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Kissing Cousins

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Christmas holiday leads two cousin down a road

My Aunt’s invitation to spend the summer holiday at her farm came as a happy surprise, and I immediately accepted. The thought of staying at the farm wasn’t what was exciting to me, it was being able to spend the summer with the love of my life, my cousin Marybelle. Six months ago, we celebrated the Christmas holiday together at our Grandparents house in the mountains.

A relationship between Marybelle and I started accidentally enough that we didn’t even realize it was happening. It started three days before Christmas, my family had just arrived for the Christmas holiday with the family. My grandma told me I would be bunking with Marybelle for the holidays. Me a 19-year-old guy bunking with my 17-year-old female cousin, to say I felt a bit uncomfortable with the situations but being the holidays, I strive to make it work. I decided to go to the assigned room to put my bag down. When I opened the door Marybelle was bent overlooking through her bag wearing a red lace thong. I stood speechless for half a second and quickly moved back down the hall towards the stairs and pretended I didn’t see anything. That didn’t last very long when Marybelle appeared downstairs in one of her dresses, she wore two braids in the back of her hair. Oh, my she was so beautiful, i couldn’t keep my eyes off her. Later that evening Marybelle caught me under the mistletoe and kissed me running her tongue across my lips. She leaned in closer and whispered, “I know you saw me.” My heart was racing at that moment and thought I might die right there. I tried to apologize, and all Marybelle did was put a finger on my lips and walk away. After that I tried my best to try and avoid her during the day and would wait til she was asleep to go to the room for bed. That worked until Christmas Eve.

I crawled into bed about 11:30 pm Marybelle had gone up to bed an hour and half before. I was sure she was asleep as I quietly entered the bedroom and laid in bed ready to fall asleep. I felt the mattress sink as the blankets were lifted and Marybelle climbed into bed with me and puts her arm over me. I soon realized that Marybelle was naked, and it sent my mind into overdrive. I had a crush on my cousin in the past and I thought that I had gotten over it, but with her laying her next to me naked I realized that the feelings never went away. I wanted to kiss her. I wanted to feel her lips against mine. I went to kiss her, and she stopped me “not yet” she said. The old antique clock in the hall struck midnight and Marybelle rolled on top of me and started to kiss me. “I want to give you my Christmas present,” Marybelle said. We kissed passionately as the clock continued to chime. “Do you know what your Christmas present is……. It’s Me,” Marybelle said as she kissed me again. I was too far gone with desire to argue about our union, so I embraced it. I rolled Marybelle over to her back and began to kiss and nibble her neck as she ran her hands through my hair. I kissed my way down to her nipples, taking them in my mouth one by one and listening to her fight back her moans made my cock throb in my basketball shorts. I made my way down between her legs where she smelled of blueberries and vanilla quietly hoping she would taste as such. I ran my tongue through her slit tasting her sweet nectar flowing from her pussy. I wasn’t disappointed. I swear her pussy tasted like it smelt, I teased her clit causing more of her wonderful nectar to flow into my mouth. I ran my tongue down to the entrance of her pussy and licked the inside walls of her pussy. I ran my tongue across her hymen and Marybelle let out an audible squeal. It dawned on me what was so special about the gift that Marybelle was going to give me. I moved up her body and passionately kissed her.

I rolled over onto my back and looked at her admiring her beauty and her innocence. Marybelle took control of the situation. She begins to kiss down my neck, over my shoulders and down my chest. She grabs the waistband of my Basketball shorts and pulls them from my body. She then kissed up the thigh on my right leg reaching my cock. She took my cock into her mouth and ran her tongue up the bottom of my cock She began to tease the tip of my cock slurping precum building on the tip of my cock. Marybelle was giving me blowjob I had ever experienced. Marybelle stopped and stood on the bed and straddled me. She slowly lowered herself onto my cock and slowly caused my cock to pierce her hymen. She bites her lip to keep quiet as she continues to lower herself on to my cock, she pauses getting used to the feeling of my cock filling her pussy. “Merry Christmas” Marybelle said leaning down kissing me as she began to move her hips and driving me closer to the edge. We both climaxed at the same time as we continued to kiss each other. Afterwards she rolled off of my wilting cock and laid her head on my chest. We laid there looking into each other’s eyes as we drifted off to sleep.

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  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

    Oh my Jor-el !!! if I was bent over with your beautiful cousin !! not only would you see my red lace panties !! but you’ll see the tops of my brown nylon stockings and my garter belt straps that would cause your cock to stand fully erect !! And the mistletoe !!! Oh my God !!!! my arms and legs will be totally wrapped around you like I’m a cat in heat !!! such a hot and erotic story and I hope I got you excited for me and thank-you so much for reading my stories Jor-el !! Britney

    • Jor-el ID:1dvzsdp2a2y7

      Oh thank you Britney The image that you just planted in my head Was amazing Thank you for reading my stories I’ve always enjoyed reading yours