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I thought it would teach him a lesson just not the lesson I did give him

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I’m 16 and my brother is 14. He’s always hanging around me when my friends come over and undressing them with his eyes. So I put Viagra in his shake.

Mom and dad said I had to stay home, with my brother to keep him out of trouble. Sure they were paying me but, he’s been getting under my skin for some time now, so I thought I would do something to piss him off.

Mom and dad had tickets to go see some singer I’ve never heard of in Vegas. So they decided to drive from here in Ontario, to Vegas, see the show, then drive back without getting a room. Ya dumb right. So I had to phone for a pizza for dinner and, make sure Tory stayed home. Well our parents took off before noon and it’s was fucking hot, so I told Tory to get his suit on and come swim with me in our pool. Yes I have a one piece but, I wanted to work on my tan as well, so I put on my bikini I just got. It’s so small that it’s a good thing I shave, or I would have my pubs showing, I maybe blond but, my pubs aren’t.

When my brother seen me give said that I may as well take it off cause I was almost naked anyway. As we were in the pool he was always grabbing me, or acting like I don’t know he was copping a feel. His hand was on my ass more in an hour then my boyfriends in the last week. I told him to keep his hands to himself with him saying he was sorry. It wouldn’t be 30 seconds later his hand would brush my ass, and at times my tits. I got out of the pool to work on my tan and to think how to get back at Mr. feely.

About 4 I made homemade milkshakes, but in his I grounded up one of dad’s Viagra pills and put it in his. I do have to say I did get excited watching him drinking him shake knowing what was in it. I ordered the pizza, and after we ate, I was playing his video game when he started to get hard. By the way his pants was pointed up I didn’t think he could be that size at his age. Finally he went to the bathroom and when he came back he did his best his hard on from me. After close to an hour he turned to me and said ” I think I have a problem, and it won’t go away, I don’t know what to do but, it’s kind of starting to hurt. ”

I looked at him before asking him what the problem was? He turned lifting the pillow saying it won’t go down, I and have heard that if this happens for to long that, a guy can have it fall off. I told him to go jack off and that I was sure that would make it go down. He started to look very worried when he said, that he already did that and it only got a bit soft before it got rock hard again. I started to get worried myself cause, maybe it isn’t safe for a 14 year old to take, and I was the one who slipped it in his shake. I told him to go try again, but by now he was shaking he was so scared, his cock would end up falling off. I told him I was sure that wouldn’t happen but, he had tears on his cheeks by now. I thought fuck I will have to do something cause, if he tells mom or dad who knows what will happen, and dad only have 3 pills now 2 and he may know that. So I said come with me.

I took him to my bedroom thinking maybe if I jack him off, his hard on would go away. Once in my bedroom I told him to take his pants and underwear off, and let me look. He looked at me like I was fucking crazy and said ” I’m not showing you my cock, your my fucking sister and guys don’t show their cocks to their sisters.” I said ” Troy, have you not heard of incest? Well a lot of brothers or dads fuck their sisters or daughters, and some times moms fuck their own sons, so it does happen not that that going to happen here.” My brother lowered his pants and, then had to pull his wrist band out to go over his hard on, before dropping his jockeys. I was looking at my brother’s beet red cock that had to be the same size as my last boyfriend, who was 17. Troy’s cock did look sore being as red as it was, I wasn’t thinking when I reached out, taking ahold of my brothers cock.

I heard ” Oh sis please.” My eyes shot up to his as, his hips began to move, with his rock hard cock in my hand. I thought ‘ This fuck wants me to jack him off. Well, I guess this is my fault, plus his cock did feel good in my hand, so I got on my knees and started to jacking my brother off. I closed my eyes as I thought about when I did this to my first boyfriend, and how he wanted me to suck on his cock. I heard my brother moaning, how what I was doing felt so much better then when he does it. I was kind of lost in a dream world, thinking how I love sucking on a hard cock as I bent forward, not even thinking taking my brother’s cock in my mouth sucking on him. How I do love the feeling of running my tongue around the head then, taking it to the back of my mouth before wiggling my tongue on the underside as I slowly, slid it back to the tip again, starting all over again. I felt hands take ahold of my head just before a gush of cum was being shot in my mouth, forcing me to swallow it to keep from gagging.

He finally let go of my head letting me got off his semi hard cock so I could yell ” You fucking asshole, what the fuck do you think, you’re doing shooting your shit in my mouth like that. Fuck I can’t believe you would do that, and to your own sister.” I got up running to the bathroom to throw up but, it just didn’t happen. I got up wiped my mouth, brushed my teeth as I seen him standing at the doorway saying how sorry he was, but he couldn’t stop himself, cause, what I was doing felt like nothing he had ever felt before. I guess I knew what he was talking about cause, when my last boyfriend went down on me, he had me going crazy on his face. I’m not sure if I peed on him, or if I squirted, but all I know is I can’t wait until he does it again. I looked at my brother and said ” Look, it’s ok just warn a girl next time. OK. I didn’t like it being shot down my throat, Ok, can you do that? ” He nodded his head looking at the floor but with his cock rock hard yet again.

I got up taking him back to my bedroom trying to think, what I could do for him to make him go soft. I sat on my bed with him beside me with his cock standing straight up. I looked at him and asked ” Troy have you ever had sex with a girl yet? ” All I heard was ‘ Not before to night. No girl has never touched me.’ I thought that dad must go soft after he fucks mom so, I wonder if that’s what it takes to make him go soft. There has to be a way and, I do know that it can be dangerous for a guy to stay hard to long, I just don’t know how long that is. I turned to Troy and said ” OK this is a one time thing and, I’m only going to do this to try, to fix your problem, but you can’t tell anyone. Not your friends, I mean not anyone , can you do that?” He nodded his head but, I don’t think he knew what I was about to do.

I got up pulling off my shorts, I had put on with the thong I was wearing, got on the bed telling him to get on top of me. I spread my legs and, took ahold of his once again very hard cock. I rubbed the tip against myself finding, I was very wet down there. Once at my opening I told him to push in to me. I felt as he started to go in, then a blinding pain as he broke my cherry. I knew it would hurt just not this fucking much. Troy stopped looking at me with concern, as I squeaked out that it was ok it’s just my first time. Troy then did something I wasn’t ready for, he kissed me on my lips, and not just any kind of kiss, but a very hot type of kiss. I moved my hips finding most the pain was gone as, I grabbed his ass cheeks showing him what I wanted.

Troy turned out to be a fast learner as, he fucked me like what I would think a lover would, and I found myself right on the edge on coming when, Troy came. I should’ve had him pullout cause, I’m not on anything but, he has already came so many times that he has to be empty. Just like our puppy dog, he’s a male and he pees like 20 times on a walk but, after the first 5 times he’s peeing blanks. He pulled out and, he looked to be almost soft. He had a tiny bit of blood on him, but not as much as I have heard of there being. But as I looked he started to raise again. I got on top this time, once he was hard again and, tried to see if this would work. I was very close to coming again, so I slid my hand down playing with my clit making myself orgasm, as I rode my brother’s hard cock. We then rolled over, as I put my knees on his shoulders wanting to feel every inch of him in me. The way his body was hitting my clit had me going nuts, and when I came it was likes stars were flashing in my head. I came 3 more times before, I started to feel a little bit sore, as my brother came holding me with my legs up for a long time, before he finally pulled out soft, and wasn’t regaining it’s hardness again.

We didn’t say a word just kissed a whole lot before getting up. and cleaning up, with my brother going to his own bed. Mom and dad got home about 20 minutes after we went to bed ourselves. The next morning, well closer to noon, I was alone with mom when I said to her that, I thought it’s about time I go on birth control to be on the safe side, as I thought about the orgasms my little brother had give me, and how I wanted more.

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    Screw the minor detail problems. It was a good read.
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    Awesome story thanks for sharing i wished I had a sister like you

  • Reply Spencer Reid ID:5plgapy6ij

    JDM, there’s a huge discrepancy.. in the story you said “my mom and dad” but here; you said “my dad died” hmmmm

  • Reply Australia. [email protected] ID:1cn96ee27z4d

    Great story Brother would’ve liked your nice little pussy after taking Viagra

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    What a great story! I enjoyed it. Proofreading it to find any mistakes would make it even better.

    • JLM ID:1cl7itfrzymy

      Sorry but I didn’t finish school and far from it so I do the best I can with what schooling I did get. It’s what happens when your dad dies young and your mom can’t make enough to keep food on the table. you go to work full time.

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    Dam that was hot. Definitely wished I could see you get fucked by him. If you want talk email me [email protected]