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Life with my half sister (part 2)

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Part 2 of my early life with my half sister who was 17 years older than me.

She moved me so my cock was near her face and my mouth was close to her wet cunt, we were laying on our sides, her upper leg bent up in an award way but she seemed to know what she was doing.

“Let me guide your tongue into my pussy, mummy is going to show you how you can make me very happy and it will work for most girls you meet in life as you need to be a great lover.” she said as she put a hand on top of my head, guiding my mouth to her clit, which I must say was like a tiny cock.

“Now baby boy, you need to lick it like a lollipop.” I began licking it slowly, it was a weird sensation, it tasted weird, it felt weird but it obviously made her feel good, if her moans were anything to go by. She took my cock in her hand and was stroking it slowly and began grinding her cunt on my mouth. After a minute like this, she took my cock in her mouth. I pulled back at first, not sure what she was doing.

“Just relax baby.” She said in a loving way.
I relaxed and let her take my cock, which was now the hardest it had ever been, into her warm mouth. I felt her tongue circling the head of my cock. She was sucking it gently and her head was bobbing up and down and the feeling was amazing.
She started moaning louder, her hand guiding my head along her wet cunt, from her clit to her hole, “put a finger inside me baby,” I did that and she started humping my hand, “try getting all your fingers inside my pussy,” I was a little confused but did my best, I tried 2 then 3 and my little finger seemed to be stopping them so I wiggled my small hand a little and I got them all in. She took my hand and moved it in and out, “oh fuck yes baby boy like that,” she was thrusting her hips in time with my hand. “Try to get your hand in there,” her moans were intense as I wiggled my hand trying to get my thumb inside her as well. She was sucking my cock and I was moving my hips with her bobbing motion. The sensation I was feeling was great, while I’d masturbated before this, but this was so much better and felt incredible. I could feel my self ready to cum but it was so different to anything I’d felt wanking myself.
I’d gotten into a steady rhythm with my fist, her movements were becoming more erratic, not just thrusting but also doing circles, but then she was moaning as she was sucking my cock. I’d never felt like this as I spewed out cum into her mouth. With that she began shuddering all over, her entire body was shaking as she took control of my wrist and began fucking herself madly as she yelled “OH MY GOD OH MY GOD YESSSSS, I’M GOING TO CUMMMM.” Her breath was so fast and heavy, her hips were jerking and she let out a moan so low and long. I could feel the muscles in her cunt contracting.
She continued fucking herself with my first, I moved down so I wasn’t on such an awkward angle and she like the angle better,
“Wiggle your fingers inside mummy,” which I did and she started moaning again.
“Oh fuck yes I’m going to cum again”
Not long after she stopped and removed my first, layed still with her eyes closed.
I was in shock, not sure if she was in pain or was happy, it was a little confusing.
She eventually opened her eyes, her breathing had slowed, and the smile on her face was so big.
“So you’re alright?” I asked
She gave me the biggest grin, rolled over and gave me a kiss firmly on my lips.
“Oh yes my darling baby boy, I feel so very very good.” She collapsed back where she was. “I’m tingling all over.” She said with her arms up above her head, “but how are you feeling, did you like cumming’ in my mouth, did you feel good all over as I do?”

I was really lost for words. It was amazing, exciting, scary, all at once. I was really having trouble trying to put into words how I felt.
“Ummm,” I stammered. “I feel so excited and happy.” I moved closer to her and started to calm myself down, put an arm across her, leant closer and kissed her. I was just going to give her a quick kiss on the lips, but she held my head and began kissing me so differently to how we’d ever kissed before. I felt her tongue trying to enter my mouth. I’d never been kissed by anyone like this and was unsure what to do.
“I see I have some educating to do for my sweet baby boy,” she said after my poor kiss technique, but first I need you to luck my pussy again, I’m not finished with you yet.”

Now I was excited instead of nervous as to what was happening. I had so much love and respect for my sister, still a little confused as to why she called herself mummy and me baby boy, but I was beginning to realise what we have, what we were doing was very special.
I got myself between her spread legs and licked her clit, her hand not needed to guide me now, unless she needed special attention somewhere in particular.
She grabbed a hand and put it on her boob. I’d actually forgotten all about them till now, she guided me, showing me how she liked her nipples played with. I discovered that she enjoys a little pain, pinching and twisting them much harder than I did before. She enjoyed them rubbed between my thumb and finger, pulled hard.

“Mmmm yes baby boy tweak my nipples hard for mummy.”

My cock was getting hard again, and playing with her boob seemed to excite me the most.
As I was licking and sucking her clit, she began moaning and started thrusting again.

“Oh my god, you do that so well sweety my you have me so worked up and I think I need to do what I had never considered.”
With that sat up, closing her legs stopping me.

“I think we need to have a bit more time.” She got up and went to the phone, called her ex, who had my nephew and niece for the day as per their agreement.
“Hi just wondering if you’re OK keeping the kids for the night, I’m not quite right,” she said winking at me. “That’s great. Yeah around lunch time tomorrow just call before you leave and see if things are OK here. Thanks. Bye,” she gave me a huge smile. “Ok sweety, we have plenty of time to play,” she took my hand and we went to her bedroom, pulled the sheets back and sat on the side of the bed. “Come sit next to me sweety.” she said kind of seriously. “Ok so what we have been doing in most people’s eyes is very wrong, so how do you feel now, if you want we can stop or we can keep going, I want you to know it’s not right and we can never talk about it Infront of others, but if you hear me call you baby boy or you call me mummy when we are alone, we can play some more. It’s up to you sweety. I’ll go have a smoke and you have a think about it.” She stood up and went to walk out. As she did she turned and smiled and shook her tits in her hands at me. That sealed the deal for me. I was never going to say stop what we were doing, but after the times I’d mentally played with her side boob in my head and to have them both to play with, of course we’ll keep going.
I decided to go to the lounge room to tell her my decision, she was sitting back smoking and how I saw her then, naked and knowing I was there just made my cock so hard and made me feel like I’d never felt before, I believe I just felt really horny for the first time.
“I understand what we are doing is just between us, I know it can be seen as doing something very naughty and I want to be your naughty baby boy.”
With that, she looked me in the eye, put her smoke out, took me by the hand with the biggest smile.

“Mummy has some sexxy lessons for her naughty little boy.”….

To be continued

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    Where is part 1 ?

    • Phantom59 ID:1dke8jap13en

      Oh sorry it is under user name Phantom,
      I’ve since changed it to Phantom59

  • Reply Big Bad John ID:gnsumkm99

    Fucking great story Phantom that got me hard. Very much.looking forward to the next part. 5 stars from me.