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It was a good day

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So, this happened about eight months ago, and I still dream about it to this day.

I had the day off and felt like smoking a bit of ice and having a jerk off session. When I went to my dealers house, there was a woman roughly 40yrs old and a guy about 25yrs old. We were all chatting and passing around the communal bubble when the woman (Gabby) tells me that the guy is her son (Nathan) and he’s leaving in a couple days to go serve jail time.

Gabby keeps giving me those fuck me eyes and I stare back at here, but I didn’t want to upset her son. Eventually the dealer inform us that someone is coming over and we have to leave. On the way to my car, Nathan asks if I want to come over to their place for a bit. I really wanted to go home and watch what’s new on my favorite porn site, but I figured hanging out with some new people would at least give me some mental material, so I say sure and follow them to their house.

When I walk in, Gabby tells me to get comfortable l, she’s going upstairs for a min. I sit down on the couch and Nathan offers me some pills. There were some Percocet, Xanax, and a few Viagra. I kindly declined and he says “well they’re there if you want them” and then pops a Viagra.

“Hmm. Ok, that’s weird” I think to myself.

Then Nathan says he’s going to the bathroom and will be back in a bit.

So I’m just sitting there and I turn on the tv. Apparently there was a movie playing on the DVD player. It was a porn movie, but I recognized it because I’ve seen it before. It was a mother-son incest flick.

“Huh. This is getting interesting” I thought.

Then Gabby comes down and sees me watching the movie. Shes wearing just a sheer bra and panties. She’s blonde, about 5’5″ with b-cup tits and I can tell she has no hair whatsoever on her body.

She asks me if Im enjoying the movie, and I tell her I’ve seen it before and yes, I do enjoy it. Then she says “well why are you still wearing your pants?”

“Go go gadget undress”

Now I’m sitting naked and this woman straddlese and starts grinding on me. I was quite high already and was wondering if I should have taken the Viagra. Nope, my cock was already at on its way to being fully erect. Gabby takes off the bra and panties and then positions my cock to point up and she then starts to rub her pussy up and down my shaft.

“Holy fuck this is awesome.” I tell her.

She’s soaking wet. She kisses me and starts grinding faster, then she lets out a loud yell and cums all over my cock. “Mmm that was good. Andnl you have a really nice cock” she says and tells me that I’m being a good boy, so mommy is going to give you a reward.

“Oh mommy, I want the reward” I tell her.

She talks me to go upstairs and lay down in the bed. When I get there, I notice it’s a one bedroom house and Nathan is nowhere to be found.

“Ok, as long as they don’t kill me, I should be okay” I thought.

A few minutes later Gabby shows up and she has a rather large bubble with her and 3 bottles of water.

She asks if I’m ready for my reward, and I say yes. She then bends over and starts sucking my cock. She gave it a couple licks and then in one motion goes from the head all the way to the base of cock. “Holy fuck” I say out loud and she is really working it going all the way up and all the way down without chocking. Now I dont have the biggest cock in the world, but I’m not small either. Id guess I’m just shy of 7″ and as thick as a redbull can.

Then out of the corner of my eye I notice some movement, and its Nathan, fully nude and sporting one of the biggest cocks I’ve ever seen. Had to be at least 9″ and quite thick.

“Ahh, I see brother is getting his reward. Can I join in mommy?” He says

“Brother?? Wtf?? I just met you two” I think to myself.

Sure, as long as it’s okay with you dear” she asks me.

“Uhh, okay, but that thing isn’t going near me.” I say

“That’s fine, it’s not for you anyway” Nathan says.

“Oh.” I say

Nathan then positions himself behind Gabby and slides his monster in her wet cunt.

She immediately starts moaning and says tells Nathan to “fuck mommy’s cunt harder.” He’s pumping away while Gabby continues to take in my cock like a pro.

After what felt like 10nminutes Nathan says “brother, are you close to cumming? I want both of us to pump mommy full of our milk at the same time”

“Uhh… Yeah… Brother… Mommy is an amazing cocksucker.” I say

A few more pumps and I start squirting a bit of cum and Gabby goes all the way down and holds that position while I shoot my load directly into her throat. At the same time Nathan is moaning and I see his body freeze and he says “yes mommy, take all my cum”

The three of us collapse onto the bed, and I noticed a quite large wet spot on the floor. Mommy must have squirted again.

We relax for a bit and then Gabby says they’re gonna go out, if I want to spend the night I’m more than welcome to, but I declined because it had been over 5 hours since I left home and I had to walk my dogs.

Nathan is still serving time, but Gabby and I have met up a few times since. She recently showed me Nathan’s baby book and I told her I thought they were roleplaying. Nope, legit mother and son. Then she showed me her twin daughters baby book.

They just graduated college this week and will be coming to stay with Mommy until they find some work.

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