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John’s Adventure’s! Part 3: The neighbor and mom’s best friend

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Marie and John, even though 15 years apart, were made for each other. Even though Marie can be rough, she knows how to institute pain, with pleasure.

John woke up and was no longer tired, or sore. Marie, last night, made sure he rested and refused any, and all, of his continued advances. Instead of being upset with her, he knew she was looking out for him. Instead of going back home, as was usual for him to do even when his parents left town, John fell asleep at Marie’s, the two embraced in her huge Cali King bed.

Marie was already up, making breakfast and watching the news. John went to sneak up behind her, his intentions were to grab her tits, or ass, and try for some more sex. His cock was telling him that, but the mature part of his brain said, ‘just hug her and kiss her on the neck and shoulders’. He went with his brain. Clearing his throat, Marie turned and they embraced, kissing each other gently. “Good morning”, they both said simultaneously. “Did you sleep, well”, Marie added. Nodding his head, John responded with, “Yes. Yes I did” and with a smirk, he added, “you?”. Both chuckled and ate the toast and eggs, Marie had just finished preparing.

After eating, Marie told John, “Hey, I have to go to the store real fast and buy a few things for the grill this afternoon. You, want to stay, or go?”. ” I’ll stay, get these dishes cleaned and then go home to shower”, he responded. “Sounds good. Going to jump in the shower myself”, she said and walked away. John washed the dishes and wiped down the counter. He felt different today. Like a man. A changed person. But John, then again, is, very mature for his age.

John had lots of friends, but didn’t hangout with them all the time. For years, he has always enjoyed the surroundings of his parents, his sister Meaghan (Megs), Stefanie, whom he referred to as an Aunt (since his mom and her had been friends since 1st grade) and of course, Marie. He was on the wrestling team and loved science in school. His hobbies included riding his dirt bike and, of course, swimming.

He was 4 weeks shy of turning 16 and had, since 10 or so, already made plans to attend UCLA, study biology and go to work in that field of science. He had known Marie since he was 10, and she was 25, when her and her husband built their house nextdoor. Marie and her husband, Paul, became instant friends with his parents. Then, about 2 years ago, when Marie was 28, Paul left her everything and moved he and his 18 year old GF from down the road, to his condo in San Diego

Marie would always joke about Paul being 10 years older than her, so apparently,, as she put it, “at 28 now, I musta’ got to old for him”. John’s parents and her would just laugh. Marie, as I related in a previous part, was now, 30, a COO of a corporation and apparently, was real good at it. And, with that, John heard she could be a real bitch. Or so he overheard from her co-workers and employees, during pool parties she’d throw, 2-3 times a year. Of course, they said it behind her back. John’s opinion, being around Marie constantly for the last 5 years, was obviously different. She was sweet, funny, caring and always a great friend, not only to his parents, but also to he and his sister.

When John’s hormones started kicking in, he also looked at Marie, and Stefanie, in a different way. When he sprouted his first boner to masturbate to, it wasn’t a magazine he used. It was while he watched Marie sunning near her pool. Pretty much, John rather masturbate while watching Marie. Even after discovering his parents porno movies, he’d fantasize about doing those things to Marie. And, now that he finally succeeded in having made love with her, his true feelings came through: He, at almost 16 years of age, was in love with a girl, finally. Well, more like a woman.

John left Marie’s and went home to shower. Looking in the mirror, he looked at his muscular body, then inspected his ‘battle scars’, Marie had left on his chest. “Yeah, she’s busted. I gotta keep these fuckers, covered up for a while”. Marie, when she had her explosive orgasm last night, dug her long claws in deeper than he thought. All 9 areas of penetration had dried blood, but were puffy and bruised. John laughed at there only being 9, instead of 10. “Thank gawd she does keep that one short”, laughing as he remembered it going up his ass and massaging the prostate.

John, now with a huge erection, he jumped in the shower and washed every inch of his body, trying to not aggravate his ‘battle scars’. Drying off, he rubbed them to aggressively, causing them to reopen and trickle blood. “Fuck! This can’t happen. Not with ‘aunt’ Stefanie coming”, he said loudly. He knew Stefanie wouldn’t mind finding out, if he was having sex with someone, he just didn’t know how she would react to finding out that it was with Marie.

John frantically looked for some bandaids, but couldn’t find any. “No, no, no. No fucking way”, he yelled loudly. The punctures from her thumbs, were the worst. No matter the pressure he applied, they would start trickling blood again, immediately after removing the Kleenex. “FUCK!”, he growled and ran to his room for another pair of swim trunks and one of his swim shirts, he’d wear while in the ocean. He raffled through his drawers and found a swim shirt that should do the trick: his digital, urban camo one. Lot’s of grey, black and blue. “This should conceal any blood, if it oozes through”, he thought.

John returned to Marie’s, who was gone now and went to every bathroom she had, with the exception of the master bathroom. There, finally, he found bandaids and started applying them. He applied the larger ones, usually used for large elbow or knee scrapes and after all nine were covered, he finally donned the shirt. Yep, the shirt would definitely, probably, conceal blood trickles, but you could definitely see the outlines of the 9 Band-Aids. He sat down, shook his head and began to worry.

He finally stood up, resolved in the fact that he was not only busted, but that Marie would be ‘suspect #1’, for causing it. Everyone knows Marie only maintains 9, super long, claw like, finger nails. “Everyone will know!”, he said loudly. “She gets them done every fucking week. Sometimes twice. Fuck! “. John was in a panic. His mind, however, suddenly switched from worrying, to curiosity.

John began looking through Marie’s walk-in closet and was amazed at all the awesome clothes, he never saw her wear. 30 to 40 dresses, 25 or so business suits. High heels and flats. He was amazed. He’d only seen her in business suits, going to, or coming from, work. Any other time, she’d be in sexy shorts or her bikinis. “Fuck”, he thought aloud, “I love her in those brite, neon green or yellow, french cut ones”. He laughed, feel his cock and stroking it to an erection.

He left the closet, still stroking his meat and found her panty drawer. “What… The…Fuck!”, again, talking out loud, “there must be 100 pair in this drawer”. He continued looking through drawers and found another with more panties, then two with socks, another two with stockings and garter belts and one with silk sleep shirts, then three drawers, with bras. John knew Marie changed clothes a lot, but he was mesmerized by that she changed her ‘undies and socks’ also in the same way. Everything he saw, whether in her closet, or drawers, was not just tidy, but well organized, folded crisp and neatly.

John stopped stroking his cock, upon hearing Marie’s Porsche pull up and into the garage. He quickly closed the drawers, but failed to close one of the stocking/garter belt drawers completely, as he rushed away. He had barely made it out of the master bedroom, when Marie walked through the door. John ducked into one of the guest bathrooms and walked back out, acting like he had just washed his hands. “Hey”, he shouted, “I gotta a show you something, and tell you something”. Marie just smiled, turned her head to the right, flexed her hips and hugged him.

“I went into your bathroom”, he said as he pulled off his shirt, “because I couldn’t find any bandaids, for these, in the other three, or at home”. Marie giggled and said “come on. I got something that’ll be better than a bandaid. And, Don be worried about going in ‘my’ bathroom… You’ve always had free run of my place. Even more so now”. Marie then grabbed his hand and walked him back to the master bathroom. She did, however, notice while passing her dresser, that one of her stocking/garter drawers, was not fully closed. Marie, intentionally stopped, gently closed it and gave John a sultry look, whilst biting her bottom lip.

“Sit on the chair. I’ll be right back”, she said and proceeded to the bathroom, returning quickly with two small bottles and some gauze pads. Marie sat on John’s lap, her legs spread wide apart, so she could face him. “See this bottle?” , she asked, with John nodding ‘yes’, “it’s antiseptic”, as she pressed down hard on each and everyone of his 9 bandaids. “Now this bottle”, as she dragged her tongue and his neckline, “this bottle here, is liquid skin. We’ll have to remove each…and….every… Bandaid… Before I can use it. Doesn’t that sound fun? “, she said, whisping her tongue across his lips.

“Uh, ummm, okay”, John said and continued with, “Bu, buu, but why do you keep pressing them down, if you’re going to take them off?. I’m confused, Marie”. “Well, my big, obviously hard, man… That’s part of this ‘Q&A’ game we’re going to play. I ask a question and you nod your head for ‘yes’ and” and using her best pouty face, “and then for ‘No’, shake your head. Don’t say one, FUCKING WORD! Not a single word. Just nod your head or shake it. Okay?”. John was a quick learner and even nodded for this part.

Marie dismounted him and went to a nightstand, removing something that John couldn’t see, but kinda heard as it was removed. “Close your eyes, my big hard stud. Don’t move a muscle”. He heard Marie walk behind the chair, felt his right wrist being wrapped tight in something soft, yet with something like leather on it’s two sides. Then, his left wrist had the same thing done to it. Both wrist were loose and he could move his arms about. But then he heard a buckle and his arms were tightly drawn backwards, not painfully, but the sensation was uncomfortable. His chest protruded forward, tightly and those bandaids, they they were stretched snug now.

Positioning herself as before, Marie looked deep it his eyes and asked the first of her questions. “So, did you like my garter & stocking drawer?”. John started to speak, wanting to apologize, but Marie put her finger against lips and reminded him to “just nod your head ‘yes’, or shake it for ‘no’. Rules,my big cocked stud. RULES! Like….NOT going through my personal drawers”. Then she pinched his nipples. John nodded ‘yes’, and with that, Marie ripped a band-aid off. John grimaced and bucked. “Now, did you like my other garter & stocking drawer?”, and again John nodded ‘yes’, and again Marie ripped another band-aid off, causing the same discomfort as before.

Marie was laughing, somewhat ‘devilishly’ and said, “Wow…. This so fun! I just know I’m having more fun now, than you did going through my personal belongings”. Marie’s questions kept going and going. And with each question, with each response to it, there was the ‘ripping’. Finally, they were down to the last band-aid and Marie stood up, removed her shorts and shoes she wore to the store and, squatting back over John again, pulled her panties to the side and guided his cock into her vagina.

Marie bucked wildly, as she tongued the 8 exposed claw marks, while rubbing and pushing on the 9th one, that was still covered. Marie, through heavy and interrupted breathing, said, “So… my big young stud, here is your mare’s… last question. Did…. You… Like my 2nd panty drawer and my….my….closet? ” Marie was about to cum hard. John nodded ‘yes’ and Marie ripped the band-aid off using three fingers and exploded. Her tight pussy was saturated, pulsating so hard, John’s swollen cock felt like it was being strangled.

Marie dismounted quickly, dragging her tight snatch and pulling John’s cock upwards. She had just cleared his head, when he uncontrollably shot few heavy loads into the air, some landing on the tile floor, some hitting Marie and a splash or two on himself. “You’re a naughty stud. I should make you clean this mess up”, Marie said, as she licked what she could off herself and then him. “I’ll clean the tile up, I’ll clean it up when you release me”, he said. Marie smiled and released John’s sore arms.

“Hurry, clean your mess off the tiles and then we’ll jump in the shower. It’s 9:15, Stefanie will be here at, or before 10:00 and I still need to put this liquid skin on you”, Marie said. John hurried as fast as he could. He didn’t want to miss out on taking his very first shower, with Marie.

To be continued…..

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  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

    I loved it when Marie dug her nails in John’s back !! I’ve done that quite a few times and I have a younger nephew who would come over my house and go into my lingerie draw and steal some of my nylon stockings and a couple of pairs of my pantyhose !! my sister found them in his room when she was putting some of his clothes away !! she showed me what he did to them ! he blew a couple of his sperm loads into the crotch area of my pantyhose and my stockings had splatter sperm stains all over them !! I laughed and told my sister he’s 14 and his hormones are raging so put them back where he hid them ! she was embarrassed for what he did and gave me $50.00 for the replacement of them !! I love this series of John and Marie keep them coming !! Britney

    • HKT ID:8ldli0lv9a

      Thanks. It was his chest she clawed into, but I get you. Just finished Part 4, working on Part 5. And as usual, Britney, I take time to read your stories.