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Kate Discovers a Secret 7

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You girls are making daddy’s cock very happy,” Kate said, still stroking his erection, as hard as she’s ever felt it, “do you want to see it?”

Two faces nodded from under their dresses.

“Take your dresses off completely, so we are all naked for a special daddy fashion show,” Kate said, pulling her own dress off and slipping her panties down her legs quickly. She wasn’t sure what “fashion” they would be modelling nude, but the girls didn’t seem to mind. Kate’s eyes were slits as she watched Joe lean back on the other bed, his cock erect and unhidden from their girls.

Kate knelt on the bed naked, next to her husband, and curled her hand around his erect cock as Avery and Ellie stared at it with wide eyes. “Come here girls, touch it like mummy is, touch it it everywhere, it’s big and hard becuase you are both making daddy’s cock very happy, especially giving it kisses with your sex slits!” Kate cupped Joe’s balls and ran her hand lightly up and down the veiny shaft, and over the exposed glans.

Completely naked, Avery and Ellie stepped forward, following their mother’s example and touched their dad’s cock with incestuous fingers. Feeling the soft skin sliding over the hard shaft, their fingers getting wet with precum at the tip. Joe groaned as he watched and felt their ministrations, “Oh, God! That looks and feels so good, girls, “ Joe exclaimed, “You are making daddy so very happy!”

They smiled at each other and giggled.

Kate smiled too, glad Joe praised them and encouraged them. Her clit was throbbing delightfully as she watched their small hands join her own on their daddy’s cock, her husband’s cock, the cock that made them. Kate shifted so her soaked pussy was over one of Joe’s hands, and she purposefully rubbed her hairless labia on his fingers. Predictably, his fingers woke up to her presence and started working in her wet slit as she hoped they would.

“Watch this, girls,” said Kate, and she tilted forward to take the tip of Joe’s cock in her mouth, closing her lips around the head, one hand on his cock shaft with theirs, the other brushed her hair back to make sure Avery and Ellie could see. Kate kept her eyes on the girls as she swirled her tongue around his glans, making contact with his sensitive frenulum and Joe groaned again.

Avery and Ellie’s eyes were wide, but receptive as Kate watched them. Joe’s fingers moved and his thumb pressed deliciously at her wet cunt ring while his finger slid over her clit, rocking it side to side. The stimulation caught Kate by surprise and the erotic, incestuous scene they were making overcame her. Her cunt clenched in orgasm, gripping Joes thumb tip as she moaned on his cock. ‘I’m coming in front of my girls!’ She thought, and her orgasm pulsed with a surge of pleasure.

The orgasm wasn’t huge, and she knew Avery and Ellie were watching as she sucked their dad’s cock and moaned. Her mouth popped up his tip, “That’s one of the ways we can make daddy feel good, to repay him for taking us on this vacation, girls… you try,” and she held his stiff erection toward their small, pretty faces as Joe watched.

Ellie didn’t hesitate, “my turn!” She said brightly, and her small mouth engulfed his head, Kate tenderly swept Ellie’s hair behind her ear so Joe could see.

“Good girl!” Joe said, “lick daddy’s cock tip everywhere, like mommy did, Ellie, oh God, you are so good at that!” Ellie looked pleased with herself when her mouth popped of his glans. Avery was next, her small mouth stretching to accommodate, but she wasn’t going to be outdone by her older sister.

“Like this mummy?” As her pink tongue stuck out and they could see it make contact with his cock head before her lips met her daddy’s hot cock.

Joe groaned, and he and Kate and Ellie watched as Avery moved her mouth on his cock. “Look at her flat sexy tits, honey, isn’t she gorgeous?” Asked Kate, holding his cock for their youngest 10 year old daughter. Kate arched her back, “Ellie, play with mummy’s tits while daddy watches us, and Avery fucks him with her mouth, daddy might like that.”

The crude language didn’t seem to phase the girls at all, and Kate arched her back while holding her husband’s cock for their daughter, and Ellie was tugging one of her nipples and sucking the other. She felt wicked and wonderful, her orgasm making her clit sensitive as she clenched her thighs, and the electric wire between her nipples and clit was waking up more and more as Ellie played with her mummy tits. Kates manicured nails traced across Ellie’s flat chest where Joe could see. “Look at our sexy 12 year old’s tits, honey, do you like little girl sex? Do you like incest sex? I do, and I truly believe that because you made these pretty hairless cunts, you can do whatever the fuck you want with them!”

Joe’s orgasm came in a rush. Avery’s mouth quickly filled, and came off his tip, he enjyed her surprised look and open cream filled mouth as Kate directed his cock to Ellie’s flat chest. “Good girl, Avery, you made daddy cum!” Kate exclaimed brightly, and her surprised look turned to one of satisfaction, and she looked at Ellie with little sister triumph. “Here, let me help you with that,” Kate continued, and lowered her open mouth to Avery’s, licking and slurping much of the semen from Avery’s mouth then made a show of swallowing it. “That’s how girls grow tits, they drink their daddy’s cum,” Kate said spontaneously, and Avery swallowed.

Later, the girls were asleep, tangled together in one bed. “No pajamas mummy?” Ellie had asked sleepily, barely able to keep her eyes open.

“No, Ellie,” Kate replied, glancing at Joe, “This hotel room is a sex room, and girls are only allowed to be naked or wearing sex clothes, including mummy.”

“OK,” Ellie accepted.

Joe was still naked too in the other bed, and Kate joined him, curling up next to him, “What did you think of that, honey?” She asked.

“That was amazing, honey… I loved the incest fellatio and touching their pretty little pussy slits,” said Joe.

“Dirtier, honey, talk dirtier. You don’t have to hide it with me anymore,” Kate said, punctuating her comment by pressing her hairless pussy mound onto his side as she curled up to him.

“Their prepubescent cunt slits felt wonderful on my cock tip, honey, and their pretty whore mouths belong on my cock,” Joe said, his erection rising again.

“Oh yes, that’s better,” said Kate, “more. Your incest child sex slut wife wants more.”

“From now on, we’ll be a perfectly normal family outside the house, but behind closed doors I’ll have three slutty cunts to fuck, your’s… and their child cunts. You’re going to help me get my daddy incest cock right into their tight cunt rings and our lives will be constant sex!”

“Oh yes, honey, that’s exactly what I want. I didn’t know I wanted it until I saw what you had on your open laptop, but now it’s all I can think about!” Kate leaned over and pulled Joe’s laptop out of her overnight bag. “I want to see the secret file, honey, show me everything!” Kates hand gently held and stroked her husband’s cock, encouraging him. He opened the folder and entered the password.

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