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Little Preteen Exhibitionist 3

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This is some continuation to my previous exhibitionist adventures and I almost get more than I bargained for. Like said, ever since I was a young little girl I enjoyed getting naked and being naked and eventually this would develop into me getting naked in increasingly more risky and public places just for the pure thrill and excitement of it.

To give you an idea about what my body looked like back then.. I was quite lithe, skinny and petite
little 10 year old girl. My skin was pale with some slight imperfections such as small moles.
My tummy was tight, toned and athletic in a way but still no visible abs or anything like that.
I was entirely flat chested with my nipples being fairly pink-ish. My ribs were ever so slightly
visible. My pussy was an hairless innie coinslot. I had a long blonde to white-ish hair that reached
my lower back. I had green eyes. I had cute, small but bubbly butt, not too much shape yet and no
real curves flowing down my waist yet. My face was cute and very child like.

This time, instead of the risky and secretive exhibitionism, I was going to a public sauna in my city,
to practice my exhibitionism kink, and alone. I really wanted desperately to show off my preteen body for strangers, without the risk of being caught doing “something wrong” and the possible consequences of that.
I have been there in that public sauna multiple times with my mom and sometimes with my dad.
This public sauna is legendary and one of the oldest around. Usually public saunas in my country are separated by gender but this one has one day of the month dedicated for a mixed sauna event where both women and men are allowed to take sauna
in the same room. But still separate dressing rooms. In this sauna swimsuit is optional, even on mixed sauna event.
This very same place also has a sauna bar / cafeteria where you are allowed to go in with a towel that is at least around your
waist. This is to give the women the same rights as men to be topless if they want to. Kids don’t necessarily need a towel
with them but its prefered they bring at least a seat cover. It should be said that this sauna has 0 tolerance for perverted, sexually abusive behaviour.

I arrive at the sauna, wearing my usual white crop top and a pink skirt, absolutely “forgetting” to bring my panties. I brought no swimsuit, as its optional there and I only brought my cute pink and white towel. I buy a ticket for children at the ticket booth and the guy in the booth just gives me directions and welcomes me in.

I get undressed in the dressing room and begin to make my way in to the sauna. Immediately entering I can feel the moist hot hair engulf my tiny preteen body. I only see a few women as I enter but as I take a few more steps I can see more and more people and mostly men. Either washing themselves for getting out of the sauna or into the sauna.
I can’t help but to stare quite a bit at all the women and men. I take probably a minute soaking the moment in as I finally start to draw attention of some people. Most men just glance at me and go about their business after but I can feel a few gazes lingering on my body. I could feel my body get ticklish and tingly. I wanted to rub my tight little cunny so badly but I knew I couldn’t and shouldn’t do that here. I took a deep breath and just observed the people as I grabbed a bucket and began to lather my body wet with some lukewarm water. Once wet I made my way upstairs in to the sauna area.

As I was approaching the upper level I could see around 8 men and 3 women in there, with plenty of space to sit down still. There was a solid spot for me between two men and I decided to go for that one. I could feel everyone’s eyes on me as I entered.
As I approached closer I got a welcoming hello from the locals that we just chit chatting about sauna and politics and god knows what. One of the locals hollers down to be a little more careful pouring more heat in to the heater as there was now a little girl up there and its a rule to pour less in these cases. I smiled gently as I felt welcomed and took my seat between the two men.

The locals continued to chat and basically paid no attention to me. I was entirely naked, sitting still and enjoying the relatively intense heat of the sauna. The air was fresh and moist and I still felt incredibly tingly all around. As someone was pouring a little more heat in to the sauna I decided to lift my legs up on the benches too and in a way just hug my legs, revealing a perfect sigh of my hairless little cunny. My body was beginning to sweat up and glisten.
I decided to gaze straight forward and there was a chubby man sitting there, staring right between my legs. I can’t even begin to tell you how good it felt all around my body to realize someone was staring at me like that.
I kept looking at him and eventually he gazed up and noticed my eyes staring at him. He immediately looked away but a few seconds later back on to my eyes again. That’s when I gave him a very gentle smile and averted my own eyes. I decided to adjust my own positions to be a bit more relaxed, and now you could probably also make out my pink asshole.
I also noticed another guy, a bit more lithe in his build, in the corner taking very long looks between my legs and it just made me feel so unbelievably tingly and desired. I was literally drawing these two perverts eyes from two adult women on to me instead.

I decided to glance at their penises too and the guy in the corner was beginning to chub up a little. I was staring quite intensively and eventually it was really starting to get hard and he crossed his leg over to cover it up. That’s the usual way of dealing with possible boners is to try to cover up or exit back in to the dressing rooms to “cool down”.
I felt a little teasy and I decided to drop my legs back on the floor again, still giving the front guy quite a nice view of my cunny but now they get to admire my flat chest and tight tummy, in the case that’s what they like. I started to rub my sweat all around my tiny preteen body, just like many others are doing.
I could feel the two guys struggle increasingly more and that just gave me this satisfied feeling. I felt so naughty. Eventually the guy in front of me would pop a very clear boner and he excused himself out. I wanted to giggle but I held back. I probably still had quite an obvious smile on my face.

Not much longer, maybe 1 minute later the heat was getting a little too intense for me so I decided to go downstairs again to wash up. As I reached the downstairs the first guy to leave was still washing himself, with his boner half way gone already.
As he saw me I swear to you, his cock began to grown instantly. I approached close to him, turned around and reached for a bucket by bending over right in front of him, giving him a nice little view of my tiny bubble butt. I was desperately hoping that he would just break all the rules and touch me but nothing happened. But I could feel his eyes glued on to my body. I moved over just a little and
bend over again to fill up my bucket with some lukewarm water. I turned around a bit and I could see how flustered he was and just began to swiftly exit the washing area back into the men’s side dressing rooms.

I smiled to myself widely and the rush I felt around my body was getting to intense that my legs were beginning to shake a little again.
I began to shampoo up my body, slowly and sensually. And as I was doing so the other more lithe guy came downstairs. He gave me a little nod and began to shampoo himself up too and to fill up a bucket with water.

I kept curiously glancing at him and I felt a few of his glances on my body too. I decided to break the silence.
“could you wash my back and hair sir? ” I ask him, staring gently into his eyes and giving him an inviting smile.
for a second a silence ensued but then he agreed. ” I can do that little one ” he said giving me a gentle smile back.

For clarity, washing one another’s back is quite normal in the sauna culture in the country where I’m from. Usually its of course women washing women’s backs, men washing men’s backs but on mixed sauna day you could ask anyone.
People rarely decline to wash someones back. There is something about that, that is just so personal, intimate and important for the cultures sake but in a non sexual way 99% of the cases.

As he approached me with his semi hard on, he grabbed a bath whisk made of leaves from one of the buckets. He walked around me to take a seat
on the lower level benches and placed it on his crotch and cock to cover it. I assumed at the time mostly to be “decent”. I found this guy to be very respectful of boundaries and kind. He asked me to approach her and turn around.
I did as asked and got in front of him and turned around, giving him a nice view of my bare back side and butt.
I also decided to get down on my knees to give him an even more inviting view of my backside. I also pulled my hair to the front, giving him complete and free view of my backside. I swear I could hear a moan but that was most likely my imagination.
We were mostly alone in the washing area apart from the occasional people coming off for a quick rinse to either go back for sauna or to cool down in dressing rooms or outside the sauna or grab a drink at the sauna bar.

He began to soap up my upper back and my hair. And then.. his soft bare hands touched my upper back for the first time.
I wanted to moan so badly. I began to feel weak and like butterflies where running rampant in my tummy. He gently soaped by back up, going all the way down to my lower back.. so so ever so close to my ass but never touching it. I was literally holding back moans.
He started to work on my hair too and he was asking me some questions like how old I am, what grade I’m in and where my parents are. He was keeping up small talk.

Eventually it got time to rinse me up and he began to pour water from the bucket on to my hair and back and rinsing me off with his gentle touches, making sure to get every inch of my hair and my back but never making an inappropriate touch which I desperately wanted though.
” all done little one ” he would say and tape on my lower back gently. I would smile gently and slowly get up again.
I would turn around and give him a gentle kiss on the cheek. ” thank you sir ” I said softly with a gentle smile and took a few steps back and grabbed my own bucket and began to wash and rise the front of my body too, right in front of him.
I was gently touching my body all over, not really looking at his way but I could still feel him staring directly at my body.
“do you do alot of sports?” he would ask fairly quietly and softly. My eyes would instantly divert to his and I’d notice what I suspected. Him staring at my little preteen body.
“I run and do yoga ” I say softly back with a gentle smile as I kept gently rubbing my body.
He stared a moment. ” i can see that ” he says softly. ” you look beautiful ” he said softly with a gentle smile.
I bust to gentle giggle. ” thanks ” I say with a bright smile as I finish washing myself.

The guy slowly removes his bath whisk made of leaves and places it back in the bucket, revealing his erect cock for me.
He walked over and filled his bucket again and began to rinse his body of soap in front of me. He washed his body thoroughly with no shame even though I kept staring. He gave his balls a cup and a rinse and his cock a few strokes to wash it.
He would throw one last bucket of water on him. ” see you around little one ” he would say and begin to exit in to the dressing rooms.

I was left feeling all kinds of tingly. But I was already washed too so I just slowly exited in to the dressing rooms as well.
I began to dry myself up with a towel and I spend a few extra seconds drying up my cunny, just to release some of that built up tension in my tight little body. I still stopped soon enough as there was quite a few other women in there too, getting dressed or undressed for the sauna.

When i felt dry enough I made my way outside of the sauna, pushing the door wide open and feeling the warm summer air and wind on my preteen body. There were multiple benches with both men and women, sitting down, enjoying the sun, chatting and drinking beers.
Most people had towels on, some with swimsuits and a few naked guys and ladies.
I could feel most eyes turn towards me, mostly just to glance and they would continue what they were doing.
I felt so tingly in my body, my heart was racing and breathing heavy as I just loved all the eyes on me.
A woman got ready to make some space for me to sit down next to her but I decided instead to go in to the sauna bar / coffee house.

As i entered the coffee house sauna bar, it was much cooler inside.I could feel my nipples nippy up a little and cold shiver run through my body.
There was only one guy in there, in a back room and it was the same chubby guy that got a boner earlier in the sauna. I waved at him and gave him a smile.
he gave me a smile back and waved awkwardly. After that I walked over towards the cashier / bartenders area and walked in front of the counter. I was fully naked, standing there and watching as the bartender guy, probably around 25 years old was on his phone.
He noticed me eventually and just put his phone away and greeted me with a smile. I know the guy as I’ve been in this place with my family multiple times before.
I could see him getting a little flustered and that made me smile. I had never been naked in front of him before.

“Can I get a juice box and a popcicle please? ” I ask with a gentle smile while looking up to him, straight in to his eyes.
He was holding eye contact with me but eventually he fumbled and took a look at my naked little body. Just for a small moment.
“Yes.. ofcourse sweetie” He would say. ” Just a moment ” As he walked a few steps back and took a popcicle and a juicebox for me.
He handed them for me with a gentle smile.
“Can my mom pay for them next time we come visit? ” I ask gently, touching my upper body gently and maybe even slightly nervously.
“Of course sweetie but these are on the house today, okay?” He smiled at me gently and took yet another look at my flat chest.
My smile widened and I giggled a little. ” Thanks ” I say with a sweet smile and grabbed them.
I started to walk my way towards the back room where the chubby guy from the sauna was. As I was walking I could feel eyes clued to my 10 year old preteen butt before I disappeared behind the corner.

A moment later I would enter the backroom, fully naked with my juice box and popcicle.
“Hi ” I would say softly and maybe a little shyly at the guy.
“Ohh.. h-hey ” He would reply too, a little shyly and with a stutter. He was wearing a towel. That was the moment i remembered I should have a seat cover with me but the cashier didn’t seem bothered so neither did I in the end.
“can I sit here with you? ” I ask gently with a smile.
“Ye-Yeah of course” he said nervously with a soft smile while browsing his phone.
He was sat in one corner and I sat in the other corner. We were in clear view of each other.

I could feel he is nervous. I decided to start licking and sucking on my popcicle while giving him a glance every now and then.
“Is it your first time in this sauna? ” I would ask him to try to relax him.
“Yeah first time here and any public sauna actually” He would reply gently.
“I’ve been here for years every now and then ” I reply back with a gentle smile as I suckle on my popcicle.

A sound could be heard that some other customers entered. They went to the cashier and bought some beers and excited out back to the yard of the sauna to drink them. I could see the guy next to me get a little skittish at hearing others enter, as if he was doing something wrong or something he shouldn’t.

The moment it was quiet again he would start talking again.
“y-you are really pretty ” he would say softly.
I giggled in response. ” Thanks that’s kind ” I say with a sweet smile and licked my popcicle.
I could see that he was feeling a little hot, anxious and nervous. It was causing my body to feel tingly
having him quite blatantly stare at my body. I could even make out some movement inside his towel.
That really triggered something in me. I felt so many butterflies in my tummy. I really wanted to show off for this
perverted man.

” Wanna watch me do a few stretches and yoga moves I learned? ” I asked with genuine excitement and a wide smile.
I could see his eyes almost pop out of the socket as he tried to comprehend what he heard.
“Ye..yes? I’d love that” He managed to finally say out.
I giggled innocently. I jumped of the bench and grabbed my popcicle and carried it over to the trashcan in the other corner.
As I did so, the door can be heard opening again and a couple people enter the cafeteria bar. You can hear them talking with the cashier.
I turn to glance over at the guy and he is quiet up again and looks very nervous when people entered the building.
Back then I had no idea why, I just thought he is maybe very introvert but today I think its because he knew what he was doing was quite sketchy.

I got quite a bit closer to the guy. Facing him first and then doing a quick 180 spin, facing my butt and back against him.
As I did so, the customers were ready getting their beers and were once again, exciting the building to go to the terrace and yard of the sauna to drink them.

I began by stretching forward and down with my arms straight. I kept reaching down to my toes with relative ease.
My tiny little ass and my tight holes were in full view of this guy behind me.
“Ohh wow.. ” I could hear him say softly.
“Yeahh watch this! ” I said excitedly. I began to transition my position into a downward facing dog pose. I sent myself forward with my hands straight out and my legs standing as straight as possible too, my torso facing down and my ass facing up.
My legs and arms spread a little. My holes in even more perfect view of this guy. My head was upside down but I could see him gently touching his cock through his towel. And gosh what trembles that gave me. I could feel and see my legs physically shake gently.
I tried to gain the composure back as my heart was racing and my thoughts flooding. What if he touches my body? What if he molests me? What will I ever do?

All the thoughts were making my cunny glisten.
I then began to adjust my position again, moving to my next pose. Upward-Facing dog. I would position my hands and body lower so i could lay my legs flat to the floor until my thighs, my ass slightly in the air and my back arched along with my head.
Pushing my chest out away. My cute little butt was once again in perfect view of this guy.
I’d hold this pose for nearly a minute.
I would then make a shift jump up and do a quick spin to face him. I saw him jerking his cock through his towel but
I didn’t say anything. I was facing him now and I started to balance on my right leg.
Swiftly I would throw and pull my leg up towards the roof in almost perfect 180 degree angle, giving this guy a view of a life time. Tight tummy, flat chest and a cunny in such a clear view that you can make out every single detail. I swear to you he looked like he was going to have a heart attack.

I finally put my leg down and and giggled as I took a seat slightly closer to him.
“Wow.. you have incredible body ” he said, eyeing my body up and down with zero shame.
“Yeahh? ” I asked with a gentle smile. ” Thanks ” I also quickly added.
He began to inch closer to me but at that moment the door opens again, and customers enter the building.
He immediately backs out towards his corner and looks flustered. I pick up on this again and just smile gently.
I started to feel butterflies fill my tummy as he was approaching me and body relaxed from tension in relief as he packed out.
It was a little bit scary for me but ohh so exciting.

“I’m gonna go now ” I say to him gently with a smile. I wave to him and begin to fairly swiftly leave the coffee house bar back towards the sauna dressing rooms. I can see him waving back towards me as I glance back at him.
I exit out and the warm breeze greets me as I skip past the people in to the sauna dressing rooms.
I swiftly decided to dress back up again, wearing only my mini skirt and crop top. I packed my towel and then I got one final crazy idea.
I decided to undo the shoelaces on one of my converse shoes. After that I started to head outside to the yard of the sauna.
As I excited the sauna and got close to the entrance to the yard, I bend over with my ass up in the air, reaching with my hands to my shoes and begin to tie my shoelaces. My bare butt with no panties in full visibility of all the men and women sitting on the benches and chilling in the yard.

I have no idea how many people checked me out or were staring, if any but the thrill of it turned me on so massively. I couldn’t wait to hop into a bus and ride home.. I needed to masturbate desperately.

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