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John’s Adventures Part 1: The neighbor and mom’s best friend

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15 year old virgin John vs. his neighbor and his mom’s best friend.

At a very young age, John would get erections that lasted for an hour, or even sometimes longer and still, even at 15, he never really understood why he would “spring up” out of nowhere. It wasn’t like he was doing anything that should stimulate this to happen. No girls, no women, no nothing, his meaty appendage would “pop up”. He did, on several occasions, recognize that it would happen during vigorous activities, or when he would be in a sitting position and nervously flexing his knees.

He wasn’t the only one to notice when it happened, however, as the nextdoor neighbor, Marie, and his mom’s friend, Stefanie, also recognized his erections on numerous occasions and how they started. Marie was a super nice lady of 30 and would, frequently, watch John when his parents were at work or, just wanted to get out of town. Marie has short, jet black hair, a huge smile, is about 5’6″ and with athletically thick curvatures ( think softball player ) and small, yet firm as rocks, 34A tits.

Then there was Stefanie. His mom’s friend. Hell, her best friend. Stafanie and his mom had been friends since they were in the 1st grade and now both, were 33. Stefanie too, was softball player thick, with sexy curves, 36C tits and long brown hair. She’d notice John’s erections when he’d get anxious about something and start wobbling his knees, or just merely tapping his feet.

Both women, on these occasions, would feel embarrassed by watching his crotch as it bulged. Stefanie, quietly in her own mind, would think “I wonder how big it is, when not restricted by his underwear and shorts”. Marie, on the other hand, wondered “I wonder what his cock tastes like, let alone what it would feel like, inside me. ALL three of my holes”. Marie would be the first to experience John’s youthful cock.

John was spending the weekend with Marie, as his mom and dad were out of town. Marie had a real nice pool at her house and John, even when not spending the night, would swim in it. The very first night of his parents being gone, he swam so much he got a real nasty ‘charlie horse’ in his inner right thigh. Marie saw him limp out of the pool and flop down on a sunning lounger, trying to vigorously rub it out

“Told you it would happen. Your not a shark”, Marie said. John could only respond with ‘Ows, Ohs’. Marie knelt along the lounger, moved his hands away and began rubbing his inner thigh. And, it wasn’t long after that, John’s cock raised into a full, thick erection. Marie giggled, but continued rubbing. John was embarrassed, covered his meaty member with both hands and said “sorry”. Marie just smiled, kept rubbing and now was allowing her finger tips to brush up against his ball sack. John sat quietly, looking at Marie, then at her hands.

“I’m sorry Marie, it just happens”, John said. “It’s okay”, she said, ” you’re a male and well, it’ll get hard when aroused. When I get aroused, my nipples ache and my vagina gets wet. You don’t tell, I won’t either Okay?”. John nodded his head and took his hands away from his crotch. His youthful boner was in full force, pressing aggressively against his swim trunks. “Marie, are you, you, aroused right now”, he asked. “Yes, John. Yes I am”, she said. And with that, her hands quickly pulled his swim trunks down and off, launching them into the pool.

Marie wasted no time getting that virgin meat stick into action, as she gently began jerking it off, while her mouth and tongue worked over his ball sack. John laid wide-eyed, unavailable to move and thoroughly enjoying this new found pleasure. Marie’s small, soft hand felt so good stroking his cock, but he was even more so enjoying her lick and suck on his ballsack. He had jacked off many times, so the feeling he was having at this very moment, was nothing new. He new he was about to blow his load. “Oh,oh,oh…wait, wait”, he shouted out.

Marie was not about to let his ‘cumshot’ go into the air and be wasted. Her mouth quickly transferred to his cock and enhaled every bit of his shaft just in time, swallowing every drop of his virgin seed. She kept his cock in her mouth until it stopped pulsating and no more of his seed flowed out. From the beginning of her first touch, to her mouth enveloping his cock and sucking it dry, was about 3 minutes. Which, for him being a virgin, and so young, was about right.

John said nothing. Even though his cock was still hard as a baseball bat, he was not. His body lay limp on the lounger, as he smiled and looked towards the sky. “Ready for some more?”, Marie asked. John couldn’t find the words, so Marie stood up, spread her firm thick legs apart and straddled his face. “Eat me!”. John didn’t know what she meant, let alone what to even do. “I, I, I….. don’t know what you want me to do, Marie”. “Explore my pussy with kisses. Gently suck on my lips, my clit and tongue the clit, by swirling it back and forth. And, if you want to try, stiffen your tongue and have it enter the hole”, she said.

John, for never ever doing this, nor even seeing it happen before, performed quite well. He explored everything about Marie’s pussy. His tongue lapped at the lips, sucking them into his mouth and wrapping them around his tongue. He would stuff his tongue as deep as he could inside her soaking wet hole, then lash at her clit, periodically sucking on it and swirling his tongue around it as he did so.

Marie knew she was going to cum, but wanted to on his cock. She reached back, found his cock was still hard, moved her body off his face and mounted him with one, fluid motion. Both let out a sound of pleasure, as his young, meaty member pushed inside her. “Fuck! For a 15 year old, you have nice, thick cock!”, she said. Since being an adult, Marie had never had, nor entertained the thought of, fucking a teenager. The last time she fuck a 15 year old, was when she was 10 and a neighbor’s son forced himself into her holes. As an adult, she wrangled enough adult cock and didn’t need to think about a teenager.

Marie bounced roughly up and down, making sure his thick, 6″ cock never ventured far from his ballsack. In John’s perspective, he was enjoying this new found sensation and especially since her position, squatting over his meat, caused her pussy to be even tighter than it already was. John let out an “uh, oh, oh, oh” and released another load of cum into Marie, with her snatch being the happy recipient this time. Marie, knowing that John probably couldn’t maintain his erection after this release, maintained her pumping rhythm and began caressing her tits and nipples. Even though her tits were 34A’s, they were firm and sported thick, extremely long nipples, that were very sensitive. Marie would actually cum, with only nipple stimulation.

As Marie played with her nipples and tits, she yelled at John, with anguished heavy breathing, to press on her clit and rub it. “John, John, John…… press your thumb hard against my clit and rub it. Please, please, please, rub my my clit!”. Tears poured down her cheeks, as her face pointed towards the sky and the sun’s rays warmed it. Finally, and just in time before John’s tired cock deflated, Marie let out a shriek as her body shuddered, her hips frantically moving forward and back, with sweat dripping uncontrollably from her body, onto John’s, she collapsed onto him breathing as if she was gasping for air.

Marie eventually stood up, albeit with shaking legs, readjusted her swim wear and took in a huge breath, extending her arms and back to stretch. As she pulled her swim bottoms back over and into position, she felt John’s recently released seed, ooze from her pummeled pussy. John watched, in a boy’s first kinda way, as Marie licked his spilled seed from her fingers like it was dessert. Marie then fell back into the pool, laughing and giggling like a school girl. “Come on John, get in. Cool off. Relax”, she yelled.

John jumped in and swam to retrieve his shorts at the far end of the pool. Luckily for them he slid back into them, because not to long after hitting the water, Stefanie showed up at his house, to drop something off for his mom. Both Marie and John were thankful that they were done. Stefanie poked her head over the fence, gave friendly hello and told John, “I left some things for your mom on the kitchen counter, can you put them in her room later?”. “Sure thing, Stef”, John replied. Marie yelled out, “why don’t you come jump in the pool, my swim clothes will fit you”.

Stefanie replied, “I can’t today, but is tomorrow okay?”. “Sure, you bet”. Marie said, “We’ll grill also”. Stefanie yelled back she’d be there, at about 11:00am. As soon as she left, Marie made she drove off before kissing all over john. “Who knows, you might get two of us tomorrow” she said to John. Marie was also thinking, quietly in her mind, that she too might get double lucky herself. What Marie didn’t know, was that Stefanie had drove away with the same thoughts. John….. well John was was riding an all time high.

To be continued…..

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  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

    This story is so fucking hot and sexy !! and Marie sounds like me ! I’m 52 116 pounds with long black hair that I always wear in a ponytail !! When I’m at my girlfriends pool I love teasing her brother by bending over in front of him wearing my French bikini and 5-inch black heels waiting for him to pop his boner for me !!! Love your story HKT and keep them coming for this horny chick !! Britney

    • HKT ID:8ldli0lv9a

      You got, Miss Britney. Love your stories also. Part 2 was just posted and I have a Part 3 which has to be done, and possibly a Part 4. We shall see

  • Reply Mk ID:19hlxe7ss3pe

    Fuck that’s a hot story! Makes me wish it was real!

    • HKT ID:8ldli0lv9a

      Thanks. Going to put together Part 2 here in a couple days