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im truely in love with my beautiful sister

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It all started when we both were in our early teens. One day I caught my sister in Soher bedroom sexually humping a teddy bear. After a thew days of keep catching her in the act somehow the sexual humping then started coming to me. My sister would rub her pussy on my cock we where fully dressed as we new nothing really about sex. I loved the feeling this was doing to me and also my beautiful sister did. We would dry fuck till I would orgasm or she would. Because we both really enjoyed this experience together it went on for a long time. We would do it everywhere we went together we also started kissing and snogging we were both falling in love eventually we started forplay I loved her sucking me off she was a pro at it the best I’ve ever had even though it’s been almost 20 years since it all sadly come to an end she is still at the top of my list of sucking my cock the best by far. Cut a long story short we got caught one day by our older sister and her mate who now believe it or not is my partner ha ha. So the problem is now I am still in love with my sister and I fantasise about her all the time I have stolen her knickers and a dildo and my love to them with my mouth one day a couple of months ago we both was alone together and I had been drinking and on drugs so I told her I am still in love with her I want to fuck her badly has she has a partner also, and it’s been a very long time since we were in love together she she refused to say anything I asked her not to say anything to anybody and she hasn’t said a word to no one I truly think she wants to fuck me, but I don’t know how or as the courage to say she wants to. Please can someone help me with tips on how to get back to how are used to be as I know Dan we both want this I really love her and fantasise about her all the time, I don’t know she fantasise about me, but just can’t admit it please someone help me thank you

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