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Julia’s wake up call

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Julia woke me with her body as we had the morning alone. My coworker also makes her desires known after we had a meeting together. Enjoy the fantasy.

Welcome to another Julia based fantasy, yes this is all fake so please keep that in mind as you read or comment. Ladies if you wish to talk and inspire me i can be found on kik or session. Add 92 to find me at Kik. Enjoy the tale below.

Sleeping naked wasn’t an uncommon thing for me, especially in the warmer months. Having stayed up late playing games and enjoying Julia’s video I was in a deep sleep. It’s not often I dream and wake up knowing I dreamt of something, rarer is being able to recall the dreams. The dream I was having involved zombies, probably because of the game I was playing. After fighting for several minutes I got piled on turning my world to black before the dream changed. Now I was next to a gorgeous woman, I recognized her quickly as my wife as her naked body slid from the other side of the bed and cuddled up to me. Her lips kissed against my naked chest as I felt legs swing over and mount me. Erect cock brushing against her wet slit felt so real. These types of dreams came around only once in a blue moon. I would always wake with disappointment because once this went past kissing I usually would wake up hard and wanting.

As she straddled my waist I felt kisses on my neck and chest, her hips sinking down, my cock slowly opening her wet body till my squished tip pops in. Her tight pussy felt amazing in the dream and as it all started to feel too good the dream began to slip away. The once clear images turned gray, then faded, the sounds of moans still roused me as I went from dreaming to waking. My dream had been reality as I felt a weight on my hips and cock penetrated into an amazing place. Lips came up to meet my own as I blinked to brush away the haze of sleep. It was after this kiss I was awake and aware enough to realize Julia had snuck into bed. She was already grinding her clit against my pubic bone, pussy stuffed full of my cock, moaning into my lips.

“Morning daddy…. Momma left early for work so I came to wake you up. “ Being too deep to resist I rolled the two of us claiming my place on top. My lips suckled against her neck as I took slow deep thrust. The familiar sounds of cock squelching into a tight wet pussy mixed with Julia’s moans as I took control.

“Oh fuck me daddy!” Her nails dug into my back scratching down its surface as I increased the speed and power. While I didn’t feel it, my balls would slap silently against her body as they hung low from the heat. Her legs curled around my hips, ankles just able to lock together calves squeezing my hips as we locked together. Her pussy quivering on my cock as an orgasm must have been unleashed, I wasn’t sure just how long she had mounted me in my sleep. Her hands guided my face to hers so our lips could passionately meet. Pressing my cock in as deep as I could while her legs locked around my body she started grinding her clit against me again. Her orgasm must have been intense as eyes fluttered, along with her pussy constricting. It would have been hard to thrust with how her body gripped mine so I stayed plunged in her depths savoring the experience. My lips moved from gentle kissing against the neck to suckling at bare breasts.

“Oh daddy. I love your cock inside me.” Her hands rubbed at my back as I felt her thighs relinquish the grip allowing me to thrust once again. The remaining hold on my body kept me from getting long hard thrusts. So I settled for some short gentle ones, kissing her chest and neck. Her pussy leaking its sweet nectar slowly causing a wet spot to form under us as the minutes passed and still I was gently fuckin my young daughter. She would moan and praise me, claiming this to be the best way to wake up. My mouth kept occupied with her tits, I too would groan in pleasure as her pussy hugged my cock bringing me ever closer to cumming.

I flicked a glance at the time and noticed my alarm would go off in just a little bit. We wouldn’t have much longer before we should get ready for the day. I wasn’t going to last much longer anyway and my daughter’s moans changed. The look on her face must have been from riding the edge of trying not to cum again. Bringing my knees under me, my arms unhooked her thighs grip as I towered over her and started to pound hard down into her cunt. The moans went from a loving whisper between just us to an explosive scream of joy. The wet slaps of my sack against her rang out with each quick powerful stroke. Holding her legs open she stretched them out doing a spit allowing me to really jackhammer down into her cunt. One last pump before I held my cock in deep, her pussy gripping my shaft with all its strength as we both felt the pure euphoria of orgasm. My cum spraying her young body, the entire shaft shoved into place, a thumb teasing her clit as she softly moaned, chest heaving for air. Once my cock finished releasing its warm load and the grip her pussy held relaxed I pulled away.

“Alright baby girl, time to get ready for school. “ I slapped the top of my alarm silencing its blaring call that would normally start my day. I was still knelt in bed about to climb out when Julia started to clean my cock of our mixed fluids. The white remnants of cum stuck to its shaft. It only took her a moment to take in the entire flaccid thing and leave me with a bit of spit behind.

“There now you don’t need to clean it…” smiling she hopped out of my bed. Walking to her bathroom naked, a hand between her thighs to avoid leaking cum. I watched her ass bounce as she left before getting dressed. The rest of our morning was a blur of breakfast, idle conversation of what was going to happen that day and rush to her bus stop. It was all a whirlwind that made me sigh as I got into work. I was part way into my morning work routine when a meeting alert popped up. I almost forgot about it as I was just filling in for my manager to clarify details on a project with a different department. I usually didn’t sit in meetings unless it was to discuss technical aspects.

Grabbing my things I walked through the halls to the conference room on the third floor using the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator. I was one of the first to enter, I recognized the manager sitting at the table as the person who requested the meeting. On her right was the blonde I watched enter the sex shop. The thoughts of what happened the other started to stir, I tried my best to shove them aside taking a seat across from them both.

“Morning, thanks for sitting in on this. I’m Mary and this is Jackie. “ The manager introduced themselves as well as covered what the topic would be about. We had a few minutes to spar before the others showed up and shared some idle chatter. It was very difficult to keep my attention trained on their eyes, while Jackie was far more attractive and in a tight dress with pleasing cleavage, Mary wasn’t bad herself but certainly not dressed as appealing. I had been fidgeting with my pen and dropped it as the two of them were talking among themselves. Leaning under the table to grab it my eyes couldn’t help but drift up toward their beautiful legs as a touch of movement grabbed my attention. Mary had on panty hose and black high heels. Jackie was wearing some dark blue heels that complimented her dress and the movement had been her uncrossing her legs. What I thought to be black panty hose was in fact some stockings that went with those seductive suspenders disappearing deeper under the dress. The hints of a black thong flashed at him before she crossed the opposite leg over. Not wanting to have been down too long I quickly scooped up the pen but the pair didn’t seem to notice.

As the rest of the participants entered I was trying to block out the sexual thoughts my mind was having about Jackie. Part of me wondered if she had uncrossed her legs like that on purpose or not. It became difficult to focus on meeting and not think about Jackie when things grew tedious and boring. Soon enough the meeting was over and I could return to my desk and hide away for the day getting work done. Jackie and Mary had some parting words as I finished explaining something to another co-worker. In the end Jackie and I were the only two walking towards the elevator. Most of the others worked on the floor where we had the meeting and Jackie was a floor above mine.

“So what did you think?” She filled the awkward silence of us walking together in a shared destination. I was just trying not to stare over at her as with my height I had a nice view of her cleavage.

“Everything is looking good to me.” I kind of blurted out my thoughts realizing that even though my comment was more about her it could be applied to how the project was coming. I was contemplating taking the stairs as we got near the elevator, at least then I wouldn’t be at risk of shoving a foot in my mouth.

“That’s good to hear, some days I definitely question my own choices. Though i try to avoid clashing, it can’t always be done. “ She let out a little relieved sigh, pushing the button to call the elevator. I was about to say a goodbye deciding to walk when her soft touch on my arm stopped me.

“Can you come up for a moment and help me with something. I’ve been having an issue figuring out the new program. Mary said you may be able to help given your teams technical knowledge. “ She went into a bit more detail and I knew it would be a quick fix though the settings were obscure with poor documentation online. I didn’t have a good reason to turn her down, before I knew it we were both up at her office.

She had her own office, a small room just big enough for her desk, a filing cabinet, and a seat in front of her desk for company. It had a door at least so she could still have privacy but this was more of a closet turned office with its windowless walls. I took my place in the open chair before her desk, she stepped in behind me closing the door behind her. I watched as she sat down at the desk logging into the machine and clicking through to the program in question. I couldn’t see the screen from my position sitting in the lone chair before her. I wondered why she closed the door but figured she just didn’t want to disturb others who sat in cubicles outside.

“Alright so here is the file, and I thought with the documentation I could easily upload it but there is always an error code but no other information. ” The monitor wasn’t able to rotate on its stand for me to see so I got up and moved next to her. I made sure to give her space but was still able to see the screen. Still the placement had me hovering over her, able to effortlessly see down her dress. The black lace of her bra was tight against supple breasts obscuring nipples from my swift gaze. I started to observe the file and it was like I suspected.

“Mind if I have the driver’s seat for a moment. I can get things set up faster than I can explain. “ Taking a step back I ended up pressed against the wall as she got up. Her body brushed against mine in the tight confies behind the desk as we swapped places. The soft scent of her perfume was intoxicating, it was also unnoticeable until within such a close proximity. I got into her chair and started to click through the program. Telling her about the obscure setting as I clicked through digging up the settings before finding the one I needed to change. I noticed quickly that it was already set up and should allow her to upload the file. Confused, I turned to look over at her as she leaned against her desk beside me. I wasn’t prepared for what I was about to see, she had the dress hiked up revealing the full glory of her lacy black thong.

“You said things looked good so I figured I would let you have a better look. “ Her seductive tone was a siren song that locked my gaze against her body. Drinking in every curve and how the translucent fabric turned her pale lips a shade of black. Her bare slit had left a subtle wet spot making it a touch darker.

“Most of the guys in the office are scared to even admit they snuck a peek when I tease them. Think you could help relieve my stress caused by the project?” Still mesmerized by her body watching a hand push the thong aside, giving me a delicious view of her smooth lips. My cock grew as I fell for her seductive words and tantalizing body. I rolled the chair over in front of her, the dress lifting higher as her body shifted. Legs opening to welcome me in as my head sank in, tongue finding her clit as she used one hand to pull the thong aside.

The silent hitch in her breath held back a moan as she sank fingers into my shaggy hair. The black stockings rose up past her knees but left a good portion of her smooth thighs bare. Their soft caress against my ears,her body leaning back, legs over my shoulders, heels locking against the backrest of the chair. My tongue sank low, lapping and teasing her wet entrance. I brought up two fingers playing with her wet entrance as my lips kissed back up to gently suckle at the clit. The twin digits penetrated deep before I started to curl them, the tips quickly finding her precious places. The quick assault of my fingers paired with my tongue flicking against her swollen bean caused a moan to slip. Its faint sound spurring me on, her hand only grew tighter in my hair. I felt her legs grow tense and relax several times before her pussy began to quiver. The muffled sounds of barely contained satisfaction mixed with the heavy scent of her cunt leaking. As I felt her pussy relax she released the grip with thighs and hand she had upon my head. I stood up, my manhood aching to fuck her but I felt my welcome was becoming ocer stayed. If I don’t get back to my desk soon someone may question where I had been.

“I should head back to my office. Consider this a thank you for yesterday. “ The smile I had as she gave me a confused look before looking down at my cock. The realization on her face was priceless to me. “I watched you walk in and admit I did hide out of sight for a moment. I thought you did this because you actually saw me there and knew I used the booth. “

“I didn’t see you… but I certainly remember a new cock coming in. Well… I guess I know who’s desk to hide under later if I need a good stress relief. “ She smirked while fixing her dress as I gathered my things. A bulge was ever present till I went for the door. We had a few parting words and lustful glances before I went back to my desk. The rest of the work day was a dry bore till I left, thoughts of Jackie’s swirling in and out of my mind.

Between the events of the day, work, and traffic, by the time I picked up Julia my shoulders felt heavy with exhaustion. The family was all going about our usual evening routine. Julia was quiet considering how sexually persistent ahe had been recently. I welcomed the quiet though not looking to pursue anything this evening. My wife and I, both exhausted, got ready for bed early. Laying in bed she actually initiated sex, something that rarely happened and had been refusing for some time. Our lovemaking was good, our normal passionate embrace resulting in a blissful release on each end. However for me it felt like it had less passion and fire than the attention I received the past week. Satisfied but with many things on my mind i fell asleep wishing things between us had remained fiery.

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    Hi Knoxboy4u, love your writing, mmm yes to got wet reading it so I’ll have to check out more to return the compliment of you reading and commenting on mine
    That’s 5 stars from me 😘

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      <3 appreciate all the love!

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    You should marry Julia. I know if I was your daughter I’d want to marry you and have your babies.