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Laura got gangraped on her way to school

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I found out that one of the kids in my class had been gangraped on her way to school, she told me everything, and it really turned me on.

At the end of the school day, as my class was leaving, I noticed one of my learners was acting strangely and looked a bit ‘off’, her name is Laura and she’s 11 years old.

As she stood up and gathered her things in to her bag and then walked towards the classroom door behind everyone else, she had grazes on her knees, oil stains on the collar of her white shirt, her hair was frizzy and untidy and she was looking towards the floor as she walked with a slight limp.

“Laura…” I called out to her, she stopped and looked towards me, “…Can you wait behind a minute please.” I said.

Once everyone else had left I took a chair from behind a desk and asked her to sit down, “Are you alright?” I asked.

“Yes, Sir.” She replied, looking tired and a bit sad, and I didn’t believe her answer.

I got another chair and sat in front of her, “Laura, has someone been bullying you?” I asked.

“No, Sir.” She replied.

“It’s just that you have scratches on your knees, I noticed you limping, and don’t take this the wrong way but your appearance is a bit of a mess.” I said.

Then she put her head in her hands and started to cry, I got her some tissues from my desk and then spent a few minutes trying to calm her down, and that’s when she told me what had happened to her, and this part of the story is written from Laura’s perspective, from what she told me.


I woke up, got showered and dressed, had my breakfast and then I rode my electric scooter from home to my grandma’s house like I do every morning, I leave my scooter at her house to charge because it’s closer to school.

Once I dropped the scooter off I started walking the rest of the way to school, there were grounds people wearing high-vis yellow jackets and helmets, cutting the grass verges making a lot of noise with their petrol powered lawn mowers and trimmers.

As I got closer to them loads of bits of cut grass was blowing around in the air, it was like a snow storm but with grass, and I had to lift my arm up to cover my eyes as I was walking by them.

One of the men just grabbed hold of me, putting his arm around my waist from behind me and his hand over my mouth, he lifted me up off the ground, and I was kicking and kicked trying to get free from him, but he was too big and strong for me.

He bundled me in to the back of their work van, another man got in the van behind us and closed the door, while the man who grabbed me held me down, the other man forced a dirty rag in to my mouth, it’s tasted like petrol, it was revolting, then they turned me over on to my front, pulled my hands behind my back and tied my wrists together with some sort of plastic wire.
“Give me a few minutes with her…” the man who grabbed me said, as he took off his helmet and jacket, “…wait outside and keep a lookout.” He told him, and the other man left.

Then the man in the van rolled me over on to my back, and he…… he opened my blazer, and then he tore open my shirt, popping off most of the buttons, my upper body and chest was exposed and he wet his finger in his mouth and then touched and pinched my nipples and after a minute they got hard and then he bent down and started licking and sucking on them.

I wanted to scream, and I was screaming, but because I had a dirty rag in my mouth not a lot of sound came out and I couldn’t struggle away because I was tied up and he was too strong and heavy on me.

Then he removed my skirt and pulled my panties off, I tried to keep my legs closed to stop him but he was too strong and he ripped them off.

He pressed his hand against my pussy and rubbed it vigorously, and then he told me “Lovely little pussy.” Then he stood up as much as he could in the narrow space inside the van and he pushed his work pants down and exposed his cock, which was really big and sticking out.

Then he put his head down between my legs and started to lick my pussy and clitoris, and at times I could feel his teeth on the outside of my pussy when he was nibbling at it, I was still crying and frightened and he knew that but he didn’t stop, he just laughed at me, “I love how you little girlies taste. So sweet.” He said.

And then he got on top of me with all of his weight, he forced my legs to stretch wide apart and then he pushed his big hard cock inside my pussy and it really-really hurt and I screamed loud.

The gag in my mouth and the loud sounds of the petrol mowers and trimmers outside blocked anyone from hearing my cries as he raped me.

He kept pushing it in and out and he was pushing really hard, I could feel the width, length and hardness of his cock inside my body, it was spreading the inside of my pussy apart, my hips were hurting so badly, I was in a lot of pain.

The most horrible thing was that at times, for a few seconds, it made me feel good, I liked how it felt, I didn’t want to like it I really didn’t he was hurting me and I was so scared, but I did, I liked it, I don’t know why.

And he kept saying horrible things to me while he raped me.

“You dirty little bitch. I’m going to fuck you so good. You like that don’t you? – You fucking little whore.”

He fucked me so hard for what felt like forever, but it was only minutes, and then he pushed it inside me real deep and he groaned and I felt him cumming inside of me, his cock was twitching wildly inside me, “Ooooah – Oooah!”

He finally got off me and pulled up his pants, then he opened the door and got out of the van, then the other man climbed in and shut the door behind him.
He pulled down his pants and knelt down, he grabbed the sides of my arms and pulled me up on to my knees, then he put his hand on the back of my hair grabbing my hair tightly, he pulled the rag out of my mouth and then he immediately pushed my head down between his legs, “Suck it bitch!” he demanded, plunging his cock in to my mouth as he pushed my head right down in to his crotch.

He kept hold of my hair and was pulling on it to force my head up and down and his cock was sliding down my throat and I could hardly breathe, and the bare metal floor of the van was hurting my knees.

I was forced to suck his cock for a few minutes until he ejaculated straight down my throat, I tasted it when he pulled my head off his cock and a little bit of his sperm dropped on to my tongue, it was warm and salty, I coughed and gagged sperm bubbles as his thick gooey sperm slowly ran down the back of my throat and in to my tummy.

After he left, two more men, after each other, got in the van, and they both pinned me down and raped me.

Finally the first man got back in the van, he threatened me, “We’ve been watching you. We know where your grandma lives, and if you tell anyone – and I mean anyone – about what we did – I’ll kill your grandma, do you understand?” he said.

I nodded, then he untied my hands and let me get dressed, but he kept my panties, then he opened the door and let me go, “Remember, I know where your grandma lives.” He said, making sure I understood what would happen.


That’s the story she told me.

Hearing her tell her story, describing it and now knowing that she was sitting there without any panties on underneath her school skirt, it all turned me on and I got very horny.

I got up and walked over to the door and I pulled down the rolling blind to cover the window on the door, then I walked over to her and stood behind her, I placed my hands on her shoulders like I was giving her a massage.

“You don’t know why those men attacked you?” I asked her.

“No.” she replied.

“I do…” I said.

“Why?” she asked.

I leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Because they could sense that you were a dirty little slut.” I said.

She jumped up from her chair and turned around, with her back against my desk defensively, “What did you say, Sir?” she asked.

I pushed her chair out of my way and slowly walked towards her, “I’ve had my eye on you ever since you started my class this term, Laura, you’re so pretty. Those men knew it and had the guts to do what needed to be done, they took you and fucked you because they knew you’d give them pleasure…” I said, then I started to undo my pants and take out my cock, “…and now you’re going to do the same for me.” I added.

“What?” she said, looking very scared.

“Get on your fucking knees.” I demanded.

She was so scared that she did as I asked.

“Now, open your filthy whore mouth…” I said, she opened it and I pushed my cock in her mouth, “…Suck it!” I said.

I let her suck on my cock for a while and then I picked her up and sat her on the very edge of my desk, I pulled her shirt open and rolled up her skirt, then forcefully pushed my erect cock inside her little pussy, “Oooah – Ug!”

She started sobbing, “Why are you doing this, Sir – I thought you were going to help me?” she cried.

“I am, Laura – I’m going to help you become the best little whore you can be.” I replied.

I held on to her ass and pulled her until she was almost over the edge of the desk, giving me all the room I needed to thrust deep in to her pussy and fuck her good and hard, she started to moan loudly, “Ooh – Uh – Uuh – Ungh – Ug!”

“That’s it, moan for me, the more you moan the harder I’ll fuck you.” I gasped.

And she continued to moan, “Uh – Uh – Uh – Mm.” deep down she enjoyed getting fucked, she couldn’t help but moan, my cock was giving her pleasure whether she wanted it or not.

Eventually, after 10-15 minutes or fucking that little kid on my desk, I ejaculated and filled her pussy with even more sperm, she’d had a good day and taken lots of cocks.

I pulled out of her and pulled up my pants, then I helped her down off my desk and told her to straighten up her clothes, “You’re a cock whore now, Laura. You’re just a fuck toy for any man that wants you.”

“Yes, Sir.” She sniffled.

“You can go home now.” I said.

“Thank you, Sir.” She said, and then slowly walked towards the door.

I stopped her just before she walked out, “Laura – Just so you know – I also know where your grandma lives.” I said, making sure just like the other men, that she told no one about what I did to her.

Little Laura became my play thing, nearly every day after school I’d have her in a closet somewhere fucking her tight little pussy, the little whore is a good fuck.

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    Brother it’s fucked up to write a rape story.

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    Sorry guys !! but rape is very traumatic for us girls either old or young !! Unless we role play for our husbands and boyfriends’ fantasy’s !!!

    • LAYLAA ID:4bn00en3fia

      I agree with BRITNEY. You should not write about rape it is a highly traumatic experience especially for young girls.

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      Mistaken US for people who give a shit!

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    One of the perks of being a teacher. And the best way to deal with a rape victim. Pretend to sympathise And then, when her guard’s down, take your chance! Up the rapists!!

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