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Little boy fantasy 3

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A week went by before I saw the little boys again. They were very eager to have sex with me. Or should I say. Let them have their way with me. Of course I was wearing my panties and stocking. And I had on a cock ring and my butt plug in.

As Raymond and Keith got naked I told them I had a big surprise. I told them to go to the living room and have a seat on the couch. The boys little cocks where already hard. I went to my bedroom and picked up 2 package.

I made my way back to the living room and handed them both a box. The boys were so excited to receive a gift from me. I had wrapped them in gift wrap. The boys opened there gifts and smiled from ear to ear.

I had went online and found them panties and stocking. Raymond and Keith got so excited. ( I hope you read part 2) Anyway. I found fish net stocking and silk panties in little girls sizes. (And yes you can find that shit online)

Black panties and stocking just like mine. The boys couldn’t wait to try them on. But they had no idea how to put on the stocking. So I helped put on their own stocking. The panties were easy for them.

I modified the panties to make them crotchless. ( I couldn’t find crotchless panties for little girl) Anyway. The boys were amazing with the way they felt in their new panties and stocking. They looked so cute. And my little sissy cock was dripping everywhere. I was so fucking hard.

I asked them if they liked their now panties and stocking? Raymond and Keith came to me and gave me a big hug tell me over and over. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! SO MUCH KRIS!!!

I thought at this point. Raymond and Keith were going to be little sissy fags just like me. And I loved the thought of them sucking cock and getting there little sissy pussys being fucked. They were already fucking and sucking each other.

I told the boys. I think we should go to my bedroom today. We can have alot more on my bed. And!!! I have more surprises in store. With no hasation they agree. So me and the two little sissyboys to be made are way to my bedroom.

I let them walk in front of me so I could see there cute little boy asses and little cocks. I couldn’t wait to let them take advantage of my sissy pussy and suck each of the boys little cocks.

The boys jumped onto my bed and started fucking. Raymond was the first one to take it in the ass. Keith fucked him like a pro. Raymond didn’t say a word. He just lay back and enjoy the moment. Keith fucked Raymond for about 10 minutes.

Then they changed positions. And Raymond began to fuck Keith in his little boy pussy. They fucked each other doggy.I was stocking my little sissy cock watching the boys fuck each other. But I didn’t want to cum yet.

I asked them to stop for a moment so I could suck them and lick there little boy ass holes. I sucked Raymond first. I made him lay in his back. I told Keith to get in position to fuck my in my old sissy pussy. Doggie still.

I sucked Raymond and lick his little butt hole while Keith fucked me in the ass. That went on for about 5 to 6 minutes and we changed places. Keith lay on his back and I suck his little boy cock while Raymond fucked my sissy pussy.

Raymond and Keith looked so fucking cute in there now little panties and stocking!!! We were having so much fun.

I could feel Raymond’s little cock start to swell in my sissy pussy. And Keith’s was swelling in my mouth. Almost simultaneously they were cuming in my sissy pussy and my mouth!

I was stocking my little sissy cock. And we all came together. Well? All most. I was the last one to cum. And boy did I cum!!! I came a lot.

After me and the two boys were done. We took a small break.
I took this opportunity to show them the other surprise I had for them.

I opened two of my dresser drawers and I showed them all my sex toy’s.
Dildos, Vibarters, Butt plug. And Inflatables. They had no idea what they were looking at! But they will find out!!!

I have no desire to fuck a little boy in the butt. Or make a little boy suck my sissy cock. I just want them to take advantage of my sissy pussy and my cum hole mouth. If thay would like to strok my little cock. I’m OK with that.

PS. How do I upload a pic?

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    I’d want you to suck my boy cock

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    idk how you upLOAD a pic but once you do i will be really grateful. love your stories man. plz keep em cumming

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      I’m glad you liked story. Did you read part 1 and 2?