Lorraine’s navy fun

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Hot wife Lorraine has some sexy fun with the navy.

I took Lorraine on a business trip to San Diego recently. We stayed in a nice hotel near the waterfront but Lorraine has always had a thing for guys in uniform so we thought we should check out the nightlife near the large navy base that is close to the city. Lorraine dressed to get a little attention. She wore a really short denim mini-skirt and a tight fitting red halter top that tied in the back and behind her neck. Her legs looked great in black knee-boots with 5-inch heels. No bra or panties, of course. We asked a cab driver to take us to a bar where the sailors like to hang out. He dropped us off at a run-down bar near the base. We walked in and the place was a dump, dimly lit but full of sailors in white uniforms, almost all black and all young. There were several other women there, dressed sexy. It was hard to tell if they were there looking for guys too, or just hookers looking for business. We sat at the bar and ordered a few drinks. Lorraine turned around to watch the dance floor. As she crossed her legs her already short skirt rode up some more. All the guys there were checking her out but unsure if she was available. After a few minutes one young sailor came over and asked her to dance, completely ignoring me. It was a slow song and he pulled her in close right away.
First his hands slowly rubbed her back and sides but then slowly moved down to her round ass. It was plain to see that she was enjoying herself. When the song ended another sailor cut in and danced with her. His hands roamed her body a little more, caressing the sides of her large breasts through her halter top. The next song saw Lorraine dancing with 2 guys at once, tightly sandwiched between them. They then asked her to join them at their booth on the other side of the bar. She sat between them and a few other guys and they bought her several drinks.
She was getting a little drunk and didn’t notice that her halter top needed to be adjusted, one of her breasts was almost falling out. They seemed to be playing some drinking game that involved bottle caps and flipping them into an empty glass. If she missed she had to chug a shot. Lorraine was not doing well at it and had about 5 shots in 10 minutes. I heard her say that she can’t drink that much and they needed to play for something else. One sailor suggested that each time she lost, she would have to give the winner a kiss.
Lorraine said “great” and they started to play again. She lost the first round and had to kiss the sailor beside her. She leaned in for a little peck on the lips but he had other ideas. He pressed her against the back of the booth seat and deeply kissed her for a few minutes. His hand just gently cupping her breast. Lorraine didn’t protest at all and seemed to really enjoy the kiss. They played the next round and Lorraine lost to a guy sitting across the table. She stood up and had to lean across the table to kiss him. She had to bend over far which put her ass high in the air and her large breasts hanging down.
As she did he held her hands and gave her a deep french kiss. The other sailors reached out and copped a few feels of her ass and her hanging breasts. Again Lorraine didn’t protest, giving them the signal that they could go further. She sat back down for the next round and lost again to a guy sitting one seat over. As she leaned over and kissed him for a few minutes the guy she was leaning over copped some more obvious feels of her breasts and also untied her halter top from behind her neck. She was pretty drunk by now and didn’t even notice when she sat back down. Now they were more bold and just reached out and felt her tits and pinched her erect nipples. They asked her something that I couldn’t hear and she just smiled. She then waved me over and I took a seat at the end of the table.
Dave, I want you to meet my new friends, I forget their names but they are all very friendly! Yea, I see that, I said. “They said that they thought I was a hooker, but they couldn’t figure out who you are, you don’t look like a pimp.” Then one of the young sailors spoke up and said, “Hey, I know what’s going on here, you’re one of those husbands that likes to watch his wife get fucked by other guys, aren’t you?” I simply said “yea” and Lorraine said, “for sure, he would love to see that!” The sailor then said, “Well, we can help you with that, lets go back to your hotel”. I said, “No we can’t do that, where else can we go?”
As we were talking, the guys beside Lorraine were feeling her all over now, feeling her bare breasts and sliding hands up her bare thighs, under her skirt. Lorraine just closed her eyes and was enjoying the many wandering hands. Another sailor said that “we can’t bang her here, the bartender got mad last time and threw us out.” “Let’s take her to the ship,” one guy said. “Are you crazy, we can’t bring a slut onto the ship, it’s against the reg’s” Lorraine still with her eyes closed said, “I would love to see your ship!, I would be very thankful!” They figured they could bribe the guard at the entrance to the ship and off we went.
We had to jam into 2 cabs, Lorraine ended up in the back seat of one cab with 3 of the black sailors and I ended up in the following cab with 3 others. I could see Lorraine sitting on their lap as we drove, kissing each one of them, I could only imagine where their hands were.
The guys I was with ignored me but were discussing what they were going to do with the “horny bitch” as they liked to refer to her. They then asked me, “hey dude, does she like to swallow?, take it up the ass?” I said “sure, she loves all that, she’ll do whatever you want and beg for more”. They liked that answer and went on making plans of who got her first and how they were going to fill everyone of her holes with their cum. It sounded like her ass was going to get a lot of attention tonight. The cabs pulled up in front of the ship and we and the other cab all hopped out. I paid both drivers as Lorraine pulled her skirt back down and tied her top up again.
We all walked up the long gangplank to the ship, Lorraine with her arms around 2 large sailors. One of them told the guard that they wanted to give this nice couple from out of town a tour of the ship. The guard looked at Lorraine and said “OK, as long as I can join the tour when I get off duty in 30 minutes”. Lorraine said, “sure, the more the merrier”, and off we headed to the crew quarters.
We had to go through some small doors and down some stairs. There were very few other sailors around as it was late and most were off the ship and in town. We entered a large room that had about 50 bunks in it, stacked 3 high, no one else was around. They helped Lorraine onto one of the middle bunks and she immediately spread her legs and started fingering her smooth shaven pussy. She was already soaking wet working her pussy to a quick orgasm. The sailors just watched for a few minutes until she came with a moan and said, “Who’s first?”
They went in order of rank to see who was going to fuck her first and in a few seconds the Chief was between her spread legs. It looked so hot, her short skirt pushed up and her bare white legs still wearing her black knee boots up in the air with this large black stud fucking her fast and hard. Her tits were out of the halter top and her nipples were very erect.
She loved the fucking he gave her, moaning and groaning for his big black cock to keep fucking her. He grunted and pumped her real hard and shot his load into her juicy pussy. She had wrapped her legs around his black ass and was forcing him into her with each hard thrust with the heels of her boots. He got up and stepped aside to let the next guys go.
The next 2 guys decided to do her at the same time. There wasn’t much room on the bunk, but they turned her on her side and sandwiched her. One guy shoved his huge black cock into her dripping pussy and the other guy poured some beer on her ass as lube and fucked her from the other side. They held her one leg up to spread her pussy and ass for their large cocks. Lorraine loved it, being double fucked while laying on her side and was moaning very loud and begging for more. “Oh my god, fuck me guys, I love being double fucked, oh my I’m cummmiinnnnggggggg!” she said with a quiet scream.
After those 2 guys pumped their cum into her, the next guy laid her on her stomach and fucked her tight ass. “I love taking it up the ass”, she moaned. He came and the next guys wanted to do her doggie style but there wasn’t room on the middle bunk, so they moved her to the top bunk where there was more head room. She got onto her hands and knees and the next 2 guys got up on the bunk with her. One kneeled behind her and fucked her from the back while the other guy kneeled in front of her and she sucked his large black cock. As she was doing these 2 guys, the guard showed up and wanted to join the “tour of the ship”. He asked who I was and I said, “I’m her husband.” “Ahhh” he said, “another horny white couple looking for lots of black cock. We get lots of that down here.”
His turn was next and he wanted Lorraine to ride him. He laid down on the top bunk and stroked his large black cock to erection and Lorraine slowly lowered herself onto it. She loved his cock, just like all the others, bouncing up and down on it, her large tits jiggling with each thrust. She came in another screaming orgasm.
No one noticed the officer that had come up behind us and was watching my horny wife get gangbanged. When the sailors saw him, they froze as they knew they were in a lot of trouble. The officer didn’t say much at first, he just looked at Lorraine and said “you guys know you can’t bring a whore onto the ship!”
“She’s not a whore, she’s just a horny married slut looking for lots of black cock. It looks like she found it, he said. Yes Lorraine said with a smile, “but still not enough.
“OK” he said, “you two come with me, and he took us each by the arm and led us away.” I could see cum running down Lorraine’s legs as we walked through the ship. We seemed to be going further down into the ship. We walked into a small room where there were 2 small jail cells. He put Lorraine into one and locked it and me into the other one and locked it. He then left and closed the door. We wondered what was going to happen next when the door opened and he was back with another black officer. “Yea, she’s a hot looking whore alright.”
They opened Lorraine’s cell and stepped inside. He then pushed her onto the small bunk as she instinctively spread her legs, showing her bare, dripping pussy. He didn’t say a word, he just dropped his pants and got on top of her and fucked her hard until he came in about 5 minutes. Lorraine had 2 orgasms with him. He then got up, pulled up his pants and left her cell. He handed the other officer $10 and left.
The officer pointed out a small security camera hanging from the ceiling that pointed at Lorraine’s cell. He said that it was broadcasting her getting fucked all over the ship. As sailors would get a break or finish their shift they would come to the brig and have Lorraine suck them off, or fuck her and then give the officer some money and leave. This went on all night. It seemed that he was charging $5 for a blow job, $10 for a pussy fuck and $15 to fuck her in the ass.
Lorraine loved being whored out and came many more times throughout the night. Sometimes there were a few minutes between customers and she would spread her legs and massage her cum-filled pussy to another orgasm. Another officer then brought in the original 7 sailors that gangbanged Lorraine in the crew quarters. They were told that the whore wanted a cum bath and they were led into her cell.
They all dropped their white pants and Lorraine knelt on the floor as they formed a circle around her. She sucked each large black cock to erection. They then all had to jack-off onto Lorraine, cum shot into her hair, onto her face and onto her tits. She fingered herself to another orgasm and also tried to catch as much cum as she could with her tongue, she was only able to swallow a little. They left and the officer that whored her out led us off the ship and called us a cab.
He said “thanks, I made a few hundred bucks off your horny wife, are you in town long?” Lorraine quickly said “yes, why!?!?!?!!?” He said that he owes some money to a buddy on another ship and would like Lorraine to pay off that debt. Lorraine said mmmmmmmmmm, that sounds like fun! The officer said to meet him at the base’s main gate tomorrow at 5pm, and dress slutty. Lorraine gave him a big hug and a deep kiss before we got into the cab and headed back to our hotel. Lorraine said she was really tired and just wanted to take a shower and go to bed. I got a few hours of sleep before going to the conference. When I got back to our room at 4pm Lorraine was there, dressed like a slut, and was smoking hot. She was in a red tube top, a really short black leather skirt with a slit over one tight, sheer fishnet stockings and red 5 inch stripper heels. She said, hey, we better hurry, we don’t want to be late. She put a top coat over her outfit so people in the hotel wouldn’t see her how she was dressed. We grabbed a cab in front of our hotel and headed to the base. Lorraine was very excited and nervous at the same time. We got to the base and greeted Steve, the officer from last night, again Lorraine gave him a hug and a long kiss. He told her to take the top coat off and said Wow, that’s pretty slutty. We got into a jeep and he drove us across the base to a small pier where there were several small navy patrol boats. Steve got out of the jeep and walked to one of the boats and was greeted by another officer. They shook hands and chatted for a while before Steve pointed at us and waved us over. Lorraine strutted over the boat like a street walking whore. She greeted the new officer with a big smile and said, Hi, I’m Lorraine and I would love to ride your big boat. Wink. Paul introduced himself and asked Lorraine if she knew why she was here. Lorraine smiled again, rubbed the front of his pants and said, yes, I’m here to pay off Steve’s debt and have some fun doing so. Wink. Paul helped Lorraine up the few steps onto the boat, she giggled saying that her shoes were made for fucking, not boating. Steve left in his jeep leaving Lorraine with the new group of strangers. Paul helped Lorraine to the small boat’s bridge where she could sit down. A few sailors here whispering to each other and high-fiving after seeing Lorraine. Paul started shouting orders and the small crew started dashing around and getting the boat ready to go. Paul steered the boat away from the pier into the large harbor. Lorraine asked where we were going and Paul just said that we can’t party in the base, we have to go out into the ocean to have some fun. But while we’re heading out, you could get me ready to party and he took one hand off the ship’s wheel and unzipped his fly. Lorraine got the hint and moved to her knees and took out his semi-hard cock and started sucking. She pulled her tube top down exposing her big tits to the nice sunshine. She sucked him for a few minutes before saying, what a nice day for a boat ride. I sure hope I get to meet the rest of your crew. Paul replied, shut up and keep sucking slut and don’t worry, you are going to meet my crew in a few minutes. We got out to the open ocean and the sea was really calm. He put the boat into a slow cruise and ordered a sailor to take the wheel. He helped Lorraine walk to the back of the boat where there was a home made sex swing tied between 2 antennas. There was also a mattress on the deck. Lorraine smiled and said, mmmmmmmm, I like what you’ve done with the place. We were far out to sea, out of sight. Paul led Lorraine to the mattress and pushed her to her knees, dropped his pants and just stood there, his hard cock in her face. 4 other sailors gathered around and Lorraine said, oh boy, this is going to be fun! Lorraine spoke up, before we get started, can I ask how much the debt was? Paul thought for a minute before answering, Steve owed me $50. Lorraine smiled and said, mmmm, that makes me a pretty cheap whore and she started sucking them all until they were nice and hard. They lifted her into the swing, and tied her legs open to the straps. Paul and the crew fucked Lorraine for the next hour, there was always a cock in mouth and cunt. Lorraine was insatiable, after she came and a guy shot his load she was begging for the next cock. After he fucked her, Paul went back to the ship’s wheel to let that crewman come back and have his turn using Lorraine’s mouth and pussy. After all six of the crew were done, Paul told her to go down stairs to shower and put on the swim suit they left out for her. Lorraine asked if I could have a turn before she cleaned up. They had totally forgotten about me, he turned, looked me up and down and said, sure, but you better get your piece of her before we get to the next party. Lorraine looked concerned and said, what?!?! The next party? I couldn’t wait any longer and got between Lorraine’s legs and pushed my rock hard cock into her sloppy, stretched pussy. As I was fucking her, Paul explained that he owed a favor to another guy and Lorraine is going to take care of him, and some of his friends. That made me cum, and Lorraine moaned with another orgasm. Lorraine went below to clean up as the boat made a turn and picked up speed. Lorraine came back up showered in a very skimpy, tight yellow bikini and her heels. The bikini was too small for Lorraine and her big tits were barely covered. She sat on the mattress, enjoying the sun and the crew gave her some drinks. I asked Lorraine how she was doing and she said she was a little nervous, but that made it more exciting, she liked being whored out. The boat slowed as we approached a small island, they ran the front of the boat onto the beach and turned off the engine. It was starting to get dark and there were several men on the beach with a campfire and several blankets. Paul started talking to one of the guys on the beach, and said, OK, she’s here, she’s yours for the night, we’ll come back and get them in the morning. Paul and the other guy agreed that they are “square” and Paul’s favor is over. Again, Lorraine had trouble walking on the deck with her five inch heels, so one of the sailors picked her up and threw her over his shoulder and carried her to the front of the boat. He handed her down to a guy on the beach who carried her to a blanket on the beach. I jumped off the boat onto the beach. There were several guys sitting around the campfire drinking beer and chatting. They put Lorraine down in the middle of them and they all perked up and the conversion changed to the hot bitch that just arrived. They handed Lorraine a drink and crowded around, they all ignored me. They all started chatting with Lorraine, but were a little drunk and crude. Hey slut, what’s your name? Lorraine replied and said, hi, I’m Lorraine, I guess I’m your fuck toy tonight. They all smiled, and said, good, you get why you are here. Tell us a little about yourself. She said, well, I looove cock, all cocks, I love to suck and fuck it. I just can’t get enough. I really love strange cock, sucking and fucking guys I’ve never met before, and will likely never meet again. In the last few days, I’ve been gangbanged 3 times. It was so hot and I’m still looking for more. My husband over there loves watching me in action, and likes to join in when my pussy is well used. All the guys were squirming and adjusting the hard-ons under their pants. They were speechless, not knowing the level of slut they got tonight. Lorraine said, like I said, my name is Lorraine, but I think tonight you should call me Fuck-toy. The guys on the boat warmed me up, but I’m really happy to be here and party with you guys! By the way, what’s the favor I’m being exchanged for? The guy that made the deal with Paul spoke up, well, I did an oil change on his car, so you are here in exchange for an oil change, worth about $30. Hope that’s OK. Lorraine smiled and said, that’s make it even hotter, I like being a cheap whore, pimped out to service strange cock. Two black sailors sat on either side of Lorraine on a blanket and slowly leaned her back. She was alternating kissing each one while their hands rubbed her big tits through the tiny bikini top and then their hands slid down between her spread legs. Her moans were getting louder as they warmed up her pussy for the night to come. Lorraine reached around her back and opened the back of her bikini top, releasing her tits and erect nipples. One of them moved to between her spread legs, she lifted them into the air allowing him to remove her bikini bottoms. Just before a hard cock was pushed into her willing mouth, she said, hope you guys don’t mind, but I like to keep my heels on for fucking, makes me feel even more slutty. They all chucked and promised to leave her heels on. It was very dark by now, and the scene was playing out by the light of the campfire. There were 6 sailors on the beach, and they were all very horny and worked up by Lorraine’s attitude. As she was fucking and sucking the first 2 black guys, the rest all dropped their pants and were stroking their cocks to keep them hard until they get their turn with Lorraine’s mouth and dripping cunt. After 3 guys had cum in her well stretched pussy, Lorraine took the hard cock out of her mouth and asked if there were more guys coming? Sam, the leader scratched his head and said, Wow, she is insatiable. He walked over to a radio and contacted a friend. He explained that they had a horny slut, begging for more cock. The guy on the other end of the radio didn’t believe him so he brought the radio over to Lorraine. She took the cock out of her mouth to say, I’m for real, I love lots of cock and hope you and your friends can join us, and she started sucking again. Soon another small navy patrol boat pulled up to the beach and several sailors jumped off. They couldn’t believe their eyes when Lorraine looked up and said, Oh good! More navy cocks to suck and fuck. Lorraine was just finishing up the first group and got onto her hands and knees, saying come and get it boys, all my holes are free to use. They all dropped their pants and started using her mouth and pussy. The first guy said, wow, her pussy is so full of cum and stretched, you guys sure warmed her up for us. This crew added their cum to her and got back on their boat and left. After she rested a while she said she wanted to go for a swim in the moonlight, and took off her fucking heels and walked into the water. She took the opportunity to wash the cum off her tits, body and out of her hair. She was just relaxing in the water when another boat pulled up and more sailors jumped onto the sandy beach, they looked around asking where Fuck-toy is. Lorraine heard them and shouted that she was enjoying the water, why don’t you guys come out here and join me? It only took a few seconds for them all to get naked and run into the water. The first 2 that got to her lifted her up sandwiched her between them and fucked her while standing up. Lorraine was bouncing up and down with her arms around one guy’s neck. She was reenergized, begging to be fucked harder and harder. She screamed in orgasm a few times before each guy grunted real loud and came in her, under water. One of them carried her back to the beach and laid her down right at the edge of the water. One of the new guys mounted Lorraine right there in the sand, as the waves splashed over them. She wrapped her legs around his black ass and flexed with each of his thrusts, trying to get his big black cock deeper into her. She had a few more orgasms between moans until this guy pumped his hot load of cum into her well used cunt. He got up and the last 2 of the new guys flipped her onto her hands and knees to do her cunt and mouth at the same time. They both shot their loads and she collapsed into the wet sand. After she caught her breath again, she went back into the water to wash the sand and cum off. She walked back to the campfire and sat down naked on a blanket, all the guys that were still there were sleeping. I mounted Lorraine one last time, she wrapped her legs around my ass too and squeezed with each thrust. I came and we both fell asleep beside the campfire. In the morning, I woke up to strange noises and I rolled over to see Lorraine on top of a guy, riding this hard cock. She was moaning as she bounced up and down trying to get his big black cock as deep as she could. I noticed she had put her fucking shoes back on too. They both came and she rolled off him onto her back out of breath. Without asking or saying a word, another guy just spread her legs wide and inserted his hard cock into her. She kept her eyes closed and bit her lower lip in sheer pleasure. After him the remaining 3 guys that were still there took another turn with the fuck toy. She went back into the water to wash off again and when she came back to the beach, she couldn’t find her bikini. The guys prepared some breakfast and coffee and we all ate and chatted, Lorraine sitting there nude the whole time. The guys were fascinated with Lorraine, and how she could be such a slut and take so many cocks. They kept asking her questions about who fucked her best, what her favorite position was, and how her pussy was feeling today. She was enjoying the attention and the discussion. As Steve’s boat pulled up to the beach one of the sailors gave Lorraine an old button up shirt to wear. It was very tight over her big tits and short on her legs, she was still very sexy even in an old dirty men’s shirt. Two sailors lifted Lorraine up onto Steve’s boat. There was no sex on this ride as Lorraine said she was too sore, she just wanted to relax and enjoy the sunshine. They all kept chatting with her and trying to arrange a time to meet her again. We got back to the pier where we started yesterday where we got into a jeep for the drive back to the main gate where we got a taxi to take us back to our hotel. We both fell asleep in our hotel room, and when I woke up Lorraine was in the shower and I looked at the messages on her phone. There were messages from several of the sailors contacting her. Lots of crude messages, asking her if she liked his cock, or being fucked while sucking another guy. She replied that she loved every cock and every minute fucking and sucking them all. Some had asked to meet her again. Lorraine had replied that we had to fly home tonight but she will talk to her husband about coming back real soon.


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