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Little Girl Awakens Her Daddies Desire

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Feeling her still moist pussy from her shower he feels a desire hes never had or even imagined in the 10 years of her young life

Anthony relaxing after a long day having just got home missing dinner again is wore out and only wants to relax.For 5 days straight his job has had forced overtime for all day shift employees and it’s really taking a toll on him and his family.Anthony is divorced now for 9 years.His wife was caught in a very public and humiliating trial for her actions as a 5th grade teacher and is now serv a 7 year prison sentence for her actions.The local news spent months at the house trying for interviews relentlessly hounding Anthony for his feelings on how his wife was accused of have intercourse with one of her 5th grade male students.The actions of his wife were undeniable due to the fact they were caught on CCTV and used in court as the daming evidence.

Anthony is now a single father raising his daughter on his own since the arrest and conviction of his wife.His wife being out of prison now has no contact with Anthony or Shyann his 10 year old daughter.Life is good Shyann is a straight A student big into sports and dancing of which Anthony fully supports and encourages his daughter in.

The front door opens pulling Anthony from the almost sleeping feeling in walks his beautiful little girl.Shyann is 10 having just had her 10th birthday party 3 days prior,she has middle of her back Auburn wavy hair,tan skin ,about 4 feet tall , 60 pounds bubbly personality and very active.Anthony is so proud of the way he has raised her and loves her very much.

Shyann walks in dropping her back pack gives her Dad a hug and says I love you Daddy then off to her room.Anthonys Mom drops Shyann off every evening around 9:15 having already made sure she had dinner and has completed any homework she may have.The overtime is a new thing and Anthony hates it but there is no way around it so they adjust and carry on until things get back to normal.

Anthony hears the bathroom door close. Shyann is getting her shower and he begins to doze back out.In a haze almost dreaming he is jerked out of his badly wanted slumber by his daughter jumping on his leg leaning in and giving her dad a big hug and sweet kiss on his cheek.
Anthony laughs leans up sliding Shyann back kisses her again on her mosit forehead and says, you scared me brat you can’t do Daddy that way.Shyann leans forward hugging Anthony again then says Dad you remember you use to all the time love when I huged you like this bouncing on your knee.Laughing Shyann slid her hips back an forth saying bounce me laughing holding on to her Dads hands so she wont fall.

In 10 years of his life Anthony has never had an inappropriate thought of his baby girl.Anthony has never had inappropriate thoughts of any little girl.Hes 32 years old only had one relationship since his divorce lasting about 6 months when Shyann was 2.Feeling he was not ready for Shyann to have a new Mom he broke it off and just soulfully committed to giving Shyann the life she deserves,but in this moment something happened deep inside him something he enjoyed and it scared and aroused Anthony all in one.

Shyann had on her Hello Kitty nighty she’s had for 3 or 4 years.Still moist from just coming from the shower how Shyann was sitting on her fathers knee when she rocked back an forth Anthony could feel her little clit threw the thin fabric of her panties.Anthony wore a uniform where he worked during summer months the uniform was khaki brown shorts so Shyanns panties were all there was between her moist private 10 Yr old vagina and Anthony’s bare skin knee.Shyann rocked back an forth , come on Daddy you haven’t bounced me on your knee in for ever she joyfully said.Anthony began to feel himself have a reaction, his 7″ cock was starting to get hard from the feel of his daughters clit rocking on his knee.Quickly Anthony grabs Shyann stands up and says baby girl Daddy is tired I’m going shower and get ready for bed.

As Anthony showered he could not get the thought out of his head of how aroused he became as his daughter rocked her little pussy on his knee.Of course he knew Shyann had no clue what she was doing but the arousal would not leave him his cock became hard.Looking at his hard cock so badly wanting to take it in his hand and stroke he felt guilt but at the same time he felt desire.The warmth of her legs hugging his leg,the moist heat her little pussy had on his knee the urge took over his mind he closed his eyes replaying the event and began to stroke.

His thought goes from guilt almost stopping to its not hurting her it’s just this one time.Anthony had not jacked off in months he just did not think about sex at all.It felt good ,the tingle deep inside him kept him stroking.His muscles begin to contract he can’t hold himself up right.His stomach contracts pulling his upper body down in small jerks ,his knees buckle making him squat a little and thrust his hips forward shooting a long stream of cum landing on the shower wall only to be followed by 4 more that makes Anthony nearly colasp.Out of breath, his body feels relaxed and satisfied the tingle in his balls pumps out two or three more small spurts of cum.Totally drained Anthony let’s out a small laugh milking his cock as his erection lessons and the feeling slips away.The guilt now rook over what has he done.

It’s been a month since Anthony satisfied his sexual urge in the shower and the thought of ever pleasing himself sexually while thinking about Shyann has left his mind.Things are back to normal Anthony gets home as usual around 2:30pm not 8:15pm and life was good.Shyann is in volleyball season and has a game today at 4 they both are excited to go.Shyann comes down the hall from her bedroom to show Anthony her volleyball uniform.School colors black & gold T-shirt top tucked into spandex shorts.Shyann stands in front of Anthony ans ask, how does it fit do you like it I love it.Anthony looks sees how happy she is says its great baby girl you look like a professional player,as he notices the tiny split between her legs.Shyann pussy mound is very noticable making her split of her little pussy very obvious.

Shayann has not yet have breast buds she still perfectly flat with no growth.Anthony looks again as Shyann twirls around and stops facing her Dad and it’s still visible her mound is so pronounced and visible he forces himself to look away , let’s go baby girl you look great.The game last about an hour on the way home Anthony treated Shyann for scoring on the aposing tem but they lost by one point.

Home dinner is done it’s Friday night Shyann stayed up until 11pm and off to bed she went.As Anthony goes into the bathroom he sees Shyann uniform laying on the floor,she didn’t put her dirty clothes in the hamper as always.No thought he picks them up seeing her dirty panties laying under the uniform he bends to pick them up as well.As Anthony looks Shyann’s dirty panties are inside out,the crotch laying up and he sees a yellowish crust stuck to the fabric.Picking her panties up he examined them feeling of the panties the substance is stuck to her panty fabric and it’s almost hard feeling.Then it hits him,oh my god is Shaynn already masturbating is this her dried cum.Huridly he threw the panties and uniform into the hamper instantly getting in the shower taking a cold shower.

Looking in on Shyann before he goes to bed she’s sleeping soundly blanket on the floor as always.Anthony laughs inside she’s always kicked her blanket off he slips in covers her tiny body and goes off to bed.

Sleeping sound Anthony begins to have an erotic dream.Shyann comes into livingroom showing her Dad her uniform he sees it says you look great baby girl.Shyann says thank you Daddy I like it but you can see my butterfly ,pointing between her legs at her very visible pussy mound and the spilt in her 10yr old pussy.Dreaming still Anthony says its OK baby girl it looks pretty don’t worry about it.Shyann laughs and says it’s pretty Daddy really do you like it.Anthony says yes baby it’s very pretty it’s OK.Shyann giggles and says Daddy can I show you and begins to pull her shorts and panties down reveling her smooth little mound.Anthony is so amazed he can’t hold back and pulls his cock out and begins stroking and says , baby stand right there don’t move Daddy wants to jackoff looking at your butterfly. 5 strokes in Anthony explodes with a massive load of cum landing on the floor followed by another .Seeing his daughters little pussy made him cum harder then he ever had.

Waking up feeling his cock pulsating and filling his boxers full of cum Anthony jumped up still cuming and ran to the bathroom.He had a wet dream about his daughter and was discussed with himself but at the same time so amazed with how real it felt.He has guilt as his he had actually jacked off looking at Shyanns pussy.Cum was all over the hair around his cock his cock was pulsing pushing out the last drops of cum and he enjoyed it.The feeling felt so real and he liked it having thoughts of his little daughters pussy rampage in his mind.

Anthony used a wash cloth cleaned up wrapped a towel around his waist and went back towards his bedroom.The picture of Shyanns pussy in his dream has control of Anthony’s rational thought so he goes just to look in make sure she hasn’t kicked her blanket off again.Slowly pushing Shyanns bedroom door open Anthony peeks in,the brat has done it again he thinks to himself.Going over picking the blanket up looking down seeing Shyann laying on her back , legs straight out , her little night gown just covrting her little pussy he had just had a wet dream about ,Anthony can’t stop himself.

Gently Anthony pulls the him of Shyanns nighty gently pulling it up and laying it above her pussy mound on her tummy.Anthony steps to the side so the hallway lights shines on Shyann and he sees for the first time her plump little 10 year old mound.Anthony’s Mom and sister take care of buying Shyann her panties and any little girl needed things.Shyann was sleeping sound wearing a pair of high hip cut bikini panties.Her little mound looked like a soft little pillow with a crease in the middle the full length of the mound.Anthonys cock begins to grow under the towel.He wants to walk away but desire to touch her has him held hostage.The erotic feeling he’d had just a few minutes prior is now real and he likes it.The longer he stares the closer he gets longing to look and touch has taken over.Shyann has always been a very sound sleeper almost impossible to wake her.Anthony knows if he touchs her she will not wakeup, just one touch and I’ll leave he tells himself.

Anthony down on his knees beside Shyanns bed can alost smell her essence coming from her little vagina.How can a 10 year old girl his 10 year old baby girl give him such an erotic feeling of pleasure.Hes decided , one quick feel and ill go back to bed.

Gently Anthony lays the palm of his hand between his daughters legs cuping her tiny little girl pussy.The feeling is exciting and arousing he feels precum flow from his now extremely hard 7″ cock.Pushing down with firm pressure he feels her little nub for the first time almost cuming just from the feel.He has to feel it he has to touch her little butterfly as he strokes his throbbing cock.

Making sure she won’t wakeup Anthony stands up grabs Shaynn by her shoulders pulls her body towards the head of the bed laying her back down on her pillow.Nothing still sleeping soundly.He touches her pussy again this time where he knows her clit is rubbing her clit firmly up and down making it become hard.Precum seeping from his cock he pulls the towel open and milks his precum from his cock onto his finger and gently coats his daughters erect clit threw her panties leaving a wet spot.

Anthony is past the point of no return Shyanns panties have to come off he wants to to see her little pussy legs fully spread.Gently pulling on the bikini panties he slowly pulls his daughters panties out from under her little butt down her legs and lays them on her bed.Anthony is in a state of extasy seeing her little clit poke out from between her 10 year old pussy folds it’s the most erotic time he’s ever had in his life.

Pushing her legs apart and moving her feet towards her head bending her knees Anthony sees her little cunt slowly stretch open from how wide he has her legs.As her vagine opens reveling it’s inner secrets little strans of her inner juices stretch across her opening so thin it’s like spiders web so silky.She has tiny small lips that opened up with just a hint of moisture glistening from the light shinning in from the hall light.Anthony is so hard he can’t stop now he has to taste her.Hes gone mad with desire the dream he had now seems real he wants the feeling he had in the dream when his daughter was watching him stroke his cock.

On his knees beside Shyanns bed Anthony pulls her little body around to the edge of the bed.Holding her ankles cupped in each hand he lowers down taking a deep breath just an inch away from his daughter pussy.
Breathing her in deeply so not to ever forget how she smells he takes 4 large sniffs then a small touch of the tip of his tongue right in Shyanns cunt hole.Her vagina is tiny about the size of his pinky finger no way he could could get his cock in her.Pushing her legs back more causing her little bubble butt to raise off the bed holding her stretched fully open Anthony sucks his daughters little clit into his mouth and begins to suck and swirl his tongue around causing Shyann to gently hunch her back slightly and roll her head to the side.He stops sucking doesn’t move his tongue,her legs jerk a little trying to close and right back to relaxing.He does it again sucking and stimulating her clit with his tongue this time letting his tongue slide down and give a gentle poke inside her tiny vagina.Shyann quivers arching her back her tummy quivers a little legs pull open even wider and she humps her pussy up and down until Anthony stops again.Shyann quivers and shakes a few seconds then back to relaxed again.

Anthony realising he’s almost bringing Shyann to an orgasm and wants to see her cum.He wants to taste her cum when her orgasm releases and makes her little pussy feel for the first time how it feels to cum.Backing his face away Anthony rubs Shyanns pussy with one finger from her clit to her cunt feeling she has sex juices slowly seeping from inside her little vagina.He can’t take it he’s going to let her cum.

Taking her clit back in his mouth sucking firmly and swirling his tongue around her clit Shyann begins to hump up and down.Her head rolls to the other direction her legs are quivering her chest rises up she takes in a deep breath holds it, releases quickly only to suck in another.Shyann hips begin to almost violently thrust up and down her back arch’s off the bed,her legs wiggle in and out like they are trying to close but then fly back open, a small aaaahhhhhh ooohhhhh slips from inside her tiny body.Shyanns head raises up her stomach begins to quiver up and down her upper body is jerking aaaaahhhhhhbbbb oooojhhhbbbhb aaaahhhhhhh loud gasp for air her chin pressed hard into her flat chest. It happens, her hips thrust up and down ripping her clit from her Dad’s mouth .Anthony match’s her thrust taking her clit back in his mouth sucking it hard as he can causing Shyann to to cry out loud ooooohhhbbb aaaaahhhhhhbhb ooddhhhhbh another gasp for air her eyes open she’s looking directly into her Dads eyes as he sucks her pussy giving her the first orgasm she has ever felt.

Shyann can’t speak,she can’t reject or except what she’s feeling she can only lay there and endure the feeling her Daddy is making her have.Anthony sees his daughter looking deep in his soul,he can’t stop he continues to suck little Shyanns pussy tasting her cum stream from her vagina.Its to overwhelming she’s beginning to heave her stomach up a d down Anthony has to cum he has to.

Releasing her pussy from the grip of his sucking Anthony stands up over Shyann, aims his precum covered cock at her vagina pressing the tip onto her tiny opening and strokes hard and fast.10 seconds of stroking Anthony releases the hardest most deep feeling erotic load of cum directly into his 10 year old daughters vagina.Stream after stream Anthony shakes moans out loud out my god I’m cuming I’m cuming I’m cuming stroking the endless shot of hot cum.

Jerking hard pushing into Shyann Anthony squirts his last shots pressing harder and harder not realising the tip of his cock went in Shyann and a quarter of the way breaking her hymen.Shyann jerked but was still feeling the remnants of her orgasm running threw her 10 year old body.

OK readers here is where you come in.What happens next does Shyann tell get her Dad in trouble ?Does Shyann enjoy what happened and want more?Does Anthony move away taking Shyann as his sex slave?Does Shyann blackmail her Dad to get her way?

What happens next leave your idea in the comments.

As always 69themyoung11 and innocent

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    I just finished part 2 it should publish in 12 hours or so watch for it same title.
    Little teaser Anthony watchs a 10 year old little by cum in Shyann.Be sure to check it out it’s hot full of children fucking and Dad cuming on her 10 year old daughters pussy and belly.

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    I wonder what guy who is about to graduate from college is actually Shyann’s bio father.
    It was one of those 5th graders the mother was banging that probably knocked her up.

    I never got to do any of my teachers while I was in school, but I did after I graduated.
    3 of them to be exact.
    I went back after I graduated college and did some Wrestling Coaching so I got invited to all of the teacher parties.

    I remember after one of them I stayed to help “clean up” after the party because my old biology teacher’s husband was passed out. I tried to get her to let me bang her in their bed right next to her passed out husband but she was too scared so instead, we went to her daughter’s old bedroom on the same bed I took her daughter’s virginity LOL.

    I kept that last part to myself as it wasn’t long after I took her daughter’s virginity that she ended up pregnant. Not sure if it was my kid and she didn’t really remember who she had banged that night. I’m pretty sure she didn’t have sex with anyone else until she figured out she was knocked up so it was probably mine LOL.

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      I’ll keep it sleep touching but I’m going to have the neighbours 10 Yr old son get involved due to Shyanns pussy is to small for her Dad to fuck.And her volleyball coach has been watching her shower after practice manipulated her into allowing him to watch her shower and jackoff in front of here for the last few months.Her Dad finds out and brings the coach over for dinner letting the coach watch Shyann get fucked by the boy Shyanns Dad and the coach sit back watching the two 10yr old fuck and jack off.

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      Being honest when I ate my daughter when she was 10 woke up and caught me with my mouth on her pussy was my inspiration for this story.I still love the thrill of sneaking and touching little girls pussies the best.Naomi let’s me touch her but I still sneak and rub her pussy at night when she is sound a sleep.No orgasm is as sexy as a 6yr old little girl cuming in her sleep.

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