat and I got in position at Yaz’s gloriously moist brown rear. I poked my new hard on into her arse crack and grabbed her hips. I opened her bum cheeks slightly gaining sight of her pink inner labia and puckered ring. Her protestations increased as Holz crept under my legs and spread Yaz open for me. I looked at Maz seeing Caz’s Hands all over her tits my girlfriend is forcing her bald snatch into her trapped deceived girlfriends face. This made me so horny I placed my cock at Yaz’s pussy and pushed slowly into her wet hot fucktube. Soon i was riding that pony like a buckeroo. I was advised to try Yaz’s other pink hole by Holz who had been spanking me gently and fingering my anus as I raped Yaz. Being only to willing now I did as asked and the screeching wailing brown arse below me wiggled only a few times before receiving a ferocious whack from a hairbrush held by Maz. She sat on Yaz as she spanked her, smiled at me and pointed to the poor brown bum cheeks still stinging in pain as I was pushed into her bumhole by Holz fingering my arse.

Yaz screamed as I kept stretching her anus open further. I suddenly popped into the tightest hole ever and felt she was chocking my dick with her tiny rectal opening now full of my white thick penile drill. I couldnt really thrust or fuck her straight away due to the vice like grip so i just stood with her arse full of meat and watched Caz get Maz off to a squirting cresendo all over Yaz’s lower back and bum cheeks some managed to splatter my cock. I eased out slowly pulling her innards with me , or at least it felt like that. I though the skin would be ripped from my knob as i finally got to just leaving my cock head in her. I was startled by Holz hooking her fingers up me and thrust quikly and roughly into the sweating wailing creature that was Yaz. I had loosened her bum up enough to actually fuck her now and as i was being fingered by my protagonist I got to enjoy the hottest tightest arsehole i have ever erupted into. I came again and again as i realised the thing up my bum wasnt a finger but a dildo i pumped the last of my cum into Yaz’s limp body and collapsed on my victims musky smelling cum soaked back. Hols dildo skid out as I collapsed and i felt my ring stinging and closing slowly.

Yaz’s however was another matter. I looked at her laid there as i got up slowly and watched my spunk dribble down her from her gaped arse onto her pink open cunt and hang in a string before dropping onto the carpet. I was about to ask where do we go from this mess when Maz, Caz and Yaz all turned on Holly and proceeded to strap on rape her in every hole. Afterward they’re sat in my lounge all dressed and giving police statements blami g me for the rape of each one. As im about to be handcuffed I hear Maz swearing at me to fucking move my hands … which are trapped under her bare arse as I wake up on top of her. Looking around im relieved to see its only me and Maz. No cops no girls, no rapes. It was a dream or a fantasy but either way. Maz n me are sticking together. Literally as my limp dick flops from her sore abused arsehole!!

Thank you if you stuck with this story.

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