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Mama’s Boy Toy Part 2

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Jenny makes good on her promise that Patrick can fuck her anytime.

Jenny slept better that night than she had in a very long time. She awoke to her son Patrick sleeping soundly next to her. All of last night came flooding back and she was surprised that she wasn’t bothered by it. In fact she was happy with herself and her son’s magnificent cock. She climbed out of bed so she could take a shower and fix them some breakfast.

As she was washing her body and making sure that she cleaned her pussy and ass really good for her son, she heard the shower door open and Patrick stepped into the shower with her.

“Good morning mommy!” He said as he wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her ass back onto his hard throbbing cock.

Jenny moaned as she felt his cock pushing into the space between her ass cheeks. Patrick moaned as he felt her ass cheeks envelope his cock.

“Good morning stud!” She moaned as she reached down between her legs and found his cock and pulled it between her legs.

Patrick began to thrust his cock between her legs as she clamped down on it with her thighs and pushed it up against her soaking wet pussy. She moaned as she felt his shaft sliding back and forth along her slit and scraping across her swollen clit.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK BABY I LOVE YOUR GORGEOUS COCK!” She moaned as he grabbed her fat tits and began to tweak her nipples.

“I love your pussy and tits mommy!” He growled as he felt her shiver.

Jenny felt that it was time for him to experience the rest of her body. Jenny spun around and dropped down onto her knees. She was now facing his cock and she wrapped her hand around the base of his shaft and began to push it into her mouth. Patrick groaned deeply as he felt his mother’s mouth sucking on his head and her tongue swirling around the shaft.

She had never really sucked on a cock before but watching porn she was able to understand what she was supposed to do. She didn’t know if she was going to be able to get him down her throat but she was determined to at least try. She looked up at him as she pushed herself down further until the head bumped her throat. She immediately gagged and pulled her mouth off his cock.

“OHHHHH FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YOU ARE SO FUCKING BIG!” She moaned as she stroked his cock while she got up the courage to try again.

She sucked it back into her mouth and started swallowing as she worked it towards her throat again. She was gagging still but she didn’t stop this time. She held his head against her throat as she continued to swallow to counteract her gagging. Soon she was able to push a little more of his cock into her throat. She moaned as she felt his head pop into her throat.


Patrick felt his cock stretch his mother’s throat as she continued to push him deeper. Jenny’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as she ground her nose into his pubic bone and his balls pressed against her chin. She had managed to get every inch of her son’s magnificent cock down her throat. She pulled off his cock as she gasped loudly sucking in air. Tears rolled down her face as she stroked his cock.

“Did you like what mommy did baby?” She moaned as she worked her tongue all over his cock.

“Mommy that was amazing!” He groaned as she sucked it back into her mouth.

Patrick instinctively reached down and grabbed her head and began to fuck her mouth with his cock. Jenny moaned as she felt his cock pushing into her throat as he drove deeper with every thrust. Soon she was taking all of his cock as his balls slapped her chin. She looked up at him adoringly as he continued to pound her mouth. The water started to get cold so they got out of the shower and dried off before she pulled him towards the bed.

Jenny laid down on her back and had Patrick straddled her chest. She held her tits up and wrapped them around his cock and he began to fuck her tits. She lapped at the head as it popped out from between them. She loved how his facial expressions changed as he grew closer to cumming.

“Baby I have one more special place for you to put your gorgeous cock.” She said as she got up onto her knees with her head down on the bed and ass in the air.

Patrick climbed up behind her and grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them open as he pushed his cock into her soaking wet pussy. She moaned deeply as he began to hammer his cock into her tight little pussy. His cock was soon coated with her juices.

“Baby I want to to put your cock in mommy’s ass. I want you to be gentle and go slowly as you will be the first one to fuck mommy’s ass.” She moaned as she reached back with both hands and gripped her cheeks as she spread them open for her son.

Patrick pulled his cream coated cock out of her pussy and pushed it against her tight little asshole. Jenny moaned deeply as she felt the pressure building against her tight little rosebud. She had pushed her finger into her ass and a small toy in a little ways but this was something totally different.

“Mommy it’s not working. It’s not going in.” He groaned as he felt a little frustrated.

“Baby look in the night stand and get the tube of KY out. Put the nozzle against mommy’s ass and squeeze it into mommy. Then coat your cock with it!” She said as he did what she asked.

“Okay mommy now what?” She said as he finished coating his cock.

“Now take your fingers, one at a time, and push them into mommy’s ass so we can stretch it out some for your cock!” She moaned.

Patrick slowly pushed one finger into her hot tight tunnel. Jenny groaned as she felt his finger going deeper. Then he pushed another one inside. She grunted as he stretched her even more. He was fucking his fingers in and out as she began to loosen. Another finger went in and she was now moaning loudly as he fucked her back door.

Patrick pulled his fingers out and quickly pressed his hard throbbing cock against her hot tunnel and he popped in as she yelped out.


Soon his big fat balls were resting against her soaking wet pussy. He had every inch of his massive fuck stick in her tight little asshole.

“OHHHHH FUUUUCCCCKKKKK MOMMY!” Patrick moaned as he felt her hot furnace envelope his cock.

“FUCK MOMMY’S ASS BABY!” She screamed out as she orgasmed from his cock in her ass.

Patrick didn’t waste any time as he began to hammer his cock into her tight little asshole. She grunted and groaned. Moaned and whimpered loudly as he sawed his cock in and out over and over again. His balls slapped her pussy as she pushed herself back onto his cock.

Jenny had given herself completely to her son. He had fixed what she was missing in her life. Patrick drove his cock into her tight little asshole over and over again as he watched her big fat ass cheeks ripple from his body slapping hers.


Patrick wouldn’t be able to last very long in her tight hot asshole. It was just too much for his first time. He drove his cock harder into her tight little asshole as she felt his cock throb angrily inside her as he began to pump stream after stream deep into her bowels.

Jenny was beside herself with desire as she felt his warm cum splashing her insides. Her son had taken all of her holes. He was now the man of the house. He was now her man. When he had dumped his load into her ass and pulled his wilted cock out she immediately took him into her mouth and sucked him clean.

They again took a shower and headed to the kitchen to get something to eat. They had to keep up their strength.

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    Oh my imagination is running wild playing out the entire story over and over.

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    • Daddybigcock ID:6hge6rtk0i

      Nice story as always but after reading your comment you had for another reader it will be my last story of yours… smmfh

    • AlabamaSlamma ID:1dldx4zlgtds

      @Daddy if you are offended by any comment that I made to someone else then that’s your problem not mine. I can assure you that I won’t lose any sleep or give it another thought if you don’t read anything else I write. SMMFH

  • Reply familylover ID:uxivfuaz

    Love all your stories so well written and so fucking hot. I know how she feels nothing feels hotter then your sons cumm deep in your pussy or guts.

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    Daddy this makes me want you to fuck my brains out

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      Baby girl daddy wants to do more than fuck your brains out!

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      And what do you have in mind daddy

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      I want to leave you gasping for breath in a quivering pile of satisfied cum soaked flesh

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      fuck that made me cum just reading it

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      Do you have telegram, session, kik or anything?~

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      Only for you gorgeous.

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      @Hxrnyaf she isn’t talking to you or anyone else here but me. She’s not going to talk to you and I guarantee that you will not like her reply.

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      Ok you two boys who are not Alabama can respectfully hang themselves