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Life with my half sister (part 3)

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After re-reading my stories, I realised that I hadn’t really introduced us so:- I’m Shane at this stage I was 11, I’d always been one of the shorter kids, not too short but just not tall lol.
Annie my sister at this stage was 28, long Auburn hair half way down her shoulder blades. Her green eyes were one of her best features but then her boobs, I never checked her bra but they were at least D maybe DD and firm and bouncy, her nipples were often poking out but when she was excited they were so hard. She had a bit of a belly but not fat. Then her gorgeous hairy pussy, sometimes she would trim it but mainly to keep it contained in her bikini bottoms. Ok back to the story, thanks for reading…..

Mummy has some sexxy lessons for her naughty little boy.”

To say the adrenaline was flowing through my body is an obvious understatement. What did she have in mind for me, but by the time I got to her bed, she was right behind me
“Lay on your back,” she commanded. She went to her bedside table and took out some bottle, she squeezed some of the contents onto her fingers, this will help you cock slide right in, not that you need it, but I just love the taste,” she said as she applied the lotion to my hard cock. It felt cold but as soon as she applied it, her hot my mouth was onto it, with no warning, she swallowed my cock all the way into her mouth, now at 11 my cock wasn’t big but it was a girthy member and the way she just devoured it was impressive.
She was looking up at my face as she fucked my cock with her mouth, I’ll never forget the look in her eyes as she did her job.
She slowly rose up off my cock with spit running from her mouth pooling around the head of my cock and her hand which was slowly sliding up and down.

“Now my baby boy, mummy wants to teach you stamina, so when you get the urge that you want to blow a loud in me, I need you to tell me so we can stop that from happening, you get me,”

“I think so, but I don’t know if I can stop once it begins it just shoots out.”

“That’s ok too sweety, but it would make it so much better for you to learn that control early, so let’s just do what we can.”

With that she straddled me, with one leg up and leaning one way, she guided my cock to her went cunt and rubbed it along her wet pussy lips.

“Oh my god mummy, that’s so wonderful. But it’s so sensitive.”

She then slowly lowered her body down and I watched with excitement as my cock was entering it’s first cunt, not just any cunt but my own sister, who happens to be the one female I honestly love.
It’s really hard to explain my emotions at this point, I know what we are doing is supposed to be wrong, but come on, this is so good and feels so right.

The sensation was just amazing, I thought her mouth was warm, but this was warm beyond belief and tight, silky smooth and felt so good and so right.
As she had my cock in as far as it could, she looked into my eyes again and she looked so happy, without prompting my hands went right to her boobs and I squeezed them as she began riding me.
I had never had sex before but somehow I knew when to start fucking her, as any wild animal has instincts, I felt the urge to thrust my hips up as she was coming down then relax on her way up. It felt incredible,
“Oh god yes baby boy, fuck mummy, I want you to show you how much I love you.”
She it her hands on her head and began grinding down on.my cock rocking backwards and forwards, it felt fucking amazing, and made her moan like crazy, her hips were doing all the work, I was just enjoying the ride, my cock was hitting her g-spot from what she said and it was the best.
Annie may have been enjoying riding my cock, but can you, the reader remember your first time, how euphoric it was, all my senses were in overload. Here was the most significant person in my life making me feel the most important person in her life.
Annie’s movements became faster, her breathing deeper she was running her hands through her hair and grabbing it, she started fucking me lifting her body up and slamming back down hard and fast. I tried to match her rhythm
“YES YES YESS FUCK MUMMY FUCK MUMMY WITH YOUR BOY COCK OH FUCK YESSS I’M CUMMING!” I felt her cunt tighten around my cock, her movements were so erratic from riding me to grinding, leaning back then forward then she let out a mighty screen and she sat up and began rubbing her clit hard and fast. Then it happened. She sprayed me with what I thought was pee, right in my face, my hair, all over my belly and chest.
.”Oh wow baby boy,” she said as she lay down exhausted, “You just made mummy so happy I did something I haven’t done for a few years,”
“PEE?” I said in a disgusted voice, trying to wipe it off my face.
“Ha ha ha no baby, that wasn’t pee. It was very special girl cum, but not every girl does it and ones that do don’t always get to, but I have a feeling you can get me to do it a lot.”

I still wasn’t convinced and still felt she peed on me. I hadn’t cum yet but my cock had gone soft. Annie seemed tired and had started closing her eyes. I felt she had her fun and too bad for me. I looked at her and she’d started to fall asleep.
I got up, showered and went to the kitchen to get something to eat. It was just after 6pm and we hadn’t had lunch yet and I was hungry and pissed off. I couldn’t be bothered heating up anything so I just made a few sandwiches, turned on the tv and relaxed. I’d been lighting Annie’s smokes for years and the past few months I’d been having a cigarette of my own so when I finished eating, I sat back with a coffee and a smoke and relaxed.

It may have been 2 or more hours when I heard Annie waking up. Then I heard the shower running, I put the kettle on to make her a coffee, then she called out to me, “baby, can you make me a drink and bring it in here for me please,” ‘a drink in the shower, that was new’ I thought as I obediently did as asked. I went to the bathroom with her drink, normally when I’m asked to take anything in there if she is showing, she hides behind the shower curtain but not this time, she opened the curtain took the whiskey and said, “can you wash my back for mummy baby boy,” my cock began twitching right away, not only were her boobs there for me to see but her hairy pussy, wet and looked so different and to an 11 year old, this was just beyond my wildest imagination. I reached in to grab the soap and she stopped me.
“If I were you I’d get undressed or you will end up with all your clothes wet,”
Now my cock was hard and I felt a little embarrassed as I took my shirt off and reached for the soap again.
“Uh uh, jeans off too.”
I hesitated and she motioned with her finger at my jeans. I too them off reluctantly and she smiled when she saw my erection. “So glad you’re happy to see me.” She giggled as she sipped her whiskey.
I slow slid my underwear off and she took me by the hand and dragged me in the shower Infront of her with her boobs just below my chin.
“I failed to make you cum before so we need to look after you, so after you wash me I’m going to wash you then we can have some more lessons.”
She turned her back and sipped more of her drink, I began washing her back, this felt so good, not in a million years did I ever see this happening, I’d never even thought of it, but here we were.
I’d washed her back all the way to her ass cheeks, even let my finger slid between her legs and touch her pussy with no reaction. Then when I was done she turned around, “you did such a good job on my back you’d better look after the front too,” she said in a very playful tone. I definitely didn’t need asking twice. Of course to the soap went strait to her boobs, she giggled and did a little shimmy, I couldn’t help but laugh as I happily soaped up ‘the girls’ as she called them and with my hands I caressed her soapy tits, flicking the nipples but just the fact I was actually holding them seemed crazy but in the best way. She got under the water to rinse them off, “I think they’re clean and I’m sure my pussy needs some cleaning too,” she said, spreading her legs to give me better access.
Once again I used my hand to soap it up, omg, it felt so good and her pussy hair had almost disappeared under the shower and I could see how full and puffy it was. It was sensational. I rubbed her clit over and over, slipped a finger just inside her vagina a few times and she let out a few soft moans. She rinsed off and took the soap in her hand.
“Your turn.” She said as she lathered up her hands and took hold of my hard cock, and the way she stroked it with soapy hands, twisting her wrist and sliding her hand up and down it, was so good. I’d wanked in the shower before just it never felt this good.
She turned me around to rinse the soap off and making sure it was soap free, the shower went off. We wrapped ourselves in towels and she led me to her bedroom. “From now on, when the others aren’t here, you will sleep in my room, OK,” she insisted. I just smiled and said ok. Deep down I was very very excited to be able to do that…

To be continued

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