Lorraine’s truck stop fun, part 1

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hotwife Lorraine has some sexy fun at a truck stop

I had Lorraine dress in a short gold metallic mini-dress that was low cut in the front and bare shoulders. Of course she was in her 5-inch come-fuck-me heels and fishnet stockings. The dress was short enough that you could see the top of her stockings as she walked. We heard that there were lots of casual hook-ups at a local truck-stop, so we decided to check it out last Saturday night. We sat in a booth in the restaurant and had a coffee, looking around we could see a few other couples and single ladies there, looking for hookups too. A big trucker asked if he could sit down and chat. John introduced himself and said he was far from home and lonely, as he sat down next to Lorraine while staring at her breasts. He knew while we were there. We said this was our first time here and asked him if he had been here before. He looked Lorraine up and down and said, I’ll be honest with you, I know why you are here and it’s a great place to get this pretty little lady some hard cock. I was a little shocked at his bluntness, when Lorraine said, well, that’s while we’re here! I bet you have a real “big rig” that I would just luv to see. John said let’s step out to my truck outback and I’ll show you my big rig. We walked out of the restaurant, with all eyes admiring Lorraine’s slut strut. We got to John’s truck, it was a big truck with a sleeper cab, he opened the door but Lorraine had trouble stepping into it as it was so high. John helped her step up by putting a hand on her ass and waist. He realized then that she wasn’t wearing anything under her short dress. Lorraine moved into the sleeper section and said, mmmmm this place is comfy, I bet we could have some fun back here. John stood in front of Lorraine while she unzipped his jeans. Out popped a large, hard cock which she immediately took in her mouth. She’s a great cock sucker and John was enjoying himself. Lorraine was having a great time too, she loves sucking cock. He was nice and hard when she laid back on the bed fingering her juicy shaved pussy and said, John you said something about me getting some cock here. John got between her spread fishnet clad legs, his big cock just slid right in as she was so wet and willing. He pumped her long and hard with her legs wrapped around his ass, her heels bouncing as he thrust into her hard and fast. Lorraine was really feeling it, scratching at his back and biting his ear, telling him how she loved being a slut for strangers, and how she loved his big cock. That just made him pump harder and faster until he groaned and thrusted hard one last time, filling her wet pussy with his hot cum. They both just laid there for a few minutes catching their breath. John rolled off her onto his back. Lorraine said, that was fun, do you have any friends here that might want to meet me? John said, no, this is my first time at this stop, but if you give me a few minutes, we can play again. Lorraine said, thanks, but I think it would be fun to meet some of the other truckers here tonight. She pulled her dress down, reapplied her slutty make-up in the truck’s mirror and stepped into the cool night air. I asked her what she wants to do now, and she said, let’s go for a walk and see what happens. She started walking between the rows of the big trucks. Different truckers whistled at her and commented on her outfit. A few thought she was a hooker and asked her “how much?” Lorraine just grinned and kept walking. A few guys started following her, hoping it would lead to something. One good looking trucker standing beside his truck was the boldest and said, “hey babe, I sure could use a blow job”. Lorraine just walked over to him, looked him up and down and dropped to her knees and opened his belt and unzipped his pants. The guy was shocked, but happy to push his semi-hard cock into her willing mouth. She got him hard right away and some of the guys following us got closer, dropped their pants hoping to get sucked too. They were not disappointed, as she moved from hard cock to hard cock. The first trucker asked Lorraine if she wanted to take the fun into his truck, where they could be more comfortable on his sleeper bed. Lorraine looked up at him and said sure, as long as our other friends could come in too. He said, sure, the more the merrier, and Lorraine said, I hope there is lots more to make me merrier. Four guys helped her into the truck, and I climbed in as the last guy. It was crowded with 5 guys and Lorraine in there. She was sitting on the bed, with a guy on each side of her, hands sliding inside her dress, playing with her erect nipples and other hands sliding up her short dress warming up her wet, willing pussy. She was moaning, between alternating deep kisses with each guy. She said she needed to suck cock and a guy stepped in front of her, she gave him a good cock sucking while the others continued to fondle her tits and pussy. The other guys got their pants off and she moved from cock to cock getting them all hard and ready to fuck. Lorraine said she needed to fuck and pushed one of the guys onto his back, rock-hard cock sticking straight up. She mounted him and started riding him, her big tits bouncing. The others stood beside her so she could keep sucking them. She and the guy she was riding came together with a loud moan. Lorraine got onto her hands and knees so the other guys could fuck her from behind while she sucked off another. After two of the guys came in her now sloppy pussy, they got dressed and stepped out of the truck. There was a crowd outside the truck and as the door opened some guys asked if they could come in. Lorraine took the cock out of her mouth long enough to say, yes, we need some more hard cocks in here. There was a shoving and 3 more guys climbed into the truck before closing the door. Lorraine just stayed on her hands and knees and took on the newcomers with the same vigor as when she started 2 hours before. As these guys finished and stepped out of the truck, more stepped in to get a piece of the horny slut giving it away at a dark truck stop. Lorraine got onto her back, her dress pushed up, tits hanging out as guy after guy mounted her to fuck her hard, cum, and move off. I moved to one side of her and held her legs straight up. I knew Lorraine liked that, the guys could get deeper into her with her legs pointed up in the air. She let out a quiet moan or sigh as she heard the truck door open and close, as she knew more hard cocks were coming in to fuck her. I asked her a few times if she had enough but she kept saying that she was having a great fucking time and didn’t want to stop. After about 15 guys, she said she wanted to fuck me, so I dropped my pants and slide my rock hard cock into her sloppy pussy that was just dripping cum. She had one last orgasm, as my cum joined that of 16 other men. The owner of the truck was real patient, but said that he needed to get some sleep as he needed to hit the road in the morning. He asked Lorraine if he could call us next time he was back in town. She asked him how many friends he has in the area. He said since she likes gang bangs, he had a better idea. Next time he is passing through our area, he could pick us up and take us on a tour of truck stops across the country. He said he could promise Lorraine repeat sessions like tonight at the different truck stops he stops at. She could sleep during the day while he was driving and get gang banged each night at the next truck stop. Lorraine looked at me and said, Dave, that sounds like a great vacation, let’s book a few weeks off work and see the country in a big rig. Let’s go shopping tomorrow to get me some special outfits for the road trip. I couldn’t say no to her, while she was sitting there, looking like a cheap whore, clothes disheveled, make-up smeared, cum in her hair, on her chin and dripping down her legs. Looking forward to a road trip and visiting as many truck stops as possible.

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    That’s a great slut you’ve got there! Wish she’d lick a few hairy, sweaty asses too! Maybe at the next truckstop?!

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    Well described. That’s how all wives should be, letting countless men fuck their married cunts.

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