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Lana the Lover of PAIN (Masochist) Part 4 Final

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My stories are true and genuine. I use this platform to document my sexual adventures. I am NOT a rapist but Lana was understanding of why I did it

or clarity , I am NOT a Rapist , my stories are true and are my sexual adventures but I knew I had to push the limit with Lana


Lana had a swollen pussy for a few days and the pain from the bruising kept her on the verge of cumming constantly. We spoke here and there over text about how the sensation of PAIN would turn her on and then cause her to have the most intense orgasm’s

I had already done alot to Lana (read previous stories) from needling her nipples and clit and even piercing her clit and cutting her thighs and breasts , to hitting her pussy and causing it to swell up and belting her ass and yet she challenged me to go more extreme

One Saturday morning , we were lying by the pool and I was admiring her tanned body , she had those fine blonde tiny hairs on her lower back and an ass you just craved to eat , lick and fuck. Yet Lana had told me ANAL was out of the picture , it grossed her out , she thought it was dirty and not something she ever wanted to try.

We were lying by the pool and the Sun was so hot , I got up and went to the garage , I took 4 planks of wood and a hammer and waked back out to the pool. Next to the pool I have very well maintained grass that surrounds my pool. I nailed in each of the 4 pieces of wood into the ground about 8 feet apart in a box shape.

I then told Lana to take her bikini off and lie on the ground in the middle of the 4 planks. I then took some rope and tied her arms to each piece of wood and her feet to the other pieces of wood. I had her tied legs and arms wide open like a star fish , in the middle of the garden on the grass, while the sun was beating down on her naked body

I went inside leaving her naked body in the sun while I searched for a few items. I returned and took the vibrator I had , turned it on and slid it into her pussy and watched as she let herself enjoy the feeling

I watched her for a few minutes ,then I took out a MAGNIFYING GLASS ,  I positioned it that the sun cast a small circle the size of a pen tip and I held the MAGNIFYING GLASS over her nipple.

The sun started to burn her nipple and she screamed out in pain , her pulled and kicked against the ropes tied to the planks and I waited for her to calm down and relax and focus on the vibrator again when I brought the MAGNIFYING GLASS back over to her other nipple and started to burn that one too , she shook and screamed , I played with the MAGNIFYING GLASS on her breasts for a while , leaving small burn circles on her PERFECT skin

I then put the magnifying glass down and began to massage both of her breasts with my hands holding ice , the cool agains there sensitive skin , sent vibrations through her and she told me she was CUMMING. I continued massaging her breasts until she finished

I then climbed between her legs and fucked the helpless Lana. Her pussy was so wet and I fucked her hard , eventually I stood up , blocking the sun with my body so her eyes could focus on me as I jerked off and and then shot my cum all over her breasts and face while she lay tied there

After I was done , I untied her and we both went for a swim


That evening Lana and I were finished swimming and had decided to rinse off in the shower in my bedroom. We kissed and made out in the shower and I watched her PETITE blonde tanned figure step out the shower and begin to dry off while I stood in the water for a while longer. I love long showers

I climbed out and was drying myself off when I looked into my room and saw Lana lying on my bed. She was on her stomach , her ass facing me while she was playing on her phone.

I dried off and walked into the room. I looked down at her perfect little ass and watched as she moved her feet up and down while playing on her phone. We were still talking to each other while I became so horny looking at her ass. She had a small tan line from her bikini that just ran on both sides of her ass cheeks

I moved between her legs still standing at the edge of the bed , I took my hand and spit into it , I used my saliva to cover the head of my cock

I then climbed up ontop of Lana

“I see someones keen for more” She said

“You have no idea” I replied

I took my cock in my left hand and slid it between her ass cheeks , I then lay my body down ontop of hers and began to move my hips , causing my WET cock head to slide up and down between her ass cheeks. I started pushing down every now and then until I heard Lana say “Nope not there”

That was all I needed to hear , I pushed my hips down harder and I felt my cock push a little into her asshole. She yelled and screamed at me “NOT IN MY ASS”

I took my hands and held her hands down on the bed as I pushed harder , my cock slid deeper into her asshole. She screamed telling me it hurt and shouting for me to stop. I pulled my cock back bit and then I sent my entire length into LANA , she screamed out and tried her hardest to get me off her , I heard her breathing change and then I heard her start to cry.

I was balls deep in Lana’s ass and I began to fuck her tiny hole , she was crying into the sheets on the bed as I held her down. I fucked her hard , my cock slamming into her tiny ass with every stroke , she  has stopped screaming but she is still crying

I pick up pace and fuck her ass HARDER , I hear her say “NO NO NO” as her body BETRAYS HER and she begins to have an ORGASM. She keeps telling me to stop but her body keeps sending her signals of pain which transform into pleasure

Moments later , I ram hard into her asshole and cum inside her , she tells me she can feel me cumming in her ass and it feels warm. I pull out and look down and see my cock covered in my cum and bit of blood.

Lana lays there crying for a while before she gets dressed and leaves.


I never heard from Lana on Sunday or the following week. I sent flowers to her work on the Friday morning with a card that said “You know you do”

Basically saying she knows she wants more.

Friday evening , I was at home watching tv when my door bell rang. I opened it up and found Lana standing there , she was dressed in jeans and a top , nothing sexy , nothing revealing. She came in and we chatted , she told me it was hard for her to sort out her feelings, on the one hand she had practically been raped yet her body had an orgasm from it and the pain was something she had never experienced in her life. The thought of anal discussed her but given the week to PROCESS everything she found herself curious about it.

We spoke for 2 hours before I took Lana upstairs to my bedroom , I kissed her and we MADE LOVE and then this time I slowly took my time and introduced her to the pleasures of ANAL.


Lana now loves it when I lick and eat her ass, Anal is part of our sex life and we have even added more extreme pain ideas to our sex life including nailing her nipples to a plank


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Austin Hell

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  • Reply RapeBait ID:2t4i91gzk

    She loved the anal and was too much of a bitch to admit it. I hope you punished her for making you wait so long for more sex.

  • Reply durrrr ID:5m9tb98m

    yeah, you’re a rapist. rape isn’t about whether or not they grow to like anal (as a masochist i fucking love painal) or whether or not they cum. people cum all the time from rape. but you can’t try and tell yourself that’s not what you did and that your actions are a part and a reflection of who you are.

    sending her flowers afterwards is really classic behavior for men who rape women they’re in some kind of relationship with. it’s part of the cycle of abuse.