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Life with my half sister (part 1)

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She was 17 years older, my parents had me too late in life so she brought me up till I was 3 when my nephew was born. Years later we got even closer.

Being brought up by my half sister was great. My parents didn’t really care about me, so growing up I spent a lot of time at her house.
She began drinking after her marriage broke down when I was about 9.
She would have me pour her whiskey and coke, light her cigarettes, brush her beautiful long hair. The most enjoyable thing she would have me do was to scratch her back. Yes it seems boring and mundane however I got used to undoing her bra so it made it easier for me to scratch her back.

It wasn’t until I’d turned 11 that I discovered boobs!
Then the task was to get her bra off and feel her side boobs. As an 11 year old that was enough to get my cock hard.
It had been a few years and a couple of failed attempts at relationships since my sister had cock on demand, and that is my only thinking to why what happened, happened.

There I was happily scratching her braless back, having the occasional touch of her magnificent side boob. She was a D cup and with her bra still over her shoulders, I was content getting the occasional feel. This too however was a tight fit and yes I was struggling but with the back of the top up, I got a good hard on.
“Pour me a drink sweety?” She asked handing me her empty vessel. Oh deer I thought, how am I going to stand up and not let her notice my tenting shorts? But, I stood up took her glass from her hand, trying to hide my erection.
“Mmmm…” She said smiling. “I guess someone’s growing up.”
I got out of her site quickly and tried to hide my obvious hard on as I got her drink poured.
I went back to the lounge room, handed her the drink and sat behind her.
“Right up the top of my shoulders sweety,” she said as I slid my hand back under her tip, lifting it up as I did. It was still hard getting to where her itch was, that’s when she did something she’d never done before. She took her top off, then her bra. Looked at me and just smiled. That better sweety.
Thinking she meant easier for me to scratch her back I answered “yes” in a nervous voice.
Then she leant to one side and moving her shoulders side to side in a slow shimmy motion. “Oh sweety my left side is really itchy, just under my boob.” Just the fact she mentioned boob made me hard, but I carried on scratching but on her left side. She was moving her torso up and down, side to side helping me locate the source of the itch. She was slowly turning herself around until she turned around and was facing me.
“Oh you poor baby boy,” she said resting her forearms on my thighs “Mummy’s been neglecting your feelings,” she said looking at my hard cock bursting my shorts. I had never referred to her as mum or mummy, and I was a little shocked by her saying that. With that she slid a hand under my shorts and I tried to move away but she insist I just relax.
“I’ve been having you take care of me and now I think I need to take care of you,” she said with a serious look and tone. “Take these shorts off and let mummy see what’s hiding under them,” but this time she looked cheeky and smiled a devilish smile.
“No, it’s ok.” I relied nervously.
“Baby boy, please do as you’re told,” she said grabbing my hard cock. I stood und she released her grip and helped me take my shorts off but as I tried to pull my underwear back up she pulled them down freeing my cock.
“Oh my,” she said smiling. “I hadn’t realised what a big boy you’d become.” She took hold of my member and was almost examining it, moving it side to side and studying it, then her hand began stroking it slowly. She bit her bottom lip as let out a soft moan as I sat back down, enjoying the sensation, while still embarrassed and nervous. “Put your hand on my boobs sweety,” she insisted, that’s when I relaxed and went with what was happening. I put my hands on her boobs and was squeezing them. She was now wanking my hard cock faster and twisting her wrist a little as she did, I was getting into the moment even more and noticed an involuntary hip motion, apparently I’d started fucking her fist.
“Mmmm, my baby boy is growing up,” she said. “Yes baby boy pinch mummies nipples.” She took my hand and taught me how to ‘tweak’ her nipple.
She let out a long slow moan, her eyes closed and she sucked her bottom lip into her mouth but still managed to smile. “Mummy feels so naughty right now,” she said with such a devilish look on her face. “You’ve got me so worked up my panties are wet.” She put lifted her skirt and put her hand down her panties. I could see her hand moving up and down and her eyes rolled then closed. Her mouth now open but nothing was coming out from it. Her body began shaking. “OH MY FUCKING GOD I’M CUMMING,” she shouted. Her fist now jurking my cock furiously. “Keep stroking your cock baby, I know I’m going to burn in hell but you are old enough to make mummy very happy.” She stood up got out of her skirt and panties, lay on the couch and said, “I’m going to teach you how to please a lady.” She moved me so my cock was near her face and my mouth was close to her wet cunt…….


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