Jennie Finch: Concert Night

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Jennie Finch and her boyfriend make love after a concert.

Jennie Finch’s head was spinning. The concert had been an amazing experience, and her boyfriend Pete had scored really good tickets. There had been a sweet smell in the arena’s smoky air throughout the concert. Jennie took it all in. She was feeling really mellow.

Jennie looked at her boyfriend as he drove through the warm evening. She smiled. Right now, she was feeling a very strong desire for her boyfriend. Now she reached over and put her hand on Pete’s leg.

“Jennie, as much as I like that, it’s a little hard to drive when you do that,” Pete said.

Jennie giggled. She was feeling quite giddy. “I know,” she said. “Maybe we should stop somewhere.” She continued to giggle, almost uncontrollably. She undid a button on her blouse.

Jennie kissed her boyfriend on the neck repeatedly. Pete flinched. He felt Jennie’s hand back on his leg.


Her hand still on his leg, she kissed his neck again. She was feeling really uninhibited tonight.

“I’m trying to drive, Jennie!”

“There is a place,” said Jennie enthusiastically. She could hardly wait to get there. Pete looked and saw what looked like a motel. It wasn’t elegant, but it seemed functional. He smiled.

“You need to stop, Jennie?” She smiled and nodded. .

“You know what I want,” she said. Pete pulled the car into the motel parking lot.

“Wait here,” said Pete. He went inside. A couple of minutes later, he emerged, grinning.

They drove around in back of the building. As they parked, Jennie gave Pete a hard kiss, using plenty of tongue. He returned it. Her pitching hand was inside Pete’s thigh and heading up his leg.

Pete got out of the car; Jennie followed. He buzzed them in the back door and they walked down the hall. Now Pete opened the door to their room. It was small and far from luxurious, but it had a double bed, so it would do just fine for their purposes.

As they entered, Pete took Jennie in his arms and gave her a passionate kiss. He reached down and grabbed her. Jennie responded by doing the same. Pete was starting to bulge.

Jennie unzipped his pants and he unbuttoned her blouse. Off they came. She quickly took her bra off and Pete kissed her large C-cup breasts. Her nipples hardened and stood up. Pete began to suck on them. Jennie sighed..

Jennie pulled off Pete’s undershorts. She fell to her knees. She grabbed his balls in her hand and took his quickly-stiffening cock into her mouth. Jennie’s blonde hair bounced off her back as she eagerly licked it and sucked it hard. Pete vigorously fondled her very ample tits. He pushed his hardening organ deep into Jennie’s mouth. She eagerly took it in.

They moved over to the bed. Jennie quickly removed her pants. Now in nothing but a pair of sheer black lace panties, she began to dance as Pete mounted her.

Jennie grabbed Pete’s love rod. She pulled on it hard, causing it to become very stiff. Pete removed his shirt and slid Jennie’s panties off. Jennie grinned. Pete’s fingers entered her hot, wet pussy. Jennie was already feeling aroused as his fingers massaged her clitoris.

Jennie lay flat on the big bed, spreading herself wide. Pete ran his stiffening rod along the outside of her warm pussy for a few minutes, his tongue in her mouth. Jennie moaned helplessly but excitedly.

“Now,” she said.

With that, Pete stuffed his hard cock into her. Jennie smiled at him. She had wanted this all evening. Pete pushed into her and out of her, hard, deep, and long. She wriggled and writhed gleefully underneath his athletic body, repeatedly kissing him.

“Yesss!” Jennie exclaimed. “Yesss!” Pete dived even deeper into her sweet, pulsating pussy. Jennie could feel his hard log and she loved it. She kissed him hard as she continued to wriggle gleefully.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Deeper! Deeper! Slam me!”

Pete was good at following directions. He rammed her hard and deep, over and over, in and out. Jennie took it all in like the athlete she was. Her wet pussy throbbed with intense pleasure. She felt chills from head to toe.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!” she screamed.

Pete popped. His love rod started to vibrate all over Jennie’s soaking pussy, releasing huge amounts of spew. Jennie was tingling all over. Her whole body shook, filled with ecstasy.

“Oh! My! God!” Jennie screamed. She was exploding with intense pleasure in every inch of her six-foot frame. Pete poured his fluids into her. She continued throbbing and shaking.

Now Pete was done. He climbed off Jennie.

“Oh, God, that was wonderful!” Jennie said.

They lay together for a few minutes, then it was time to go. “Can’t miss curfew,” Jennie said cheerfully. They got dressed and got back in Pete’s car to resume the trip home. This concert night had been one of the best nights Jennie had experienced.

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