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Jacking Off For My Stepdaughter Bonus Story

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Helena likes being naked now and loves watching cocks ger hard.Helena seduces one of my coworkers that was to drunk to drive home

It’s almost a year now since Helena caught me jacking off and I’ve fucked her already and she loved it.My sex life with my wife is amazing she knows I’m molesting Helena and she was the one that encouraged me to fuck Helena.If you have never fucked a 10yr old little girl you have no idea what tight pussy is.My cock is 6inchs fully erect and only a girth about same size of 2 1/2 of my fingers.So it took some time working my cock head in her but once the head popped in oh my god it felt like I had super tight rubber bands around the shaft of my cock.Helena is stretched out now I got her a bigger dildo she loves using so it keeps her stretched we fuck almost daily now.

I said all of that for this part of the story.At the time all this wonderful little girl sex is going on,cell phones are out but only rich people have them.So me being me I wanted pictures so I got a Polaroid camera and 20 boxes of film and started snapping pics of Helena with my cock in her, the dildo in her, etc.Every sexual thing we did I took pics.

One of the guys I worked with, at the time I was driving dump truck local I couldn’t stand to be away from Helena so I parked my Pete and went local.One my buddies he drove also would hang with me at lunch and sometimes come over drink beer smoke some erb and throw darts in my basement.Well I get off on people seeing Helena naked so I left a few pics of her with the dildo in her under my tray I roll my weed on purposely.Marvin,my buddy everytime he comes over goes straight to the basement grabs the tray and rolls us up a couple nice fat ones.Marvin hinted he like young girls and i see how he looks at young girls if we eat at fast food place.

It’s Friday no work tomorrow Marvin isn’t married he lives alone and no girlfriend.I want him to see the picture of Helena with the dildo and see if he says anything to me he knows she’s only 10.We have a door access outside to the basement so as we walk to the house I say I’ll be down in a minute gotta let Helena know I’m home my wife is at work won’t be home till in the morning.Marvin says cool ill roll a couple fatties up.Marvin saying that gave me tingle in my balls he’s about to see my 10 Yr old step daughter with a dildo buried in her little pussy.Upstairs I let Helena know I’m home ask her would you get naked in front of Marvin?She said do you want me to?Yes I do I want you to use your dildo can we both jackoff on you?Helena got excited Marvin is 27 about 6’1″ muscular, good looking man and Helena loves when he’s here.

So I tell Helena where one of your lose tank tops and big baggie shorts no panties and when you sit make sure your pussy is showing OK.She said OK giggling walking towards her room to change.Ive always wanted another man to molest Helena with me for a couple of reasons.One it would be hot to watch Marvin fuck her , and if it gets crazy enough I think I want to try and jack him off I’ve always wanted to jack off another man for some reason.Marvin told me his last girl was a swinger and that they had been in several orgies so I’m hoping he’s open to letting me jack him off.

Making my way downstairs real quietly .Our basement is a L shape and where we sit you can’t see where the stairs come down I wanted to see if Marvin was maybe looking at the pictures I left for him to find.Peeing around the corner I see him putting the photos back under the tray he seen them thats awesome.I go back upstairs yell down is there beer in the frig he yells back yep a case.

I told Helena wait about 5 minutes and bring some laundry down to wash OK and make sure you don’t make it obvious but show your tits best you can then sit on the couch let Marvin get a view of your pussy ,Helenas nipples are rock hard she’s horny and into it.Marvin always sits on the washer that’s just his spot I sit on a barstool in front of my work bench .The couch is straight across from the washer 6 ft away so Marv should get a good peek at Helnas little tight pussy he’s seen a dildo in.

So I get down stairs grab a beer Marvin hands me a lit joint we smoke the joint and grab a beer and here comes Helena with a laundry basket.Marvin starts to get up I say no no your fine I told her gather up her laundry I’ll put in later right now let’s just smoke and slam some beers.As Helena walks by holding the basket the side of her racketball size breast is showing she did perfect.I see Marvin’s eyes widen he sees her tit I’m getting a hard on already I hope he lest me jack him off on Helenas pussy.

Helena sits on the couch one both feet on the couch her knees up into her chest legs spread I can see her pussy I know Marvin can.We are just talking about the work week all the stupid shit we had to do I keep seeing Marvin catching peeks of Helenas pussy.He knows she’s only 10 but he’s looking between her legs every chance he can.

Helena then says Daddy I can do a backend you wanna see?Oh hell yeah she’s smart , yeah Sissy let’s see.Helena gets up takes a few steps towards Marvin adjust her shorts holding them to the side and leans back doing a perfect back bend.She had the shorts pulled up super high wide leg opening her split in her pussy was in full view Marvin was looking directly at my daughters pussy and it’s making me so horny I want to jack him off now and see and fill his cock explode with hot cum all over her little 10yr old body.

Helena had her legs spread wide her mound was in full view I wanted to fuck her right there.Helena laid down legs folded back leaving her pussy exposed.She reached forward with one hand pushed her self up with the other hand it looked like she may have inserted her finger in her pussy.Helena sat back on the couch legs spread about half open just showing one side of her pussy.I had to test it see if he will make a move.Hey I’m gonna go grab the phone in case the wife calls, we had a cordless at the time.Getting to the stairs I holler say Sissy come here real quick,Helena runs over.Ill stay up here about 5 min just go ahead and spread your legs and show Marvin your pussy if he reacts bad come up and tell me.If he likes it when I come back down if he liked it get me beer OK,she said OK Daddy and giggles.

Helena goes back sits down Marvin looks at Helena and she pulls her short to the side spreads her legs fully exposing herself to Marvin and ask him Do like it?As she ask Helena started massaging her clit telling Marvin she likes to cum.Later Helena told me Marvin had to stand up and adjust his cock but he never looked away as she sat and rubbed her pussy.Helena started to get very wet she slid a finger in her pussy and then heard me open the door so she stopped , giggled and said sshhhhh.

Soon as I sat on my bar stool Helena brought me a beer so I knew Marvin was into having sex with Helena but would he be OK with me being involved.Helena still was sitting we both could see her pussy it was glistening where she was so horny and wet.I look at Helena hoping what I’m about to say don’t blowup in my face.Sissy , how about you take them shorts off and let us see your pussy.Marvins head jerked he looked at me not saying anything eyes wide.Helena stood up and slowly lowered her shorts letting them fall to the floor stepped out of the dat back and spread her legs wife full view of her 10yr old pussy that clearly was wet and wanting to be fucked.

Marvin you OK with this I ask?He was in a daze staring deep into Helenas little pussy.Marv you OK buddy?Yeah I’m cool what are we doing man she’s only 10yr old brother.I know but she’s older in spirit she loves sex her Mom knows I fuck her.Marvin jerks his looks at me ,You fuck her?Yeah for about 8 months or so now she’s on the pill 💊 she’s hot brother she loves cock do you want to fuck her you can?Marvin shook his head said I’m not a choice mo man.Helena pulled her tank top off started rubbing her little breast with one hand licking a finger on her other hand sat back down and started finger fucking herself .Marvin adjust his cock he’s hard and so am I.

Her Mommy helped me get my cock in her but she’s open she can take it long as you don’t have a horse dick.I stand up pull my pants and underwear off walk over get between Helenas legs slowly push my cock in her and start fucking her slow so not to cum yet.Marvin is rubbing his cock threw his jeans come on brother she wants us both.Marvin stands up takes his pants and briefs off exposing his almost same size hardin as mine and walks over by us jacking himself.

Cool brother she loves getting fucked I pull out reach towards Marvin’s cock and say why don’t you sit down taste her pussy let me help you out taking his cock in my hand.Marvin sits on the couch lays back Helena lowered her pussy down on Marvin’s mouth and her started sucking her pussy so hard she instantly started to moan.My hand is around Marvin’s maybe 7 inch cock stroking him him slow it’s so hard and throbbing I can feel his heartbeat .Something came over me and I took his cock into my mouth and started sucking him how my wife does my cock.I had sucked a cock about 3 years ago a couple swinger truckers I partied with I liked it but hadn’t sucked one since.This time I’m gonna get that cum shot in my mouth I want to see how it feels.Marvin is thrusting up and down fucking my face it feels amazing.

Stroking my cock as I suck Marvin’s cock I hear Helana moaning loud she’s jerking hard she about to cum Marvin is thrusting fast in and out of my mouth his cock head going down my throat gagging me but I let him keep fucking me.My balls are tingling I’m so close to cuming then it happens Marvin thrust up super fast and hard and feel his cock get super hard and start to pump cum down my throat, I blow my load all over the floor as i swallow every drop of Marvin’s cum it was amazing to feel the flexing of his cock as he shot his load in my mouth.Helena was moaning saying oh my god I’m cuming over and over it was amazing we all came together and I finally know how it feels to get a man to cum and I liked it.

After we all finished cuming I get up wipe my mouth I had cum on my chin and my cheeks I could swallow quick enough and some of the cum leaked out of my mouth.Helena slid off Marvin’s face I milked my cock on Helenas naked back.

I was worried Marvin might be mad but he said man you suck dick good , and laughed .Turned out in the orgies Marvin sucks cock too.So we had a crazy night , I let Marvin fuck my ass it felt amazing I know it’s gay but the way we looked it it’s just sex with a 10yr old girl and my wife has wanted to watch me get fucked now she can.Im open to most anything in sex I’ll suck cock but can’t be a nasty dude.

Now I have pictures of Marvin’s cock in Helena his cock in my ass and my mouth, and several of Helena with a cock in her pussy and one in her mouth.We fucked Helena all night I got fucked once iy felt amazing.I always thought a guy getting fucked you had to jackoff to cum but that’s not so.Feeling Marvin’s cock go in and out felt amazing and I cam 2 times before he finally came in my ass I could feel his hot cum in me Helena was laying on her back me eating her out while I got fucked hottest sex I ever had in a threesom.

Be sure if you jacked off reading this or you ladies if you masturbated let me know reading that gives me jackoff time .I jackoff everyday at least 5 or 6 times.Having little Naomi here all summer sometimes it’s as many as 10 times a day.

Enjoy and remember
Happy cuming

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  • Reply Seth ID:4b06x67eoib

    Another writer uses the mechanic where the girl says she’s 10 but he keeps saying that she doesn’t look a day over 6. That seemed to pass muster. Unfortunately, he posted about 4 stories and then quit.

  • Reply Seth ID:4b06x67eoib

    Wish you’d included the analysis bi scene with more detail. Also, bring in the wife. I too am open minded during sex. I’ve never tried anything but I think I’m open to most anything in a sexual setting. I don’t think I’m gay as kissing a guy is just plain gross, but mutual pleasuring, especially when a female is involved, sounds fun.

  • Reply Cee ID:4bn00en3fia

    Made me cum! Love the openmindedness!!!

    • 69themyoung11 ID:1dfhojkk145e

      Glad you enjoyed it.About 1 year before this happened I was still driving long haul.Parked at a truck stop I hooked up with a swinger couple the guy was my age the girl was 19 I was 29.We fucked a threesome , I didn’t get coaxed just wanted to try it I sucked the dudes dick for about 30seconds.I jacked off while doing it came so hard.I always thought I should have sucked him till he shot his load in my mouth.Wiyh Marvin I got what I had been wanting it felt amazing.I could feel every pump of cum before it hit my throat from his cock throbbing.Marvin came over 4 more times him myself and Helena all had sex he fucked my ass every time that also feels amazing.He just up and disappeared never seen him again and I’ve never had another man since.I have jacked off one 8yr boy my neighbors son that was erotic little boys shot cum hard when they cum he shot clean over my head .

  • Reply N ID:1dgwcbx7xpup

    I REALLY want to read this and the rest of your stories but I can’t until you repost part 3 of jerking for my step daughter. It’s not on here and I really want to know the whole story

    • 69themyoung11 ID:1dfhojkk145e

      I’ll have to write it again for some reason they took 3 down.I have it in my memory not to worry I lived it ill never forget ill have it in a few days.I have 2 others already requested a story I need to write them 1st OK.. Read the other series
      10yr Old Great Niece Watched Me Jackoff

      That’s happening now I been molesting 2 of 6yr old great nieces it’s hot check it out guarantee you will shot a massive load.I have to say they are 10 but it’s not true names are Naomi an Lexie both 35lbs and out 3’8″ flat chest no pussy lips nice full C shape pussy mound and they love to cum

    • 69themyoung11 ID:1dfhojkk145e

      Chapter 3 will post by tomorrow

  • Reply Australia. [email protected] ID:1cn96ee27z4d

    Definitely the perfect little girl perfect age

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1qkwnvpb0j

    I was jacking off the whole time reading this. Wishing I was looking at the pics and seeing her back bend