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John’s Adventures! Part 2: The neighbor and mom’s best friend

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Later on, the same day he lost his virginity to Marie, his plans of dominating Marie, didn’t exactly go as planned. But still ended great.

John went back home and found the stuff Stefanie had left for his mom, putting them in his parents room. John was thirsty and hungry. He was worn out from the fucking he just took from Marie and felt different, like he wasn’t a 15 year old virgin boy, but felt like a man. He quickly drank a Pepsi and ate some chips, thinking about mounting Marie again and learning, doing, other things with her body.

He’d seen his fare share of porn before, having watch his parents collection of DVD’s. Now that he’d finally ate pussy, had his cock sucked until he nutted and was fucked, being mounted by Marie, he wanted more. He wanted to do the mounting. The one on top. He wanted to go ‘Doggy’ style and, he definitely wanted to buttfuck Marie, or whomever. The more John thought about all this and Marie’s body, the hornier he got. His cock was hard as a rock.

John sorted through his parents collection and found a couple he watched before. Both were hot and had a constant flow of rough, hardcore anal sex throughout. He was fascinated by anal sex, along with rough sex the actors performed. Not to mention, his curiosity was peaked even further by hearing his parents go at it, 5 days a week. He’d masturbate hearing his mom moan and squeal, presumably from his dad buttfucking her. She sounded different later on, well into their love making sessions and that was his conclusions. “Dad must be buttfucking mom, right now. She’s really moaning and groaning”.

John was on a mission now. That mission: To Buttfuck Marie. Today. Tonight and…. More tomorrow. He popped in one of the DVD’s and began watching. He really enjoyed watching the guy spread that first bitches legs, then throw them over his shoulders and pound away. He watched the actor choke the female and pull hard on her hair. He then watched the best part intently: How that guy rolled the female over, swatting her on the back of her thighs and forcing her onto her hands and knees. Then, the guy actor jammed two fingers into her butthole, while paddling her pussy with other hand. John blew his load in his swim trunks, well before the guy crammed his cock into her ass.

Enough. John needed to go back to Marie’s. He peered through the back fence and looked at Marie, sprawled on the concrete patio with a towel, sunbathing in the nude. John’s cock was hard again and he couldn’t control it. His parents and Marie were so close of friends, his dad built a walkthrough gate in the fence. Marie was married at one time, but that guy left her for an 18 year old down the street. My parents and everyone else, couldn’t figure out why he left her. Marie was pretty, sexy and hilarious. Plus, she was a career minded chick and was a COO of a corporation, but you’d never know she had all that money and clout.

John opened the gate and quietly snuck up on Marie, putting his hand over her mouth as he straddled over her body. Her eyes opened wide and she playfully let out a scream, muffled as is was from being covered, then started laughing. John removed his hand and kissed her on the lips and neck, his tongue slithered down, flicking her nipples when he arrived at her tits. Marie motioned for John to let her up. “Let’s go inside. I just heard the nosey neighbors behind me, get home. We can’t get caught”. John followed closely behind, watching Marie’s thick, muscular, heart shaped butt move from side to side. He couldn’t wait to see what it felt like.

“Go to my bedroom, I’ll he right behind you”, she said. Marie stopped in the kitchen grabbed her bottle of wine and a glass, then a Pepsi for John. John managed to find Marie’s bedroom. He had never been in it before and her house is huge. 6 bedrooms, 4 full bathrooms and a 5 car garage. His house was huge too, but at his, there was his little sister and his parents. Marie had this whole house to herself. Three times a week, a housekeeper would come, do laundry and clean. Not much for them to do really, cleaning wise. She was a very tidy, clean person. Laundry would have been another thing. It was rare for Marie to wear the same thing all day.

John was laying on Marie’s bed, his feet crossed and a huge confident smile, was plastered on his face when she walked in. His cock was stiff as a flag pole and was so hard, the head wasn’t even touching his firm, flat stomach. Marie put down the wine, the glass and the Pepsi, climbed onto bed and sucked on his cock. “I swear, your cock has gotten bigger. Even harder, than it was earlier. Must be because we got rid of that nasty ‘Virgin Virus’ you had. Cured now, right”, she said and caused both to laugh. Marie got back to sucking, as John closed his eyes and fantasized about taking control of Marie, eventually sodomizing her thick ass.

Marie’s warm, wet mouth worked up and down his shaft, her right hand paddling his tightening ballsack. “Gotta loosen those two up”, she said as her mouth sucked them into her mouth. John tightened up, his hands clenched at the beds cover, trying to work through the pain/pleasure threshold he was being put through right now. With each sucking motion of Marie’s mouth, it was painful, yet pleasurable at the same time. His big balls, crammed together in her wet mouth, being even further cramped together, everytime she drew on them.

Then, she stopped, got out of bed, guzzled her wine glass, poured some more and opened her nightstand, removing a couple of tubes. John was too dizzy from his nut sucking, he couldn’t read them. All he did see, was Marie had squeezed one of the tubes gel onto her right middle finger. John was always curious about why that finger didn’t have a long nail, unlike her other nine, which were two or three inches long. John was about to find out why she kept that one short. And it wasn’t just for her own personal satisfaction.

Marie climbed back into her previous position, placed her left hand on his lower stomach area, wrangled his loosened ballsack back into her mouth and began sucking again. John began wiggling about, his body reacted to this pleasurable pain. Then, her middle right finger with the gel, began circling around his butthole. It was warm. Very, very warm. Almost numbing. Then, Marie wiggled it gently, but deeply, inside his rectum. “What the fuck!”, John yelled out and jerked his upper body into a reclined position.

John attempted, attempted, to move back, but Marie was having none of that. She pushed down hard on his pubic bone, continued with her oral ballsack attack and her finger beating up his prostate. John had tears pouring from his eyes and couldn’t catch his breath. He so wanted to yell ‘STOP!’, but couldn’t find the words. The sensation was complexed: pain, pleasure, warmth and a burning sensation that was deep inside not only his ass, but was now coming up through his cock. He wasn’t sure if he was going to pee, or cum. It was weird.

Finally, 10 minutes of this, he yelled out “Oh, fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, something’s happening, Marie!”, and with that Marie released his balls, started sucking fast on his cock and kept her finger inside his butthole. “OH, FUCK”, he shouted as his whole body gyrated, his head snapped back, his face grimaced and his cock exploded with a super long cumshot into Marie’s mouth and throat. Marie was taken by surprise at the huge quantity of seed, that shot out of John’s cock and pulled away, somewhat choking on the thick goo.

Marie had cum dripping from her mouth and was trying to swallow it all, while attempting to catch her breath. And, without her mouth not being able to stop the flow, John’s cock continued to shoot several more shots, which found their place on John’s chin, neck and chest. He fell back panting. Aching. His cock was still hard and continued to convulse, even though there was no more cum to ejaculate.

Marie, not wanting to waste a hard-on, jump right up, straddled him and stuffed his pulsating hard-on, inside her pussy. “Oh, gawd, Marie, please, please, no, my cock hurts so much. Please don’t. Can’t we rest?”. If Marie heard his words, she ignored them and continued to ride his boner roughly. When she orgasmed, her pussy tightened up and pulled his cock hard, as she went mid length when she orgasmed. Her nails dug deep into his chest, digging so deep, she drew blood.

John’s cock hit it’s threshold and went limp, while still inside her. Marie, exhausted, fell off John and curled up next to him. Her fingers swirled around his chest. “Shit! Stefanie will be here tomorrow to swim and grill with us. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”, she said. “What’s the problem with that?”, John asked confusedly. “Your chest, John! Fuck! I dug my nails in so deep, your bleeding and there will be marks, with bruising, for sure!”, Marie said emphatically. ” Don’t worry”, John said, “I’ll just wear one of my swim shirts, like I do in the ocean”.

Both fell asleep for awhile, giving John some ample rest. Marie thought, “No more fucking tonight. If all comes together, tomorrow, hopefully, it will be a big day for all of us. I’ve wanted to eat Stefanie out for a long, long time now.

To be continued…..

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  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

    Again HKT !! so fucking erotic !!! How about I be your Aunt Marie and you’re my young horny nephew who wants to get me drunk and fucks my ass in my lycra workout tights !!! sorry but your story makes me so horny because I can really relate to Marie !!!! 5 star rating from me !!!! Britney

    • HKT ID:8ldli0lv9a

      Thanks. And would love to!