Jacking off in front of sisters

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Young horny sisters see me jacking off so now I don’t try to hide it.

I was enjoying my 18th birthday in my room, jerking my well lubed cock like I do a few times a day. I didn’t realize my 15 & 16 year old sisters were even home so my bedroom door was open and I was edging myself. Whenever Mom and my sisters weren’t home I took advantage of that and when I knew they were gone for many hours, I would edge and enjoy my jack off session for a long time because it feels awesome being rock hard and stroking precum out.
I fantasize about being naked and hard in front of my mom and sisters. Mom is gorgeous and had me when she was only 17. So she is only 36 and women in their mid thirties and older are supposed to be in their sexual prime. My sister’s are both beautiful free spirited girls and all three of the women in my life have great bodies and lay out tanning in little bikinis all the time so I never need porn to help me get off. As I edge my slippery hard precumming cock, I just need to recall the beautiful scenes of them laying on their stomachs with their perfect bubble butts on display often with the bikini bottom wedged in the crack of their perfect hardon causing asses.
I’ve jacked off and blown so many huge loads watching them and recalling those beautiful scenes. Occasionally, when mom has a girl’s night out, she’ll come home late buzzed and I hear her masturbate, while she seems to not worry about being loud and I get hard every time and jack off listening to her make herself cum and she gets into it for like an hour and no matter if I jacked off a bunch already, I cum with her every time. My sister’s I know can hear her as well and I’ve pictured all three of them jilling off together.
Mom has always been supportive and says masturbation is natural and a good thing and it is safe sex too. So, anyway, I’m naked on my bed edging my slippery 8″ throbbing cock, picturing my mom and sisters naked, horny fucking them selves with dildos when I hear my sisters squeal and call me a pervert as they walk by my open door. I yell out sorry, it’s my birthday and you guys weren’t supposed to be back til later. They shouted back that they bored and they came home early and why are you jerking off with your door open? I said I knew you guys and mom were gone for a while and I would rather have my door open all the time.
Eww, pervert.!! I said hey, it’s normal, so it’s not perverted. Yeah, if your door is closed. No, it’s better open, I’m even harder with you guys catching me, it’s turned me on more. They both went back by to go into the living room and kitchen to get something to eat and they giggled and looked directly at my twitching precum leaking cock and then they were in the front room laughing and flipped on the TV. I decided then that I was going to go out and jack off sitting in the recliner so they can see how hard and horny I am and I hope they will love watching me cum all over because just thinking about it is almost tipping me over the edge.
So I slathered on a big wad of Vaseline and went out and they both just acted shocked, jaws hitting the floor, asking what the hell are you doing now? When you guys saw me, it was a turn on, look how hard I am, look at how much precum is coming out, it’s like triple the amount more than usual. They both stared as I barely touched myself or I was gonna bust. “Bro, that is a nice big dick, it looks really good, not all deformed and no foreskin, the head is fat and leaking.” “Geez you two, my cock is so hard and it feels so much better doing it in front of you instead of hiding in my room.”
“I wonder if I should try this in front of mom too, I know it would be crazy good to jack off without having to be behind closed doors.” “Bro, you got mad precum leaking, is that normal?” “No, it’s such a nasty turn on doing it with you watching that a lot more is coming out and I can tell when I cum, it’s gonna be epic.” They both started rubbing themselves and pinching their nipples then they said let’s see your cum brother, shoot a huge load for us, we’ve never seen a real cock cum, only in porn. Mmmmm, shoot it everywhere, just think if mom was watching too.
Fuck, with those words, I couldn’t hold back any longer. “Oh fuck you guys, I’m gonna cum, holy fucking shit here it comes, as I stood up and pointed my cock at them and instead of rubbing and squeezing, I started full stroke beating off and I exploded, grunting and groaning and started firing huge ropes that shot out and even with them more than five feet away, the first four hit them, spraying them both with six big shots then the next six or seven still flew out but not as far and they both were frantically rubbing and I think they came as I sprayed cum on them.
I fell back into the recliner breathing so hard, knees weak and my whole crotch was hot and hyper stimulated and my cock just stayed hard and throbbed and twitched and I needed to catch my breath but my cock was ready for more. “You know what girls, I’m still horny and I’m gonna do this in front of mom after she gets home, you think she’ll care?” “Bro, she’s always horny and masturbates all the time in her room, we hear her almost every night.” “Well then I’m gonna do it if she’s out here relaxing, I’ma jack my horny hard 8 incher and see how she reacts.”
That is for another story… To be continued…

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    Well… I can’t see the writer of this story, otherwise it was very good, hope it gets continued fast.

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    You should continue this story.