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I was put into foster care at 12 and used by the whole household 2

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At 12 years old I was put into foster care where a women and 2 girls were going to use me and now I was joining in all the fun

Standing in the bedroom the 3 of us naked I was red faced as I looked at Lisa her tits to me were perfect and her figure was perfect too, Marie had little budding tits beautiful too and she was a little chubby compared to Lisa but still perfect ,Lisa asked what I wanted to wear for bed either a nighty or top and shorts ,I had always wanted to wear a nighty to bed so I said nighty please and she passed one over and told me to get some underwear out of the top drawer as I opened the drawer it was full of panties and bras and I was immediately hard as I pulled a pale yellow pair which had small canaries on and as I went to put on Lisa said get the matching bra out too as I reached in a pulled it out I gave myself a few strokes off my cock,lisa shouted over stop doing it wait till down stairs,i put on the nighty and watched as tgey both pit on nighties to and we headed downstairs where the mum had got changed too she had on a nighty a black silk one and she said lets go watch tv on the sofa , I ran with the girls and sat on the sofa then mum sat next to me and Marie was the other side of me .
She put on the TV and said cuddle up everyone as I cuddled up to her I could feel the silkyness of her nighty and I still had a hard on as we watched TV I felt her hand go down between my legs ,she whispered ohh that’s a nice hard cock lets get it out while we watch TV as she lifted my nighty and pulled my panties down I was embarrassed as her hand went around it and slowly wanked me it felt good better than Lisa the mum knew what she was doing when suddenly she told Marie to take over and her little hand went around my cock and she continued to wank me ,she turned to Lisa and said take off your panties and let him cum on your pussy she took them off and lay on the floor and mum said Marie wank him so he cums on Lisa pussy as she told me to kneel over Lisa and Marie was wanking me and my tip was touching Lisa’s pussy opening it as the tip went close ,Lisa’s hand went and opened her pussy as I was starting to shake I knew I was already to cum and Marie went faster and it happened I shot my cum into the entrance of Lisa’s pussy as I finished mum told me to move and she went down on Lisa licking my cum out of her and i watched as lisa moaned and bucked as her mum licked her i hadn’t seen that done before and as i watched i didn’t notice Marie move and put her mouth on my cock sucking it wow it felt so good as she moved up and down . For a few minutes it was heaven when the mum said that’s it for tonight off to bed and remember you need your sleep tomorrow is Sunday and we have church .
I was sleeping in a bed with Lisa she a nice looking girl and similar build to me,that’s the reason why her clothes fit me ,me and Lisa got into bed I asked her about her dad she replied he left when she was little and has just been the 3of them but her mum has money from when her grandad died so doesn’t have to work , I asked her about sex and she just straight away said we have had boys stay before but never old enough your the first and mum always told us if we get a nice boy to live with us we have to keep him happy but she also said he has to be like us as a girl .
I slept the night most of it with a hard on and got woke up at 7 and was told to get washed and dressed and Lisa pointed to a summer dress and some underwear and white socks and she said that’s what your to wear ,I smiled but really the excitement being able to wear girls clothes turned me on ,I put on the bra it was pure white like the panties and socks and I pulled on the knee length flowery summer dress , Lisa said she would do my hair it’s not long just down to maybe the bottom of my face but I do look like a girls when my hair is nice ,she put on some lipstick and I looked in the mirror I looked like a girl ,I watched them two dress and we went down stairs ,the mum was wearing a summer dress too and you could see her bra through the gap of the buttons .

We went out side and a mini bus pulled up for the church it was full of parents and children I was introduced as Tanya and I sat next to a boy my age who was wearing a suit he said his name was Johnny and he was pleased to meet me he looked me up and down and I noticed shim staring at my legs and his hand was rubbing his crotch as we drove.
At the church we got out and went in I skipped in with Marie and we all sat together after church we got back on the bus and again Johnny sat next to me and this time his hand went on my leg as we drove and his other hand was rubbing his crotch and he whispered so you want a feel and he pointed to his crotch I looked around no one looking so I nodded and he placed my hand on his crotch and I could feel his hard cock ,the first t I had ever felt and I moved my hand up and down and after a few seconds he groaned and I felt dampness on his trousers he had cum in his pants .
When we got back to ours I got off and smiled at him and skipped into the house inside mum said go get changed and come down for some fun time, the two girls ran upstairs and I followed took off my dress and Lisa handed me a mini skirt and a boob top she put on the same and Marie put on a denim dress buttons down the front and off we went down stairs ,mum hadn’t changed she still had on her dress and she pointed and said all 3 of you sit on the sofa as today you are going to show Tanya (that’s my name now) around the village but before you go out it’s time for Tanya to let us pleasure her cock so Tanya lift up your skirt and let Marie play with your lovely cock she needs to be shown what she has to do so Tanya will show her how to do it ,by now my cock was fully hard as I lifted my skirt up my cock was stretching my panties and mum gasped as she saw the size again.
Marie got in front of me and Lisa was telling her to put her small fingers around my cock ,I was shaking as her small fingers went onto my cock not reaching all around and Lisa told her to move her hand up and down softly gripping my cock and I watched as my foreskin was pulled back and forth her face was full of concentration and mum had her hand inside her panties playing with herself watching as Lisa told her to go faster and lift my cock so she could see my ball sack ,if you lift his cock you can lick his balls as that’s nice to do as Marie’s head went down I felt her tounge on my balls so soft as if she was licking a lolly pop ,it was getting too much and I could feel my balls filling up ready to shoot out my legs started to shake and lisa noticed and told marie to put her face infront of my cock as my cum left my cock onto her face about 3 or 4 streams shot onto her 11 year old face in her hair also ,her hand came of my cock and her mum said well done Marie your first facing of many now let Lisa lick your face clean while i clean Tanya’s cock and she bent down and took my whole soft cock in her mouth her tounge cleaning it inside her mouth ,i just lay there transfixed with what had just happened a wank off a11 year old and getting my cock cleaned by a adult all while wearing girls clothes i was in heaven.
After this happened mum said should we all go down the park it’s a nice day so put on your summer dresses again and wear nice white panties and bras and we can do some flashing the local boys and men , Lisa and Marie were laughing as we went upstairs I asked what was funny and Lisa said you will find out hopefully Johnny might be there and you can be friends she laughed and we can play with some of the boys too ,I got dressed again and Lisa did some little curls in my hair and I put on a summer bonnet hat I looked like a nice girl I thought as we went down and we walked to the park through the little woods as we got there mum had brought a picnic and we made the blanket out and sat down near the swings and slide ,we never had nice parks where I came from this was fun as we went to the swings and when swinging you could see up our skirts and the boys and men looked it felt so good and then i noticed Johnny on the slide by himself and I skipped over and said hi he came straight over Hi Tanya he said to me do you want to play with me i nodded and we went on the slide and then the roundabout ,lisa and Marie came over and wanted to play Johnny said ok and we played tag and ran around then we did trick or treat where you have to answer question or do a dare ,it was fun just stupid then lisa asked Johnny to show us his cock near the woods ,he looked around then said ok over in the woods and we all ran over ,i had a hard on now as I had never seen another boys cock and when we got there he just pulled his shorts and under pants down and his little cock was hard,we all stared and lisa said johhny you can ask one of us to touch it ,he looked at us and he picked me i was straight over and i started wanking him my hand felt so nice on it as i slowly wanked his cock Lisa said again now johnny you can ask me or marie to show you are pussy he looked and picked lisa and she lifted her dress and pulled her panties off and sat on the grass and opened her legs.
I think this was too much as Johnny started bucking as I was wanking him making him cum and by now my cock was rock hard ,Lisa noticed and said Johnny you have to do something to Tanya now or we will tell my mum you made us he nodded ok what and she said pull her panties down and see what you see ,he did this and my big cock was sticking up ,she’s got a cock he said yes Lisa replied now give that cock a wank and he did straight away and she said you have to keep this a secret and I will let you finger me he stammered yes as his hand wanked me and his other hand started fingering Lisa ,my hand was still on his now soft cock and he didn’t stop me playing with it I was ready to cum now and I told him to point it at Lisa towards her pussy as his hand went faster making my cum shoot out and he turned to me and he kissed me on the lips and said I will keep this secret as long as we can do again.

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  • Reply watcher ID:n2ahpc2d9j

    A super hot story. Making the boy into a sissy boy for the girls pleasure is a nice twist. Adding in another boy creates so many future possibilities. I want both boys fucking all the girls and the mom. I expect mom will have sissy boy servicing both boys and men and eating sperm from her and the girls pussies. I can’t wait to read what you have planned next.

  • Reply Australia. [email protected] ID:1cn96ee27z4d

    I like the story, but I’m just a bit confused about a boy being dressed up in girls clothes

    • watcher ID:n2ahpc2d9j

      In Australia there are not any sissyboys? No crossdressers? No women who enjoy feminizing a boy, or a man? No boys or men who long for this to happen and secretly dress themselves like a girl, or woman, without anyone knowing? Really? Or are you just unaware of it happening?