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Look what I found daddy!

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“Daddy look at this thing I found!” My daughter was excitedly calling to me from her bedroom. I giggled to myself wondering what shenanigans my 11year old princess had gotten into now. I wasn’t expecting to find her the way I did, though.

I walked into her room, “what’d you find, silly girl?” My little girl was sitting on her bed, shorts and panties on the floor, with her feet pressed soles together, legs open. She was looking down and pulling at the hood of her clit.

“Look at this thing, Daddy! What is it?” She was smiling so brightly, looking proud and full of wonder. “Do you have one of these?!”

I felt myself blush deeper than I ever had before, and my breath caught in my throat. I coughed before saying, “umm, not exactly. D-doesn’t that hurt, sweetheart?”

“Nope. Is it supposed to?” She kept pulling on the hood and releasing, giggling proudly. “It kinda feels good.”

Fuckkkk. I groaned to myself and tried to think of everything I could to stop this growing erection. Of course she looked up just before I could adjust myself.

“Whoa Daddy. What’s in your pants?!”

“Oh god. Okay baby. Um…” I sat on the edge of her bed. God damn, I could smell her sweet pussy. I put my hand on her arm, “you gotta stop playing with it for a second so I can think.” I was already so close to cumming in my pants. What is wrong with me.

“Okay Daddy.” She smiled and looked at me before asking again, “what is it? Do you have one? Can I see yours?!”

“Baby, baby, baby. Slowwww down.” I chuckled. “It’s called your clitoris. No, I don’t have one. Well-kind of-I have a penis. It’s kinda like a giant clit.”

“Cli-tor-is? What does it do? Do I pee from it? What does your penis look like?”

“You’ve always been so curious. Okay. Um-” wow, I was so fucking nervous I was shaking. “So your clit has around 8,000 nerve endings that make it feel really good when it’s stimulated. But no baby, you don’t pee from it. You pee from a tiny hole just underneath your clit.”

“Ohhh!” She started looking for where her pee comes from. “Where do you pee from?” She asked, reaching for my belt buckle.

I took a deep breath, “okay. You can never tell anyone about this, do you understand?” She nodded her head excitedly. I stood up, and let my pants and underwear fall to the floor. My 7 inch member slapped against my stomach when I set it free.

“DADDY! Is that your PENIS?!” Her eyes were huge.

I laughed sheepishly, “yes baby. This is my penis. See this little slit in the top? This is where I pee from.”

“Does it feel good when you..stimulate? It? And. What does stimulate mean?”

“Basically what it means is, when I rub it it feels really good. Just like with your clit.”

With that little piece of information she started rubbing her engorged little button. The whimpers she made and the way her legs quivered made me weak. “Let Daddy help you.” I pulled her little fingers away, bent down and sucked that velvety soft button into my mouth. Hearing my little girl gasp and moan from the pleasure I was giving her was too much. I came all over the side of her bed where I was bent over at. I started moaning into her little cunt and she grabbed the back of my head.

“Oh good Daddy! Daddy it feels so good!” She writhed around, grinding her pussy into my face. I was giving my baby her first orgasm. I couldn’t wait to give her more.

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  • Reply 69themyoung11 ID:1dfhojkk145e

    Great story but dam way to short.I was hard when you seen your daughters pussy.How did she like yje orgasm my daughter was 6 when I started sneaking at night and touching her pussy so I could jackoff on her.My step daughter actually but I raised her from 3yrs old.I fucked her when she was 10 with the help of her mom all true stories.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    Yeah, give her more! She wants it , daddy!!

  • Reply Sam ID:1cv4zp74t6wv

    You should make longer ones these r so good

    • Yessircaptain ID:1ddtpf3ej416

      Just posted another one 😋