I wanted her to take a boy and she obliged

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I won’t waste anyone’s time I’ll get straight to the story some years ago I got a little bored with our sex life although my wife is very sexy , we did most things to spice things up videos telephone sex with other guys and couples but we didn’t happen to take it further with anyone .

We realised it wasn’t for us really, then one night i started to explain a fantasy from when I was young lad , and now the roll had changed being a married man and a sexy wife , and so I explained I always fancied my friends mothered and mature women even though I was just around 13 years old , too my surprise Kath my wife said . It turned her on the same thing we chatted for ages about it and that night we had a really great night I banged her all night , after a few days Kath brought it up again

She said did I still have that same fantasy and that would I enjoy pretending I was that age ? It just didn’t appeal to me , I then said but the thought of her letting it happen now with a young boy would be really something after all she liked the fantasy , and so I said how about it ? She was horrified at first . But after a few hours thinking about it she said ok then if this was at all possible please explain how ?

And so I mentioned I a few boys that my brothers son knocked around with and that she knew they play football and my brother Dave sometimes coaches them , it was nothing definite but I said would it be a turn on for her as it would for me if she turned up with me , and dressed up pretty provocative at least just to see what the reaction might be ? She said oh yeah I don’t mind at all , and you can fuck me afterwards laughing,

So the day came Kath had a very short skirt showing her lovely tanned legs she’s got fantastic breasts , I told her to wear this low top showing off her breasts and her pointed nipples sticking out the material, so we drove there and watched by the side lines they all knew me and said hello to Kath , I instantly seen at least 3 or 4 really having a long lingering stare at Kath . it got to half time ,and as they was walking by I heard one say to the other fkn he’ll look at that woman with paul , I wouldn’t mind fucking her and this that and the other , the other lad was every bit as bad and so , I told Kath who said how old do you think they are ??

14 , hmm not sure love !!
What size cocks will they have ? Says Kath ?
I said well probably not fully developed but big enough!!
So they’re all back out again . Ball cones towards us Kath pics it up as she’s bending over they get a full view of her breasts and as Kath looks up she smiled that dirty knowing smile , so now I’m getting turned on myself,

The games finished I make my way over to changing rooms my brothers lad . Starts chatting about the game he remarked how nice Kath was looking ( he really meant how sexy she is ) but he wouldn’t dream of saying anything like that , so we get talking to his mate who happened to be friends with the boy that was coming out with the sexual comments,
I make up an excuse to chat to him , I whisper to Kath show him the top of her legs allowing her skirt to ride up , she also leaned forward chatting, his eyes was all over her , I was now pretty exited myself .
We gave him a lift home John his name was , I thought I would raise the stakes and as I was driving Kath was sat next to him in the back ,I could see in the mirror his eyes trying to get a good look at her tits , I asked did he have a girlfriend? No he says , so I take things further and say well why not ? And that he must have desires ? And then I hit him with ah I see I bet you just use magazines for now ? And that all lads do I said loudly so Kath was part of the conversation he looked a little surprised but not that much that he was uncomfortable in fact he was very chatty about it ,

I mentioned to him when I was his age I fancied older women like mad , And used to borrow mags with those types In them , Kath then said so your using magazines then to get off ? Fkn hell I thought jeez talk about forward , the lad was up for it he says, I suppose yes you could say that

I then say What older women ? They are really a turn on arnt they at your age ? He says yes I do like sexy older women
, I thought right then, I said don’t you think Kath would be good enough for the mags ? She’s very sexy John what do you think John I’m Lucky to have her ? John then says Kath would definitely be good enough for the magazines ,
I decided to just call his bluff that way if he freaked out I could say it was all a misunderstanding only a joke and if not then . he’s gonna meat up with us and can have what I fancied when I was young , So I thought this is it ‘ and I say Would you have a wank over Kath if she was in one of your mags ? And he replied yes he wasn’t the slightest but embarrassed

Ok John so you like the look of my Kath then ? Kath then pulls down her top her nipples standing like bullets you fancy a nibble on these smiling, I then say do you want to come back to a hotel with us ? He knew exactly what was in store,

Now He says ?
Yes mate now are yiu up for it John it’s ok you can just have a play with her no need to go further mate ? Is that ok ?

So we arrive at a Best Weston hotel I book us in and John as a guest ,
We ask John what he would enjoy with Kath anything he wants ? Kath is now undressed she looks fkn awesome, she sits on the bed and John sits by her side she feels his crotch and says he’s hard it’s nice ! And do you mind me touching you ? John shakes his head Joan takes his hand placing it on her tits he then starts kissing and sucking Kath smiles at me and fingers herself ,

I say take your cock out John let Kath play with you yes ?
So he unzipped and pulls out a fair sized cock Kath has her hand around it and pulls his skin back exposing the head Kath then says come on boy fuck me and lays with her legs in the air open , John isn’t shy and looks at me then back at Kath , push it in lad push it in I said , and fucking hell yeah he’s fucking her hard Kath is moaning how his dick feels good and tells me he’s fucking her watch him go she says ah he’s amazing fkn hell yes , John just then says where can i come? Kath said shoot it all inside me John

And so he arched his back and shot his load up inside my wife Kath while I watched , he asked for water and while he watched I climbed on Kath and slid in to her pussy Kath reached for johns cock but he wasn’t erect , she had came a few times and then I climbed off her ,we all sat around on the bed I told John to feel Kath up if he liked ,

He put his hand on her pussy and licked her nipples again Kath sucked him for a few minuets he started to grow again , she asked us both to stand up in front of her as she wanked us both a cock in each hand then with one hand kissing our cocks ,
Kath started getting vulgar in her speech saying wank your cock John spunk in my mouth fill my mouth up , or do you want to cover my face come on she said both of you wank those cocks she lay back on the bed holding her tits so John shot a little load landing on her mouth and tits then I did the same ,

The time was passing fast Kath was wanking us both sucking non stop he would come then me again I was so turned on as Kath was in heaven with this 14 year old boy taking turns with me fucking her and coming over her time after time , John kept his promise to say nothing as if he did we would just say it’s rubbish he’s made it up , but it never came to that the next meeting Kath dressed up for him and myself , she would ask him what poses did he enjoy we unloaded together in her face a good few times but we had to call it a day and we still get off on it

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  • Reply Australia. [email protected] ID:1cn96ee27z4d

    Good story at least you’ve got a wife that was willing to explore. That is the best part. You can try. Whatever you want if she’s willing.

  • Reply watcher ID:n2ahpc2d9j

    Oh wow, totally hot! Now tell us all about the adventure with Jimmy.

  • Reply Michael ID:5az13ew42

    Would love to hear more of this please. Great start.

    • Paul and Kath ID:1cqqkrlm4gcw

      We’ll just so you can get an idea what my wife looks like she’s a ringer for Esther McVey but Kath has nicer breasts and a bit bigger ,

      John wasn’t the last , as eventually he did mention what he did with one of his mates who he trusted . Jimmy his name he asked could he watch or at least see Kath in the flesh ? So I shall do a follow up as to what happened

  • Reply Cute Lucas 11 ID:d9rdy146t4v

    Och wow wish so it was me! He is soo lucky! I’m a young boy too