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Isle of Eden: The Country Where Adult Men Marry and Breed Pre-Teen and Teenage Girls

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My story of moving to an island nation where adult men can marry and breed girls as soon as they start ovulation.

Chapter 1: Too Good to be True

I know I will probably be killed for writing this story, and many people will not believe what I write here, but fuck the Isle of Eden! It is the most wonderful place on Earth but if I cannot live there then I’m going to burn it to the ground. Or maybe cast it into the sea. I’m not good with metaphors.

This is my story of the many wonderful years I spent on the Isle of Eden and how I was eventually cast out of it.

For years I was a part of several online groups of men, and a few women, who understood the correct order of nature, that is to say men are attracted to women based on the the viability of their reproductive organs and general appears of health and NOT on age. For most men, a 10-year-old girl who is ovulating and whose titties have started to blossom is far more attractive than a fully-developed 25-year-old. Deny it as many men will, it is the truth. We have evolved this way, which also means girls have evolved to more likely pass on their genes if they are horny and want to be impregnated as soon as they start menstruating. After hundreds of thousands of years, these desires have been woven into the fabric of the human race, and only modern social constructs have deemed this wrong. In fact, our bodies know it to be right, that adult men want to impregnate young teenage and pre-teen girls, and those girls desire to be bred by adult men. It is literally in our DNA.

The more time I spent connecting with other men who were willing to admit this fact about human evolution, the more I was convinced that men and women who deny this reality are only doing so for social acceptance and control.

Over the years I had flirted with many younger girls but never actually acted in a way which might find me at the wrong end of the court system. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t entirely squeaky clean. I had done some borderline questionable things, but there was always a certain level of plausible deniability. Even my small collection of photos were not stored on my laptop, and accessing my remote cache was done completely without a trace. Literally nothing was ever saved on my laptop and cellphone, including temporary files and sexual chats with underage girls.

I was bulletproof, which is why I was very very VERY careful when I became friends with someone online who would change my life for the better. The one who would introduce me to the world the way it was intended.


I knew him only as Nathaniel and we bonded over discussions of hebephilia and the pros of breeding girls as soon as they start ovulating. We talked about what was acceptable for tens of thousands of years of human history and why, suddenly, in only the past 100 years everything got stupid when it came to human sexuality. How men are being locked away by the hundreds of thousands for acting on their hardwired biological instincts, like penalizing a bird for flying or a fish for swimming.

One day Nathaniel asked me, “What if I told you there was a country where adult men marry girls as young as 10 and the entire society not only accepts it but celebrates it?”

“I would say ‘sign me up!” I joked.

“Are you serious?” he responded in a very matter-of-fact tone.

“Well of course, wouldn’t you?”

“I already live there,” he said, without losing that seriousness.

I laughed. “Well send me your private jet to pick me up because I want to live there too!”

“I can tell you don’t believe me, Michael, but I assure you that I have never lied to you once, and I’m telling you the truth now.”

“You’re telling me that there’s already a country like that? Where? Are you talking like some Middle Eastern village?” I still did not believe him. I knew the age of consent was very low or non-existent in a few countries, but it was not something that was widely accepted. Even child brides were not normally so young and definitely more rare than the paranoid media and social networks tried to make it seem.

“It is a country where everyone speaks English, like us, although with all different accents. The men who live there all have wives under 18. Most have multiple wives. The girls can use protection or birth control if they want, although most of them choose to be mothers as soon as they capable.”

This sounded like a complete fantasy, but I was getting very aroused by this fictional country so I dug deeper. “So all of these wives are just there? Where are their parents?”

“The parents live there too, on the island that is,” Nathaniel replied.

“Oh, so it’s just a little Epstein Island knockoff?”

“No, it is a very large island, closer in size to Hawaii, with a small but robust economy and foreign trade.”

“If the parents live on the island, why are they okay with 10 year old girls getting pregnant by adult men?” I asked, thinking I had backed my friend into a corner.

“The parents ARE the little girls and adult men. The entire population are men and their child wives.”

And just like that I was drawn back in. “Tell me how that works.”

“Many years ago I had a wife named Asha. She was 11-years-old when I impregnate her. After 9 months Asha gave birth to our daughter, Emily. Even though Asha was only 11 she was a very good mother and breast fed our daughter, cared for her, as well as maintained some of her other tasks, both inside and outside of our household. When our daughter Emily was a little older she attended school, just like all the other girls born on the island. Meanwhile, Asha got pregnant again with another daughter, Desi. I had several more children with Asha before she reached her late teens.”

“What happens when a girl is no longer a teenager? Do the men of your country only mate with girls under 18?”

“No, but it is highly encouraged. As a teenage wife gets older and has had a few children, she is more likely to start using birth control and devote more time at work and studying.”

“And you marry new 10 or 11 year old girls and begin mating with them?” I asked, hoping the answer was yes.

“That’s right, my friend. Like when my daughter Emily had her first period there was a big ceremony for her where all of her friends celebrated her becoming a woman in the eyes of Mother Nature. After that, any man on the island was welcome to start courting her. It wasn’t long before Emily was married and bred herself.”

“So a girl might only be 20 or 21 by the time her daughter is pregnant with her own child at the age of 10?” I asked excitedly.

He chuckled. “That’s right!”

“How often does that happen?”

“All the time!”

Everything Nathaniel was telling me came out so effortless, as if it were all completely true, but I was beginning to find the whole concept far too exciting for it to last. It suddenly occurred to me there was a massive flaw in his story.

“You said the men of your country have multiple wives and continue to marry young girls as they begin ovulating, right?”


“But how can that be when all of the boys reaching adulthood will want wives of their own. It would end up just like every other country on earth, right? With about 50% of the population male and 50% female?”

“Our founding fathers thought of just that problem with an easy solution. When boys reach puberty they are sent away.”

“Away to where?”

“Just away. We have places all over the world where our sons go to live with other ex-patriots from our country. They are taught from a young age to accept the fact that their time in our country is limited.”

He got me again! I was sure I had poked a hole right through his little fantasy island but he had thought of everything. But wait, I had another ace up my sleeve! “Then what happens when all of the men get old and die off? Now you are left with a country of only girls.”

“Not so. Every man is allowed one male heir to take his place. If the man’s death is unexpected then his oldest son still on the island will take his place once he comes of age. If the man is too old to continue breeding with new young wives he may choose to retire and allow a son to take over. The man will live out his days on the island. In essence, a household will always be passed on to a son.”

I’ll be damned. Nathaniel had thought of everything! It almost felt like this place could be real. “So are there a lot of older women on the island? Or do they get sent away as well?”

“Girls are highly educated about the world and are encouraged to leave once their last child is of an age to marry to take care of herself. Most girls end up leaving before the age of 25 and will stop having children before 18. It is a part of our culture that a girl is bred from the ages of roughly 10-15 and then focuses on raising her children, working, and studying from 16-25. Of course, she will still be sexually active, but childbearing is considered a young girl’s role, not that of an older teen or adult woman.”


At this point I felt like, as truly wonderful as the fantasy sounded, I had started to grow weary from Nathaniel’s insistence that this was a real place. After all, he had never once mentioned anything about it to me. Come to think of it, I thought, he had never really talked about where he was from, not even the country.

“Did you have any more questions about my country?” he asked genuinely.

“Nope, it sounds really nice though.” I had decided to end the conversation there but Nathaniel persisted.

“So would you like to move here or was that all in jest?”

“Well of course, Nathaniel, I would move there at a drop of a hat if it were real!”

“But it is real,” he insisted.

I didn’t believe him, but over the next several days Nathaniel sent me photos of the young wives on the island: beautiful, and some of the many picturesque views. But anyone could send pictures of cute underage girls. I never once knew Nathaniel to lie to me, but this certainly wasn’t proof.

A couple days later I started getting videos on our preferred method of discreet communication. The first video had four girls of different skin tones, who looked about 11 to 13, write the letters M. I. K. E. on each other’s chests, just above their bikinis or crop top shirts. One girl in the middle had the face of a 12-year-old but she had a very ample bosom for her age.

Michael is a fairly common name. This could have been just some video Nathaniel found.

Still unconvinced, I received another video. This time of one of the girls from the first video, still with the letter K on her chest. Someone off camera handed her a baby. The girl pulled down her bikini, exposing her titty, and the baby began nursing. Meanwhile, another girl about 13-years-old stepped into the frame with her hand cradling her pregnant belly. The pregnant girl looked into the camera and said, “Hi, Michael, come join us!”

At this point I knew this wasn’t some sort of trick on Nathaniel’s part to bust me or get me arrested. Here was a video he sent me of a girl who was clearly very much underage, showing her milky titty to the camera before breastfeeding. Could it be true? Does this country really exist? My hopes were starting to rise, but I was on a work break and didn’t have time to engage in conversation with Nathaniel.

When work was over I received the final video that convinced me of the truth. In it, the four girls from the first video, plus the pregnant girl, were all lined up in a row from left to right. Each girl was on her knees in the grass, looking up at the camera, with her hands behind her back. The camera panned closer to the first girl on the left, who untied her bikini top from the back and allowed it to fall, exposing her tiny titties to the camera. “Come join me,” is all she said. The camera panned to the right where the next girl removed her bikini top in the same manner and repeated the request, “Come join me.” The third girl pulled her shirt down and showed her titties to the camera, then the fourth, each one asking for me to join them. When the fifth girl took off her top she had the most beautiful underdeveloped puff nipples I had ever seen. “Come join me, Mike,” she said, then the camera panned out to show all the young girls still lined up, breasts exposed. They held up the palm of their hands to the camera, and as it panned close to each one there were a series of numbers written on them. What were these numbers? They looked so familiar. When the video stopped I rewatched it, paying close attention to the numbers. I had a hunch so I checked the settings in my discreet communication app. Each girl had been showing a string of numbers that, when lined up, were the numbers to my unique ID in the app. These videos had been recorded just for me. These young teens and pre-teens, including the pregnant and nursing ones, were all asking me to join them in their island country, the place where adult men were free to fuck and impregnate little girls! It was all real!

“Nathanial…” I wrote, waiting eagerly for his response.

“Convinced now?”

“I’m in!”

“I am pleased.”

“But how? Is this just for a visit? How can a new adult man come to the island when only one male heir from each family is permitted to remain?”

“Because, my friend, I have no male heirs. Every one of my children was a girl, so have nobody to leave my estate to. If you want it, it is yours. I am getting along in years and, while I enjoy having my wives warm my bed, I am too old to sire more offspring. To you, I will give that honor, if you desire it.”

“Will I need to bring new wives to the island? Aren’t all the girls taken already?” I asked, getting ahead of myself.

“There are girls who have recently begun ovulating, and there are many more who are 7, 8, and 9 who are well on their way to reaching the age of sexual maturity. You will have no lack of girls to choose from, and most of the men here already have many wives, so they will not be as eager to seek out new ones, nor as desirable to the girls.

“I am in my late 30s. Isn’t that kind of a late start?”

“Of course not. The men of my country breed young girls long into their 60s and 70s. You will have many decades of siring beautiful girls to be enjoyed by all the men of this great island nation!”

I was overwhelmed with excitement. My cock was rock hard with anticipation. But for some reason, there was just one more question I had for my friend. “Speaking of your country, what is the name of it?”

It’s not a place you are likely to have heard of before. We were founded by powerful men from all over the world who still retain great control in many nations. That is why we have been left alone by those who might otherwise call our natural way of life wrong. Our country, and soon to be your country, is called, The Isle of Eden!”

TO BE CONTINUED: Please post any comments you have, especially if you would like me to continue writing this story!

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