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Mail Order Fuck Toy Part 2

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Billy continues to take advantage of his new fuck toy.

After Billy’s and Anjali first time together and her request to be his personal little fuck toy, Billy did some research on being a Master of a fuck toy. Anjali was sleeping peacefully with a smile on her face while he searched the internet. Billy read a lot of interesting information about the relationship of a Master and sex slave.

Billy decided that he needed to get a few things for his new fuck toy. He ordered a collar that had the inscription “Billy’s Fuck Toy” on it. He purchased a couple of butt plugs, a leather leash for the collar, a few different toys and some nipple clamps.

Suddenly Billy felt a hot wet mouth envelope his cock. He looked down under his desk and Anjali was on her knees between his legs looking up at him as she sucked on his cock and massaged his balls. She moaned as she saw him looking at her. He saw nothing but pure lust and desire and adoration in her eyes. Anjali was exactly where she was supposed to be. Her whole purpose in life was to keep Billy’s cock clean and balls drained.

“You are such a perfect little fuck toy for Master!” He growled as she took his cock into her throat.

She moaned again as she sucked hard on his cock. She enthusiastically bobbed her head up and down his shaft. She loved how his cock throbbed angrily in her mouth and throat. She swallowed around the shaft as she held her mouth all the way to the base. She felt his fingers entangled in her hair pulling her face down further onto his cock.

Billy groaned deeply as she sucked and slurped on his cock better than any porn star he had watched. Billy stood up and pulled her to her feet. He picked her up and sat her down onto the edge of his desk. He pushed her legs up against her chest spread open wide as he aligned his hard throbbing cock against her hot wet tight little pussy.

Anjali moaned as she felt his cock pushing into her tight little pussy. Her eyes sparkled as he drove deeper into her soaking wet pussy until his balls rested against her ass.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS MASTER. USE YOUR FUCK TOY!” She moaned as he began to hammer into her pussy.

Her tits bounced back and forth as she held her legs open wide giving him complete access. He reached down and grabbed her tits as he twisted her nipples causing her to scream out. Her pussy gushed her juices as she orgasmed from his rough treatment of her nipples.

His cock was coated with a thick layer of her cream as he continued to pound his cock into her body over and over again. Billy decided that he needed to get inside her smoldering little asshole. He pulled his cock out of her pussy as she whimpered at the sudden loss. She groaned as she felt his cock pushing against her tight little virgin asshole.

Anjali knew that he would eventually fuck her ass but she was also a little worried about it. She grunted as he pushed against her tight little asshole. She tried to relax so he could get inside easier but he wasn’t taking his time. He drove his cock balls deep into her spasmodic asshole as she screamed out in pain.


It felt like her ass was being ripped open. She began to sob uncontrollably as he continued to hammer his cock into her tight little asshole. Billy was too far gone to care about her crying. To him it was cries of pleasure for him. His cock swelled even more as she continued to sob from the intense pain.

“MASTER PLEASE! IT HURTS SO MUCH!” She cried out but to no avail.

This only spurred him on as he drove his cock harder and deeper into her tight little asshole. She had to accept her purpose and place. She wasn’t in charge. She had no say in what was done or how it was done. She was his property and she had insisted on it. Now she was going to be used as such even if she didn’t want it.

Soon the pain became a little less severe as he continued his assault on her asshole. It was now a dull ache but he still twisted her nipples causing her to scream out every once in a while.

“DON’T EVER TELL ME THAT SOMETHING HURTS ANJALI. THIS IS WHAT YOU INSISTED ON. THAT IS HOW IT’S GOING TO BE FROM NOW ON.!” Billy growled as he felt his cock throb angrily as his balls swelled.

His cum boiled up and shot down his shaft and began to spray her tunnel with his seed.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS SO FUCKING GOOD ANJALI!” He groaned as he pumped stream after stream deep into her bowels.

Anjali felt his cock pushing his cum into her body as her asshole spasmed around his shaft. Her ass burned as he continued to grind into her. When he had finished filling her with his cum, he pulled his cock out of her abused ass and it flopped down still dripping his cum. He reached out and pulled her down onto the floor and pushed her head onto his cock.

“SUCK MASTER’S COCK CLEAN SLUT!” He growled as she opened her mouth wide.

She did her best to suck him clean as she felt his warm cum leaking out of her sore asshole. It burned her battered ring as it dripped onto the floor. Afterwards he pushed her mouth away from his cock and told her to go take a shower and get cleaned up so that he could use her again later.

“You will take a shower after every fuck. I want you clean every time I use you. Do you understand slut he said as he grabbed her hair pulling her face towards his.

“YES MASTER. I UNDERSTAND COMPLETELY!” She whimpered as she slowly stood up and walked into the bathroom as his cum continued to leak out of her asshole and run down her inner thighs.

Anjali moaned as she reached down and washed her stinging asshole. She knew that he wasn’t being mean to her. She had expected this kind of thing to be a possibility. When she thought about it before it was exciting and scary but the reality was a little different. This wasn’t going to stop her from fulfilling her obligations to him because she knows exactly what she would be going through in her own country had she remained there.

This is a vacation for her compared to her life there. She made sure that she didn’t miss cleaning all of her holes. She wanted to make sure that everything was ready for her Master later. She decided to go in and thank him for fucking her ass the way he did. To make sure that he knew that she was his and she wasn’t going anywhere.

She dried off before she walked back into the living room and sat at his feet.

“Master thank you for fucking my ass like you did. I was wrong for crying and telling you that it hurt. You own me completely and you don’t have to worry about being rough with me. I am your property and you are welcome to use my holes anyway you want. I will accept any punishment you feel is warranted for my transgressions.” She said as she continued to look down.

“Lay across my knees now!” He commanded.

“YES MASTER!” She said as she quickly moved to lay across his legs.

Billy looked down at her ass cheeks and he spread her legs open as far as she could get them. He raised his large hand in the air and came down hard landing his hand directly on her bare ass cheeks.


Anjali bit her lip to keep from screaming out as her ass cheeks burned from the welts that popped up from his hand prints. His fingers caught her spread open pussy as he spanked her ass repeatedly. To her surprise, she was getting extremely aroused by his spanking her ass.

Her pussy began leaking and running down his leg. Billy reached down and slipped his fingers into her soaking wet tight little pussy causing her to moan out loud.

“I see that my little fuck toy likes to be spanked!” He groaned as he lifted her up and sat her down onto his hard throbbing cock driving it into her hot wet tight little pussy.

With her feet on the floor and his hands gripping her hips, she began to bounce up and down his cock. Her sore red ass cheeks slapped down onto his legs as he drove her down onto his cock as she drove down herself. This caused his cock to go even deeper than before.


Billy stood up with her still on his cock as he pushed her over his desk. She quickly spread open her legs as he jackhammered his cock into her soaking wet pussy from behind.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS SUCH A GOOD LITTLE WHORE!” Billy growled as he felt her hot wet pussy grinding back onto his cock.

Billy hammered into her tight little pussy over and over again as she moaned and whimpered loudly begging for his cock and cum. Long forgotten was her sore abused asshole. All was right with the world again. Even when he pushed his thumb into her tiny little rosebud as he continued to pound her pussy. Anjali just begged him for more.

Soon Billy was spraying her pussy with his cum again. Afterwards she immediately dropped to her knees and sucked his cock clean just like a good little slut is supposed to do for her Master.

When she finished cleaning up everything, she went to shower and then fixed them something to eat. Master had to keep up his strength so he could use her again.

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      That’s why you are my perfect little fuck toy.

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      Well show daddy those fingers in action.


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      Love you baby girl

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    Part 3????

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