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Lorraine’s truck stop fun, part 2

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Hotwife Lorraine goes on a road trip to visit truck stops

Jack asked us if we wanted to go on a trucking adventure with him. Lorraine was intrigued and asked what he was suggesting? He would be back here next weekend and we could join him in his truck on a road trip, stopping at a different truck stop each night. I’m sure Lorraine would have lots of fun. Before I could say anything Lorraine agreed and gave him her cell number. She gave him a kiss good-bye and we left. On the drive home we made plans to book that week off work and see Canada one truck stop at a time. The next day we both went to work like normal and in the evening Lorraine went to the adult store to get some outfits for next week’s road trip. She wouldn’t show me anything she bought but she was really horny and we fucked into the morning hours. She was so excited about next week’s road trip that she wanted to have sex every night. Lorraine got a text on Friday night telling us to meet Jack the next morning at the same truck stop we met at last weekend. Lorraine squealed with delight, it’s happening! In the morning we both packed a small suitcase and headed to meet Jack at the truck stop. Lorraine was dressed in a long top coat when we left home. I figured she had something sexy on, and didn’t want our neighbors to see. We parked our car in a corner of the lot and we got out and Lorraine took the top coat off. She was dressed real sexy in a tight, really short pink off the shoulder dress, bare legs and pink 5 inch heels. The dress was so tight you could see her erect nipples through the thin material. We found Jack at the restaurant and Lorraine greeted him with a deep kiss and a hug. Everyone was staring at Lorraine. Jack paid his check and we headed out to his truck to meet Freddy, the 2nd driver Jack was taking on this trip to help with the driving, since he expected to not get much sleep. We were a little surprised but Freddy broke the ice by hugging and kissing Lorraine and saying that he has heard alot about her, wink. Jack’s truck had 2 bucket seats and a large sleeper cab. Lorraine said, Dave honey, you can ride up front, I’ll get to know Freddy in the back, wink. Jack got the big truck running and we pulled out of the truck stop onto the highway. I looked back to see Freddy and Lorraine on the bed in a 69 position, Lorraine on top, her head bobbing up and down on his hard cock, her sexy legs over his head. The moans and groans went on for a few minutes when I heard Lorraine say, oh god, I need your cock in me, and she spun around and lowered her juicy pussy onto his hard cock. Freddy had a huge cock and I can see why Jack picked him for a co-driver on this trip. Freddy reached up and pulled the top of her dress down, pinching her erect nipples as she bounced up and down, slowly bringing them both to orgasm. Lorraine rolled off him and fell asleep, Freddy just said that this is going to be the best trip ever. After driving a few hours Lorraine said she wanted to sit up front, so I switched places with them. Lorraine sat on Freddy’s lap in the passenger seat enjoying the view of the road. There was a fold down seat between the 2 main seats so I was able to enjoy the view too. It was a bright sunny day with lots of other trucks on the highway. Lorraine was sitting facing forward on Freddy’s lap, he slowly pulled her top down, baring her beautiful tits to the other truckers as they passed by. Lorraine didn’t say anything, enjoying the double takes from other truckers as they passed. She would give them a wink or blow them a kiss, and they would sound their horn. Jack pulled the truck into a service station so we all could take a bio break. He pulled into the parking section for the large trucks behind the station. Lorraine pulled her dress top back up and Jack and Freddy took the opportunity to feel up her tits and ass as they helped her down from the big truck. She strutted through the parking lot, attracting the attention from all the other drivers. When we got back to the truck Freddy got into the driver’s seat so Jack could have some fun with Lorraine in the back. Freddy pulled the big truck onto the highway and I looked back to see Jack fucking Lorraine, her sexy legs wrapped around his ass, flexing with each thrust, trying to get as much of his hard cock as she could. They both came and Jack told Lorraine that she should try to get some sleep because she will be very busy when they stop tonight at a large truck stop. The CB radio had chatter about the hot blond driving topless. We drove for hours and I dozed off, when I woke up it was dark outside and we were pulling into a large truck stop. Freddy turned the truck off and woke up Jack and Lorraine, saying we’re here! Lorraine, it’s showtime! We went into the restaurant to have some dinner. Again, everyone was staring at Lorraine, she was so out of place in her sexy dress and heels. Freddy and Jack kept ordering drinks for Lorraine which was getting her a little tipsy. Jack excused himself and as he was headed to the washroom, other truckers would wave him over. I couldn’t hear the conversation but you could tell they were asking about Lorraine. He was stopped several times before he got to the restroom. The same thing happened to Freddy when he went to the washroom. We finished our meal and drinks and started walking back to our truck and lots of the truckers got up to follow us. Lorraine noticed, smirked and put an extra wiggle in her strut. Lorraine said, it’s a beautiful evening, why don’t we sit outside for a while and turned toward a picnic area where there was a fire burning in a firepit. She sat in a Muskoka chair and crossed her sexy legs. We left the chairs closest to Lorraine free to meet some new friends. The chairs filled up quickly with guys trying to make awkward small talk until Lorraine said, well boys, I’m bored, can anyone think of something fun to do? Wink. Everyone was stunned and silent, looking back and forth from Lorraine to me, Jack and Freddy. No one moved so Lorraine pulled her dress top down, baring her tits for everyone, spread her legs and slid her hand under her dress, fingering her pussy. The guys were still stunned not knowing what to do when she finally said, I could really use a hard cock to suck. It still took a few minutes until one brave guy stood up, dropped his pants and pushed his hard cock into Lorraine’s willing mouth. That got the others moving and hard cocks surrounded her face, she moved from hard cock to hard cock and some stranger’s hands caressed her breasts and pussy. She looked around and asked if anyone had a blanket so she could get more comfortable. One trucker ran to his truck and came back with a blanket and laid it on the cool grass next to the warm fire in the fire pit. Lorraine proceeded to fuck 5 truckers on the blanket in the cool night air beside the glow of the fire. After she needed a break and had a bottle of water. She was a hot mess sitting on the blanket, all the truckers that fucked her had left but 3 more guys came from the service station, they heard there was a slut giving it away to anyone with a hard cock. Lorraine smiled and said she’s the slut giving it away and walked over to the a picnic table and bent over so these 3 strangers could fuck her from behind. When they were finished Lorraine said she was done for the night and we headed back to the truck. Lorraine took her dress and heels off and fell asleep nude in the sleeper. There was room for me and Freddy to sleep in the sleeper and Jack went into the truck stop to get a small room. Just before the morning light I woke up to a gentle rocking and moaning, I rolled over to see Freddy on top of Lorraine pounding away, he grunted, arched his back and shot his load. Lorraine sighed and said, that’s the best alarm clock ever, I need to wake up like that everyday. Jack came out to the truck and handed Lorraine a keycard telling her she can have a shower and use the facilities. She put on a denim mini skirt, white tank top and heels and took her toilettes into the truck stop to shower and get cleaned up. After about an hour, I decided to check on her. The truck stop is set up with very small bedrooms for a trucker to sleep in, and a common shower room with several shower stalls. I couldn’t find Lorraine anywhere so I went into the shower room, there was one shower running at the back of the room. As I approached it I heard Lorraine moaning and realized why she was taking so long. I peeked around the closed shower curtain to see Lorraine with her hands against the wall getting fucked from behind by a hot black guy, the hot water running over them both. I got a hard on but decided to not interrupt them. I stepped into another shower stall, listening to Lorraine come to a moaning orgasm. The black guy stepped out, toweled off and left, he was the attendant for the rooms and showers. Jack, Freddy and I waited for Lorraine in the coffee shop and she showed up and sat down, looking very relaxed. No one said much, we ate breakfast and went back to the truck. Jack told Freddy to drive and Lorraine and he got into the passenger seat. Everyone was quiet for a few hours, just enjoying the landscape when Lorraine’s hand dropped to between her legs and she started to finger herself. We all noticed and Jack pulled her tank-top off over her head, we all like it when Lorraine’s bare tits are free for other truckers to see. He was gently caressing them when Freddy said, oh shit while looking in his mirror. Suddenly we heard police sirens and Freddy slowly pulled the truck onto the shoulder. Jack and Lorraine looked for Lorraine’s top so she could put it back on but it got lost under the seat. We were all panicking when 2 cops opened the passenger door. Lorraine turned red with embarrassment and looked at them in silence. They stared back for a minute and finally said, well, well, what do we have here? Lorraine said, is there a problem officers? They chuckled and replied, well we have reports of a woman riding in a truck naked. Please step down miss, we need to talk to you and your friends. The cops asked us for ID and Lorraine stepped forward rubbed their crotches and said, officers, is there someway we can keep this off the record? Maybe I can show you the inside of the truck, it’s very interesting, there’s lots of room in the back, wink. The 2 cops stepped back and chatted for a minute and returned saying, well, I think we can let you off with a warning this time. Lorraine said, oh goodie, I think you should give me the warning in the back of the truck. I opened the truck’s door and they helped her step in and pulled the door closed. Jack sat on the truck’s step and Freddy and I just leaned against it waiting for them to return. The truck was really big, but was rocking a little and we could hear faint moans and groans and grunts from inside. The truck stopped rocking and the door opened and the 2 cops stepped out. Drive safely gentlemen and they left. We climbed back into the truck to see Lorriane still in the sleeper, her skirt up around her waist, cum stains on the sheets. I laid in the back with her while they started up the truck and pulled it back onto the highway. Jack called back that it will be about 3 hours to the next stop where we are staying for the night. I fell asleep and woke up as we were pulling into the truck stop. Lorraine had changed and looked like a whore in a white halter top, a red mini-skirt, white fishnet stockings and black thigh-high boots. The halter top was very low cut and barely covered her breasts. They parked the truck and they helped Lorraine step down again, always with some fondling, coy smiles and winks. This place was a dump and we went in to have dinner. Of course everyone was staring at Lorraine. As we ate Jack explained that this place sometimes has hookers working in the parking lot but the food is good and the bedrooms and showers are clean. I could see all the other truckers whispering and pointing at Lorraine. We finished our meal and headed back to the truck, it was a nice warm evening. There wasn’t any picnic or park area at this place so the guys got out some lawn chairs and we sat beside the truck. We could see several hookers walking around the parking lot. A scruffy pot belly guy approached us saying, hey, you’re hot, I haven’t seen you here before. How much pretty lady? I was about to say that she isn’t a hooker when Lorraine spoke up and said 10 bucks. Jack and Freddy choked on their drinks and the potential customer was shocked by the low price for such a hot looking whore. He quickly tried to hand Lorraine a $10 bill but she pointed at me and said, he collects the money. Lorraine stood up and said let’s go see your truck. As they walked across the parking lot they passed several other truckers who started to follow them. I followed close behind and he led Lorraine to an old beat-up pickup truck with a cap over the truck bed. Lorraine was surprised and he said, I’m not a trucker, I just come here to get some pussy. He opened the tailgate and told Lorraine to get it. She climbed in and onto a dirty mattress. He opened his pants and said, OK bitch, suck it. Lorraine got his cock hard before laying back and spreading her legs. The fat guy just mounted her and pumped her until he came after a few strokes. He rolled off and said, thanks bitch, you are better than all the other whores here. Lorraine stepped out of the truck and was approached by 4 guys that said, het babe, how much to party with all of us? Lorraine looked them up and down and said, I’ll give you my group rate, 25 bucks. They couldn’t believe it and quickly handed her the money. She just handed it over to me and said, where? They said they were on a hunting trip and led her to a motorhome. Lorraine climbed the few stairs and they shut the door. I waited outside and could hear all the moans, grones, screams of pleasure while the motorhome rocked back and forth. The rocking stopped and Lorraine came out and said, well, that was fun as we walked back to our truck. We got there and Freddy and Jack were talking to 5 truckers that they knew. Jack said, hey our friends have heard about you over the trucker pipeline. Lorraine spoke up and said, well, isn’t that nice, I can give them my friends and family discounted rate of $5 each. Where do you want to do it? I don’t think the cab is big enough. Jack said, there is room in the trailer and led us all to the back of the truck and opened the big doors. The trailer was full of boxes but there was about 10 feet of space at the end. Freddy handed them a blanket and one guy jumped up onto the trailer, the others picked up Lorraine and passed her up like a sack of potatoes, coping some feels at the same time. These 5 guys fucked her silly and Lorraine had a great time, coming and coming. A new guy showed up and shouted to his friends, found her, she’s over here. We’ve heard about you slut, there is a lot of chatter on the trucker’s radios about you.. Lorraine smiled and said it’s 10 bucks a cum and stood up and leaned over the boxes. She called back, pay my husband. They lined up and each guy handed me $10 before climbing into the trailer, fucking her from behind, and quickly leaving after they came.. She said she was done after 10 guys and we helped her out of the trailer. She was a mess, cum running down her stockings and boots. Jack and Freddy helped her into the sleeper where she fell asleep right away. They said they wanted to sleep in the truck tonight and I can sleep in the truck stop. I went in and paid for one of the small bedrooms and fell asleep, I still had the cash I collected by pimping out Lorraine. Morning came quickly and I bought 4 coffees from the coffee shop and headed out to the truck. I opened the big door and said, good morning, hope everyone is awake . . . I stopped mid-sentence to watch Lorraine still dressed in her whore outfit on her hands and knees getting fucked by Jack and sucking Freddy’s hard cock. Lorraine was thrusting back with each push from Jack, his hips were making a slapping sound as they hit her bare ass. They all grunted and moaned before cuming and falling to the mattress breathless. I waited a few minutes and handed them their coffees. Lorraine was covered in cum, it was in her hair, on her tits, and on her face. I asked how long they have been at it? Jack said that Lorraine woke up in the middle of the night and was horny again, so we pimped her out some more, too bad you missed it, she was insatiable. We walked Lorraine around the parking lot and made some more money selling her services. Lorraine sipped her coffee and said, yea, it was great, we met lots of friendly guys. A trucker pulled the mattress out of his cab and put it on the ground behind our truck. Lorraine was a real trooper, taking everyone. Lorraine spoke up, well, I wasn’t a trooper, I was a whore, I don’t know how many guys I fucked, but I am sore. Jack and Freddy counted the money and said well, it looks like you fucked 15 guys and handed me the money. Lorraine struggled to stand and said I need a shower as she headed to the truck stop. Dave, honey, bring me some clean clothes please. I searched through Lorraine’s suitcase and all I could find was more slutty clothes. I grabbed a skirt, transparent button up top and a pair of red stripper heels and headed into the truck stop. The attendant told me she was in the shower room. She was just standing naked under a hot shower with her eyes closed looking exhausted. She eventually finished up and got dressed. She looked tired and was still hot looking in her sheer top, short skirt and heels. She left a lot of the buttons undone on her blouse, giving a good view of her nice cleavage. We went into the diner to sit down and have coffee and breakfast. A few strangers sat down and said that they had a great time last night. Lorraine looked at them with a blank stare until they said, you were insatiable last night. They asked where we are headed next, maybe we can do it again? I said that we wanted to be alone, they gave Lorraine their phone number and said, if you are lonely give us a call and they left. Lorraine sipped her coffee and said, I don’t remember them at all. We finished our breakfast and headed out to the truck to find Jack and Freddy ready to leave. They said we have a long drive today, we have to drop off the load and then we’ll stay at the next truck stop. They said that this stop doesn’t allow hookers but has a nice lounge that only truckers can use. Lorraine slept all day in the back and woke up when we pulled into a factory where they had to drop off the load and pick up one to take back. Lorraine undid all the buttons and her blouse, and moved to the passenger seat. All the workers around the loading dock were staring at the hot blond in the truck. Lorraine smiled and pulled her top aside with one hand and caressed her breasts with the other hand. The loading dock workers were tripping over each other trying to stay near the front of the truck. One guy climbed up on the hood and pretended to clean the windshield, and another stood on the step and talked to Lorraine through the passenger window. He said that they have been hearing about her all day from the other truckers coming in here. He asked if Lorraine wanted to meet him and some of the other warehouse workers in the men’s room, wink. Lorraine smiled and said she would like to but we didn’t have time and blew him a kiss. The truck got unloaded and loaded with the new cargo and we pulled out to find the truck stop for the night.
As we pulled into it Lorraine moved to the back to change into a new outfit. When we stopped and helped her down from the cab she was in a white very sheer button up shirt dress, over a red bra and red panties, with black stockings and black 5 inch heels. The sheer dress didn’t hide much, her bra and panties were clearly visible. It was dark again and we entered the truck stop’s lounge which was also dark. It was nice, more like a high end bar, with pool tables, sofas, large chairs. We found a sofa and some nice chairs in the corner, it was dark and I don’t think anyone noticed Lorraine’s outfit yet. A waiter took our order and noticed Lorraine, he couldn’t stop staring. I saw him whisper something to the bartender who then came over to wipe down the table, he was really just checking out Lorraine. He winked at Lorraine and said that the drinks are on the house. We had our drinks and more arrived, free from the bartender. Then more drinks arrived from some of the other customers. Lorraine was enjoying the free drinks a little too much and said, hey, let’s play some pool! The room was quite dark, except for the lights above the pool table. I racked the pool balls and told Lorraine to break. She isn’t very good but bent over the table to take her first shot. Suddenly all the guys in the club noticed her and sat up to watch the game. As she bent over to shoot you could see the tops of her black stockings. Some guys moved and were standing around watching the game. As Lorraine had to move around the table to take a shot, a small crowd of guys moved to stand behind her. More free drinks arrived, just for Lorraine which she enjoyed and winked or waved at the senders. A tall trucker walked up and challenged her to a game. Lorraine said sure and I racked up the balls again. Lorraine winked at him and asked what’s the bet? He looked her up and down and said, if you win, I’ll buy you and all your friends dinner, but if I win, I get your panties. Lorraine agreed and took her first shot. She didn’t sink anything and the guy sank four balls in a row. Lorraine smiled at me and said this is going well. She missed her next shot and he cleared the table. He put his que down and just smiled at Lorraine. She sat on a bar stool and raised her legs for him to slide them off over her sexy legs and heels. He took a long time pretending to struggle grasping her panties, smiling the whole time. He took his time and caressed her smooth, shaved pussy before slowly sliding them off her. Everyone in the room was watching. He smelled them and said, mmmm, they are wet too. Want to play again, double or nothing for your bra? Lorraine chuckled and said no, I think I should play with someone else. Wink. Another guy stepped up and said he would bet $50 against her bra. Lorraine said, sure! Knowing she was going to lose. She again missed her first shot and her new opponent sank a ball. Lorraine missed her next shot and he sank one. This went on until he won and Lorraine unbuttoned her dress and told the winner that he should take it off her. He cupped her breasts and pretended to fumble around not being able to unhook her bra. He slid his hands under the bra caressing her tits and pinching her erect nipples. Everyone watched as this went on for a few minutes until she finally said, it unhooks in the back. He just smiled and continued to fondle her breasts as Lorraine reached around and unhooked it and handed it over. He quickly bent forward and kissed her bare tits and said thanks for the game. Her next opponent stepped up and bet for her dress. Lorraine said, no, it’s a little chilly in here, what else can we bet hmmmm? Wink. Well then, l bet $100 against your pussy. Lorraine agreed and the game went as expected with Lorraine losing. Lorraine sighed and bent over the pool table. He stepped up and raised her dress up over her bare ass and thrust his hard cock into her from behind. Lorraine moaned with pleasure. He said, I can feel that you were looking forward to this. Other guys stood up and moved toward Lorraine, looking at me. I said, Lorraine honey, looks like some more guys want to play with you too, I mean play a game of pool with you too. She sighed and said, I concede, let’s just assume I lost to each of them. A hard cock was pushed into her mouth as a line of 8 truckers fucker her silly while bent over the table, she had orgasm after orgasm. A few liked slapping her bare ass, one poured beer on ass to run down to her pussy while fucking her. Some fucked her slowly while others fucked her fast and furious, either holding her by the hips or her shoulders. A few leaned forward to reach around and message her big tits. After they were done we moved back to sit with Jack and Freddy, the bartender gave us all a free diner and more drinks. Lorraine enjoyed her meal and said she was tired and laid down on one of the sofas, her cum stained dress open. She rested for an hour and while her eyes were still closed her hand moved between her legs and started rubbing her swollen pussy. Others from the lounge saw what was happening, one guy came over to me and quietly asked me if he could fuck her. Lorraine overheard and answered Yes please! Without opening her eyes. He dropped his pants and mounted her, pumping hard and fast. He came and Lorraine said Anyone else? Still with her eyes closed. Another 5 truckers, the bartender and the waiter all fucked her, I held her legs up and spread wide, giving the fuckers nice access to her swollen dripping pussy. Her stocking clad legs and sexy heels bouncing in the air with each hard thrust. I fucked her last and she was telling me how much she was enjoying all their cocks. She added Oh God Dave, I love your hard cock, fuck me, fuck me harder. I said, wow, you are a nymphomaniac, you haven’t said no to anyone. She replied, well, I turned down the guys at the loading dock. They wanted to do me in the men’s room, and I really wanted to do it, but we didn’t have time. pout. The thought of Lorraine getting gangbanged in a dirty men’s room made us both come. The truck stop night manager came in and offered Lorraine the premiere room for the night, on the house. Most truck stop bedrooms are very small with a single bed and common washrooms and showers, but this place had 1 bedroom with a queen sized bed and it’s own bathroom and shower. Jack, Freddy and I all wanted to sleep on the bed with Lorraine instead of in the truck but the bed wasn’t big enough for 4. We figured one of us had to sleep in the truck so we flipped coins to see who got the room and who got the truck. I lost, I gave Lorraine a kiss and said that I would see her in the morning. I slept well in the truck’s sleeper until morning when I headed back into the truck stop to see if they were awake yet. I noticed the truck stop’s big sign by the road was changed to say “she is here, come in and get some!”. I opened the door to the premiere room to find Freddy sitting against the headboard with his legs spread wide. Lorraine was sucking his hard cock while laying on her belly and Jack fucking her ass, grunting loudly, the bed springs squeaking with each thrust. Jack shot his load in her tight ass, Freddy came on her face and Lorraine screamed with another orgasm and passed out. She was a mess, naked wearing just one ripped stocking and high heel. She and the bed sheets were covered in cum. I figured something else happened here and asked Jack and Freddy. They explained that Lorraine woke up in the middle of the night horny again. She said she wanted to be tied spread-eagle on the bed and blind-folded. They then went into the lounge to find more truckers to use her mouth and pussy. They said that Lorraine loved it, feeling helpless and fucked continually, over and over and over again not being able to move her arms or legs. Some guys just wanted to jerk off and shoot their cum on her face and tits. They think she fucked another 8 guys and several others came on her. That all got Jack and Freddy warmed up again and Lorraine said she wanted to take a cock in her ass this time. Lorraine rested while we all showered one at a time and then she showered. I went out to the truck to try and find Lorraine something to wear. The most conservative thing I could find was one of my button up long sleeve shirts. After she showered she put the shirt on which was a short dress on her. She left the top buttons open giving a good view of her cleavage. We went into the diner to have some breakfast and all the truckers there cheered and whistled. At breakfast Jack explained that he and Freddy would be taking turns and driving us back home, this load was express, so no overnight stops, just quick stops for food, gas and bio breaks. We got into the truck and Lorraine got into the sleeper with Jack, they both planned to get some sleep. Freddy took the first shift driving and we headed out. We stopped after 4 hours for lunch and Jack took over driving. Lorraine just slept the whole time beside Freddy who needed to sleep before his next turn driving. We stopped again for supper and Lorraine went back to sleep again. About 2 hours later I heard something and turned around to see Freddy and Lorraine kissing, his hand sliding up her bare leg under the short shirt dress. After a few minutes of fondling Lorraine was on top of him riding his hard cock. Jack laughed and said, she’s at it again eh? I figured that was the way the trip was going to go, Lorraine staying in the back of the cab, fucking the whole way home. Every few hours Lorraine fucked whoever was resting in the sleeper with her, sometimes alone and sometimes a 3some with me. At one stop we left Lorraine in the diner while Jack, Freddy and I checked the truck’s fluid levels and cleaned up the truck a little. As we headed back into the restaurant we saw 2 good looking black guys sitting with Lorraine. They were dressed a little funny, in lots of gold chains, unusual hats and high end clothes, not usual clothing for a rural truck stop. We quickly found another table and watched to see what was going to happen. She was smiling and flirting with them when one of them leaned in and whispered something in her ear. She nodded and they got up and walked out to a motorhome the size of a bus. It had the name of a rap band on it which I had to Google to learn they were a gangsta rap band traveling to their next gig. Another black guy opened the door and she went in. Jack and Freddy were getting frustrated with the delay. After an hour Lorraine finally came out of the motorhome looking disheveled, her hair was a mess and her shirtdress was buttoned up wrong. Her legs wobbled as she walked into the restaurant. She sat down with us and ordered a coffee, looking very worn out. Everyone was quiet and I just asked how many? She smiled and said, there were five of them, and Wow they sure do know how to show a girl a good time. She held up a thumb drive and said here’s a video of what happened, they also make porn and have posted it on their website. We got back in the truck and started off again Lorraine sleeping in the back. Every few hours she fucked whoever was in the sleeper with her as the truck rolled down the highway. We finally got back to the truck stop where we started out a few days ago. I moved our bags to our car and Lorraine kissed and thanked Jack and Freddy for the good time. Jack confessed that his back was really sore, Freddy chimed in saying he was sore all over. Lorraine spoke up acknowledging she was a nymphomaniac and asked when we can do it again, maybe in a few weeks? They couldn’t believe she was wanting to do it again so soon but said they would set it up and give her a call. And maybe if she wants a fun evening, they could sneak her to the truck depot at their company’s nearby truck yard. Lorraine’s eyes widened and said, oh, that sounds like fun, maybe we can do that next weekend?!?! They said they would set it up and we headed home for Lorraine to sleep and recover for the next 2 days straight.

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