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Little Preteen Exhibitionist 2

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This is some continuation to my previous exhibitionist adventures. Like said, ever since I was a young little girl I enjoyed getting naked and being naked and eventually this would develop into me getting naked in increasingly more risky and public places just for the pure thrill and excitement of it.

To give you an idea about what my body looked like back then.. I was quite lithe, skinny and petite little 10 year old girl. My skin was pale with some slight imperfections in the skin such as small moles somewhere. My tummy was tight, toned and athletic in a way but still no visible abs or anything. I was entirely flat chested with my nipples being fairly pink-ish. My ribs were ever so slightly visible. My pussy was an hairless innie coinslot.I had a long blonde to white-ish hair that reached my lower back. I had green eyes. I had a cute, small but bubbly butt, not too much shape yet and no real curves flowing down my waist yet. My face was cute and child like.

It was a hot summer night. Where I’m from the sun doesn’t fully set in the summers so there was still quite a bit of light outside, even in the dead of night.
I was horny beyond belief. I was rubbing my cunny in my room and I just had to go and get naked in a risky place, again. I would quietly exit my room and make as little sound as possible as I exit our apartment building into the hallway. With me I had only my phone and keys and I was wearing a white skin tight crop top, pink miniskirt and white converse shoes
with no panties or training bra.

Again I would make my way down to the first floor and into the maintenance room. There I would finally begin to undress myself again. First to come off is my crop top.. revealing my flat chest.. followed up by me dropping my skirt, revealing my tiny little butt and tight cunny.
The thrill was surging in my veins again but I had this odd feeling of wanting more as I was reaching for my shoes to remove them. My breathing would get more rapid and my body more tingly. I kept my converse shoes on and thought to myself.. ” I wanna go outside “.
I left behind my clothes and even my phone, just to carry as little with me as possible.
I open the maintenance room door into the hallway, with only my keys in my hands and my shoes on.
I exit the room in to the hallway and allow the door to close. Here I am again, naked in the hallway.

In an instant, I began to rub my cunny to relieve some of the tension, tingles and ticklish feelings in my body. I was, with my back, against the cold hallway wall just rubbing my cunny and touching my own body all over the place. I was high on dopamine and adrenaline. I kept looking past the corner of the hallway towards the glass door of my apartment building. Just small and quick glances every now and then as I try to muster up the courage to just go for the door and get out.
But my brain was fearing the thought that what if, just in the moment as I’m close to the door, someone appears there and sees me. It was turning me on and scaring me at the same time. All the small noises in the apartment piping making me jumpy.

But eventually, maybe 5 minutes later I would just go for it. I swear to you it was like my body was reacting before my brain.I just kept going until I reached the door and open it with my eyes half closed.
I pushed on the heavy glass door and there it was,
the warm but at the same time “cold” air, as at night time it still gets tolerably hot, all that air hitting all over my body naked preteen body. I forced the door closed behind me and instantly took a look infront of me, to my left, and to my right. I moaned out gently as the relief and adrenaline was far too much for my body. No one was anywhere to see me, that I know off anyway.
I pressed my butt against the glass door. I began to rub my cunny and touch my body all over again, not even realizing the possibility that I’m indeed, against a glass door and someone could walk from inside and see me but for some reason, this never occurred to me. I was so focused on making sure no one in the outside saw me.

After a few minutes I would take off and walk slowly forward and more into the open. I could feel the air being cold, making my nipples more profound and ever so slightly pointy.
The area was a multi apartment complex. So multiple 6 to 8 story buildings on both sides of the road. I kept also glancing up into the windows and balconies to scout for movement and people but
I couldn’t see anyone and to be fair, I could never keep track on all of them.
I was walking across my apartment building front yard, towards the first pedestrian road on the side and a short moment later, I finally reached it.
The thrill was insane, I was now in the view of at least four different apartment buildings.
I could feel slight wind on my preteen body and I could hear seagulls squawk and laugh and air conditioning units whirling in the distance.

I decided to walk further up the pedestrian road towards the cul-de-sac that would eventually reach into a beach area if you would follow it long enough but I stopped around the cul-de-sac.
I kept looking around but it was so quiet besides the small noises of seagulls and other random city noises. I decided to walk to the center of the cul-de-sac.
I was now an easy 200 to 400 meters away from my home, fully naked with just my shoes and my keys in the middle of a cul-de-sac I could feel my feet tremble but I decided to get myself into that “vulnerable” position again. I really don’t know why I loved being in helpless position but I think it added to the excitement of being caught naked and being unable to react properly in time. I decided to lay down on the ground, on my back, spreading my legs far and wide as I began to touch my cunny and trailing my nude preteen body with my keys gently.

For a few minutes I get rubbing and rubbing, moaning ever so quietly and cutely. I could feel an empty pit in my stomach, I could feel my heart pounding against my fragile chest and my breathing was so rapid and irregular, I probably even forgot to breath at times. I could feel myself getting close and that’s when I decided to adjust my position. I would slowly rise up, take a quick look around again, scanning for people and feeling safe, I decided to bend over, with my cunny and ass facing towards the road. I’d be bend over on my knees, arching my back and lowering my face to the ground, only supported by my other hand while my other hand is rubbing away at my cunny.
I was moaning a bit louder but still, quietly. If someone were to walk this road now or drive their car along the road towards the cul-de-sac, what they would see is a tiny preteen girl, fully exposing her little holes and rubbing away.

And that was it, that’s the thought that drove me mad and I couldn’t hold back anymore. I started to orgasm and cum. I just kept rubbing away as my body violently shakes and trembles in places as I feel so, incredibly good all over my body.
The tingles just rushing everywhere in my body from my head to my toes, to the point my toes are curling uncontrollably. I even started to squirt but I’m certain it wasn’t squirt but it was actually just a little bit of pee I was shooting out because the adrenaline and dopamine in my body was just so high and my orgasm even more powerful than ever before that I just couldn’t control what my body was doing. I was orgasming for easily a solid minute before I finally slowed down my rubbing and remembered to start breathing again. I stayed in the helpless position just trying to catch my breath.
But no, to my left I could hear a car door slam shut.

The way I could feel my heart drop and stop. I immediately got up, feeling so weak but forcing myself up. I couldn’t see anyone, I just stood there. scared, full of adrenaline. I couldn’t think much.
Surely if someone was me I would see them too, right? Nothing anywhere as I keep scanning. To my left still, I hear another noise and its a car engine.
That makes me run for my life up the pedestrian path towards my home. I couldn’t hear any driving noises or like that, only the sound of air and wind rushing around my ears as I desperately make a run for my apartment building.
A short while later I reach the door and immediately gaze around, looking out for the car but nothing. It takes another few seconds and then I hear and even see the headlights reflecting of surfaces.
I run from the door behind a dense-ish green bush and just duck down as I wait for the car to pass. “did he or she see me?” is all I could think but all logic in my head was telling me no, they didn’t see me because it took them so long to drive here and I’m pretty sure if someone saw a masturbating preteen girl in middle of the road they might say something. I laughed suddenly, quietly but still. The thrill was so fun and exciting, I had just orgasmed and everything was perfect.

I was feeling a little cold too so I rushed towards my apartment building door and open it. I rushingly walked inside, with much less care in the world, with my guard down because of the confidence I had started to develop and gain.
I froze in place as I heard a noise, the whirling sound of the elevator. I looked up towards the screen above the elevator, reading; 7. I panicked, not knowing where I should go even though the answer was obvious.
6..I could feel my heart racing… 5… I fumbled and dropped my key on the hallway ground..4.. I could start hearing a man talking in a ever so slightly clearing up voice as the elevator kept coming down.
3… I tried to pick up my key but I was out of time..2… I ran across the elevator door and behind the corner into the stairwell and just stopped, holding a hand over my mouth.. hoping that the man in the elevator will just
exit out of the front door.. 1… Ding!…

Elevator opens and a man talking to his phone, exits out and rapidly walks towards the front door and just exists. The door slowly slams shut behind him and the noises in the hallway get dead quiet.
I can hear literal tinnitus in my ears as that’s how panicked I got.. I sigh and moan in actual pleasure as I realize what a bullet I just dodged. I was feeling light headed but good. I again.. left out a small and quiet giggle.

I gathered my composure and finally peaked around the corner again, picking up my dropped key and rushed in to the maintenance room, getting dressed up again and making my way out, back in to my apartment, so so very quietly to not wake my parents or siblings up. Again I would go to bed with the brightest smile on my face, knowing I had a massive and amazing orgasm.

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  • Reply incestlover91 ID:1ehox9nt3cbk

    i couldn’t agree more

  • Reply PublicNudityEnjoyer ID:1dv72c1uhzje

    Amazing story! She needs to do more! Go out further! Maybe go shopping in a bathrobe with nothing underneath! Maybe involve a friend of hers to be an exhibitionist too! Or wear body paint and go out! So many things! Need more from this story please!

  • Reply Happyjon ID:2nhjo7x6id

    Fabulous.You describe the experience beautifully, and fuck yes, how I’d love to have seen you as a 10 yr-old girl masturbating in the road! (Getting a hard-on just thinking about it…). I posted after your first piece, saying how I used to run naked out into our local park in broad daylight. This piece reminds me of one warm summer night when, as a teenager, I was walking home through the local streets just after midnight. It was dead quiet, and I dared myself to strip naked and walk down the middle of the (well-lit) street; still a street away from home. I bundled my t-shirt, pants and shorts into my shoulder bag and rubbed my cock which was already almost erect. And so I walked as slowly as I dared, masturbating for anyone to see down the middle of the road. It was a crazy self-dare, which could have led to who knows what level of trouble, but genuinely it was one of the most exciting moments of my teenage years. At the corner of my road, I stopped, dropped my bag, widened my legs as far as I could, and spurted a whole mass of cum onto the road. I then remember rubbing my foot through it to spread it out on the tarmac surface.
    But omg, if only I had met you, a 10 year old naked girl as excited by the dangerous thrill of it as I was, in the street (the coming together of two stories) how we would have masturbated and fucked each other out there, under the street lights, in the public gaze and at the risk of being seen by anyone!