Lorraine does the dude ranch

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Hotwife Lorraine has some fun with the ranch hands

Lorraine really likes horses and horseback riding, me not so much. However I encourage her to do it as it always gets her horny and we have hot sex after she goes for a ride. I decided to plan a weekend get-away that would be a win-win. I arranged for a weekend at a nice dude ranch about one hour from our home. The guests at the ranch help around the barn with the horses, do some riding and there is a barn dance in the evening. I figured the sex will be great the nights we are there. I told Lorraine what I arranged for the next weekend and she was really excited. She knows I don’t really like riding so she promised me a good time. Friday evening we drove to the ranch, checked in, had a nice dinner and some drinks in the bar. There didn’t seem to be many guests there and the bartender said that they didn’t have many reservations that weekend. We had a few drinks and Lorraine said it was time to go back to our room, wink. When we got to the room, Lorraine went into the washroom and came back out in some trashy lingerie. She said she wanted to thank me for setting up this great weekend. She was really horny and we had great sex. In the morning the guests were to go for a group ride after breakfast, then work with the horses in the barn, and then go for another ride after lunch. Lorraine looked cute in some tight jeans, cowboy shirt and cowboy boots. I opted out of the ride and decided to use the fitness center instead. After they came back from the ride I went over to the barn to find Lorraine and see how the ride went. Lorraine was there with the other guests and the ranch hands working in the barn. They were all grooming and feeding the horses, cleaning the barn and bringing in new bales of hay. I found Lorraine grooming a horse and she was so excited. Dave, I had the greatest ride, and everyone here is so nice. She leaned in close and whispered, and I’m so horny after that ride, I could do you right here. I just smiled and said, you better get back to work, we can take care of you later tonight. I joined in cleaning up the barn and noticed Lorraine checking out the handsome ranch hands as they stacked the hay bales. She was being a little flirty with them too, bringing them drinks, patting their butts as they worked. Everyone moved to the restaurant for lunch and Lorraine and I ended up sitting with the ranch hands. Lorraine was still being very flirty with them and I decided to tease Lorraine a little by rubbing her leg and between her legs under the table. Lorraine was breathing heavier as she chatted with the ranch hands. When lunch was over, everyone got up to go on the afternoon ride, Lorraine whispered to me, I can’t wait to fuck you brains out tonight, and then added, I don’t think I can wait, maybe I’ll fuck the the ranch hands out on the trail, wink. I figured Lorraine was kidding and decided to keep teasing her throughout the day. I stayed behind again while Lorraine and the few other guests went out for the ride with the staff. A few hours later I met them back at the barn to help clean up again, I found Lorraine feeding the horses. I jokingly asked her if she fucked anyone on the ride. She replied, Oh, I wish. . . I didn’t get the chance. After the barn was cleaned, everyone retired to the bar for a few drinks and then a nice dinner. The staff told us that the barn dance starts in 1 hour so Lorraine and I had to get cleaned up and changed. We returned to our room and I showered first. When I came out of the shower, I found Lorraine watching porn on the TV, she said she was still really and wanted to fuck. I said we didn’t have time, she needed to get changed for the dance. She was frustrated and went into the bathroom to shower. When she came out she looked real hot, she was just wearing one of my flannel shirts as a dress and some high heeled cowboy boots. The shirt was tight and short on her, showing off her nice, bare legs and she had it belted showing her nice figure. She also had a few buttons open at the top, showing some cleavage. I whistled at her and we left for the barn dance. The dance was in a separate barn that was set up with tables, chairs, a bar, a dance floor and the lights were dimmed. Along the sides of the barn were empty horse stalls with hay and hay bales. Two other couples were there with several of the ranch hands, a bartender and a DJ. I got some drinks and we sat at a table, listening to country music. I noticed Lorraine checking out the ranch hands again, they were sitting at another table, drinking. The night was dull with so few couples there and one of the couples got up and left, then the other couple left. We were sitting there at one table with a bunch of the ranch hands at the other. I asked Lorraine if she wanted to leave and she surprised me and said no. She then got up and walked over to the other table and asked them if we could join them. They agreed and made room for us. We all introduced ourselves and chatted for a while when I asked them why they were still here. They explained that they were paid to be there and the booze was free. Lorraine was drinking a lot and getting a little tipsy when she asked one of the ranch hands named Sam to dance. He looked at me surprised and I said, go ahead, she is very excited to be here. The song was fast but Lorraine pulled him in the slow dance. He was much taller than Lorraine and she had to look up to talk with him. They were chatting and laughing and Sam’s hands slowly slid down Lorraine’s back to feel her ass. The other ranch hands at the table were watching and whispering to each other and smiling. The music was loud but I heard one of them say, I bet he nails her tonight, he always nails the wives that come here. The song finished and they came back to the table, Lorraine said, wooo, is it hot in here? As she undid 2 more buttons on her shirt dress. She chugged another drink and asked another guy to dance. They danced close too, and you could see Lorraine gently rubbing her crotch on his leg. This guy’s hands were wandering all over her, and she slowly moved her hand up and undid another button on her dress. When they came back to the table Lorraine chugged another drink and said, too bad for you guys that I’m the only lady here, or maybe it’s your lucky night! wink. She stepped up onto the table and started dancing to the music. The guys clinked their beer bottles and enjoyed the view. She undid another few buttons and you could see her big tits and erect nipples. The dress was short and you could see she wasn’t wearing anything under the dress at all, all the guys had a view of her smooth, shaved, wet pussy. She stepped down off the table and took me and Sam by the hand and led us into one of the horse stalls. As we walked away I heard someone at the table say, see, I told you, he always nails the hot guests. The stall had several bales of hay and loose hay on the floor. Lorraine told me to sit down and watch, as she rubbed the bulge in Sam’s pants. I had a huge hard-on as I sat down on a hay bale waiting to see where Lorraine was going with this. She dropped to her knees and unzipped Sam’s jeans exposing his hard cock. Sam just smiled and sipped his beer as Lorraine stroked and sucked his hard cock, her shirt dress fully unbuttoned by now and her left hand between her legs, rubbing her wet pussy. After a few minutes Lorraine stood up and said, oh, god, I really need a good fucking and laid down across a hay bale and spread her legs inviting Sam to use her juicy pussy. Sam quickly moved to thrust his hard cock into her juicy pussy, making Lorraine moan, oh Wow, that feels so good. She was fucking like a wild animal, being so horny after all the horseback riding. Sam poured some of his beer on her tits and leaned forward to lick it off while doing his best to satisfy Lorraine’s sexual needs. It only took Lorraine a few minutes to have her first screaming orgasm. Sam’s grunting grew loader with Lorraine’s moans and begging to be fucked harder until he arched his back with one final thrust to shoot his cum in her dripping pussy. Sam was out of breath as he stepped back and pulled up his jeans when I asked Lorraine if she was ready for me now. She replied, no, I want to do the guys watching us from over there. I looked up to see all the other ranch hands had been watching the action. Lorraine said, well, come on boys, come and get it. They all rushed into the stall while dropping their pants. Lorraine just stayed on her back on the hay bale with her legs spread wide. Cocks were pushed into her sloppy pussy and willing mouth. After the first 2 guys made Lorraine cum a few more times they added their cum to her pussy and mouth. Lorraine moved to bend over the hay bale to take the next cocks from behind. The next 3 guys brought her to orgasm over and over and over again. As the last ranch hand was about to add his cum to the sloppy mess between her legs, Lorraine asked if the bartender and DJ wanted to join in. One of the ranch hands stepped out to the barn and yelled, hey, guys, this slut is taking all the cock she can get, come and get some. They quickly showed up to see if he was serious. She told the bartender to get on his back in the hay on the floor and lowered her dripping pussy onto his rigid cock. She took the DJ’s cock in her mouth as she bobbed up and down, coming to another orgasm. The DJ came in her mouth, squirting some cum onto her face just as the bartender groaned and came in her pussy. Lorraine had to take a short break to catch her breath and told me it was my turn. She bent over the hay bale again so I could fuck her from behind. I thrust my hard-on into her sloppy, stretched pussy from behind. I asked her if she liked being a gangbang slut as I spanked her bare ass, which brought her to another orgasm. Lorraine replied, Oh god, I love it, I love fucking all these hot strangers. That made me cum and I added my load to all the cum from the 7 guys that came before me in her dripping cunt. Lorraine came one last time and could hardly move for a few minutes. The guys got Lorraine a drink of water and some towels to help her wipe the cum from her face, tits and legs. I had to help her pick the hay from her hair and brush it off her cum stained dress. Lorraine sat up and said, well I needed that after all that riding I did today. I wonder what’s going to happen after tomorrow’s ride, wink. Sam said that they can take Lorraine on a special ride tomorrow, to a secluded spot in the woods for another party. Lorraine said, I noticed 2 black ranch hands working in the barn today, can they come on my special ride tomorrow? Sam said he can arrange that. Lorraine turned to me and said, Dave, honey, you have to come on tomorrow’s ride, I hear it’s going to be extra special. The ranch hands left and we went to our room. Lorraine wanted to go to sleep right away, to get plenty of rest for tomorrow’s special ride. We had a good night’s sleep and in the morning Lorraine put on another sexy outfit, she was in a very short denim skirt, cowboy boots and a tight denim vest, showing lots of cleavage. When we went to breakfast, she got some dirty looks from the other couples, and lots of attention from the ranch staff. Some of the other ranch hands that we hadn’t met yet sat down at our table, ignoring me and being flirty with Lorraine. After breakfast, we headed out to the barn to get our horses ready and Sam pulled us aside and explained that they are dividing into two groups this morning, so the other couples aren’t on the ride with Lorraine and they are sending us with the ranch hands that weren’t at the dance last night. Lorraine smiled and said I can’t wait to get started. Everyone got their horses ready and Sam organized the 2 groups. Sam and a few of the ranch hands led the other couples out, down a path to the north of the ranch. As we waited for our guide, more and more ranch hands showed up to join our ride, Lorraine introduced herself to each one with a hug and a kiss. When the guide finally showed up we were going for a ride with 8 ranch hands, including the 2 black guys. As we headed out each ranch hand would ride beside Lorraine for a few minutes to chat. They were very flirty and suggestive, asking her if she enjoyed the dance last night, and if she is looking forward to the ride today? Lorraine enjoyed all the attention and flirted back. Each time I looked at Lorraine, I noticed that she had undid another button on her tight vest. We were riding for about 30 minutes when Lorraine turned to me and said, it’s happening again, this ride is making me soooo horny. I noticed that her vest was totally open by now, showing her bare tits. I replied, well, I think these guys will help you out with that pretty soon. We arrived at a small clearing beside a small creek. There was a small cabin, a picnic table and a hammock hanging between two trees. Everyone dismounted and the guide pulled some bottles out of his saddle bags and started to pass them around. Lorraine took a long drink of whiskey and sat down at the picnic table looking at the creek. You could see all the guys waiting for a sign from Lorraine to get the party started. Some of them sat down with Lorraine to chat and pass the bottle around. They complimented her on her vest and said that they have heard that she is a really fun lady. They kept passing the bottle to Lorraine more than anyone else, and she noticed. After everyone had a few swigs from the bottle, the guys were getting a little more direct. The guy beside her put his hand on her bare leg, gently caressing it. The guy across from her said, you have really nice tits and reached over to caress them. Soon a few more hands were on her tits and legs, starting to slide up under her short skirt. She took one more drink from the bottle and said, OK cowboys, lets get this fucking party started. She stood up and took her vest off and kneeled down on the green grass, dropping one hand to rub her pussy under her short skirt. No one moved for a minute until Lorraine said, well, what are you waiting for, don’t you enjoy getting your cocks sucked? They all sprung to their feet and moved to circle Lorraine, pants falling fast. She moved from cock to cock, sucking and stroking each one. When she got to the black cocks, she said, mmmmmmm, looking forward to fucking you two guys. She got every cock nice and hard, including mine without even touching it. She laid back in the damp grass and said, this cowgirl needs some cowboy cock, lots and lots of cowboy cock. There was a little pushing and shoving by all the ranch hands to line up for a shot at her juicy pussy. The first hard cock entered her pussy and she let out a loud moan. Another cock was pushed into her willing mouth. As one guy was pumping in and out of her willing pussy, two other guys would hold her legs up and spread wide. Lorraine had orgasm after orgasm fucking the first 3 guys and having one guy shoot in her mouth. She asked for another drink and wanted to move to use the hammock. Two guys picked her up and carried her to the hammock and laid her across it. It was like a sex swing, where one guy could fuck her and others could feed her cock after cock after cock. Lorraine wrapped her legs around the ass of the guys fucking her, flexing her legs helping push each cock thrust deeper into her dripping cunt. Only the 2 black guys were left and Lorraine was worried about taking their huge cocks so she told one of them to lie down on the grass so she could ride him. She lowered her sloppy, dripping pussy onto his huge, hard, black cock and let out a loud scream of pleasure. She took the other black cock in her mouth. Her orgasms were endless until the guy on the ground shot his load. She said that she thinks she can now take the next black cock from behind and bent over the picnic table. He slid his big, black cock into her from behind pounding her faster and faster. Lorraine was screaming with pleasure until he added his cum to her well stretched cunt. She didn’t move for a few minutes catching her breath and said, Dave, it’s your turn. I slid my hard-on in, the pool of cum running down her legs. I was so worked up I didn’t last very long and shot my load. Lorraine sat down to rest and have a drink of water. There were grass stains on her bare back and cum on her face and in her hair. One of the ranch hands gave her a towel and she took her boots and skirt off and stepped into the creek to wash up. She cleaned up, dried off and got dressed again. Everyone mounted their horses and we started back to the ranch. We were riding for a while when Lorraine said, it’s happening again, this horse is making me so horny. I said, Wow, after last night and today, you want more?!?!? She replied, oh yea, I need more cock, lots more cock. The other group was already back at the barn when we got there. We put our horses away and went to the ranch’s restaurant for lunch. A bunch of the ranch hands joined us at our table and were again focusing their attention on Lorraine, and she loved it. Lots of suggestive comments and questions directed at Lorraine. Everyone enjoyed riding you, ops, I mean riding with you today, laugh. Did you like the VIP ride today? Lorraine smiled and replied, Oh yes, I really enjoyed the extra special customer service I received today. I hope to get some more special customer service today, wink. After lunch we headed out to the barn to do our chores, Lorraine and I finished grooming our horses when Sam came over and patted Lorraine’s ass and said that he wanted us to clean up the hay loft, wink. We climbed the ladder through a small opening to the large second floor loft full of loose hay, and 5 smiling ranch hands with their cocks out. Lorraine smiled and said, mmmm good, I’m going to enjoy this. She took her vest off, laid down in the hay and spread her legs wide. The five guys fucked Lorraine to orgasm several times, she had to keep her moans of pleasure quite this time so the couples downstairs didn’t hear her. A few of the guys went down the ladder after cuming in Lorraine and the 2 black guys came up to join in. Lorraine was so sloppy and stretched out by now that she was able to easily take their huge, hard, black cocks this time. It was a hot sight, Lorraine sunk into the loose hay, legs spread wide, taking cock after cock after cock, the loft filled with the sounds of grunting, moans and groans. It was especially hot when the 2 black guys fucked her, their dark skin against her white skin and the light color of the hay. After the last guy was spent, she just laid there with her eyes closed, catching her breath for a few minutes. When I helped her up, she had hay in her hair and was clinging to her sweaty bare skin. Her vest got lost in the hay so one of the guys gave her his tee-shirt so she could come back down to the lower level and be seen by the other guests. I think the other guests figured out what was happening as they gave Lorraine dirty looks as we left to go back to our room. Lorraine just fell onto our bed and slept for a few hours before showering and getting cleaned up. We packed up and decided to have a coffee in the lounge before driving home. Sam and a few of the other ranch hands joined us and said that they have arranged for a free membership and horse riding privileges at the ranch for Lorraine. They have arranged a very special “ride” for Lorraine for next weekend. There Is a nice little cabin in the woods they would like to take her to for the whole weekend. Lorraine just smiled and said she was looking forward to it. Dave, honey, I think I’m going to do lots more riding, this ranch and the staff are just so nice.

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