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I raped my daughter’s ex/bully and broke him mentally

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Who knew an ass fucking could turn a straight jock into a sissy

My daughter was dating this guy Mark for like 6 months and he seemed like a nice guy but in the last month of their relationship he turned into an abusive asshole and got even worse after they broke up, my daughter told me he tried to force her to have sex with him and nearly raped her.

Since Mr Cool Guy liked the idea of rape I wanted to see how he liked it. I started stalking him on all his socials to learn his routine and see if there was a moment he wasn’t with his dude bro buddies. And I found it one night he posted pics of him flexing his pathetic muscles at a nearby park where he said he like to run at night. I hoped in my car and sped over and sure enough he was there still running laps. I hid my car and walked over near where he was parked and put in a mask, when I saw him coming close I snuck up behind him and punched him hard in the back of the head and he fell down.

I climbed on top of him and punched him a few more times and told him to give me his phone and wallet, like the weak bitch he was he cowardly handed them over. I also grabbed his keys too and told him he looks like a pretty little rape toy and how I should teach him to be the only thing he will be good for. He started to struggle but after hitting him some more he stopped, I unlocked his back seat and forced him in and held him down while I cut off him shorts with a knife and took out my cock.

He started begging me to stop and told him he is only rape meat and he should only beg for cock before I started to work my cock into his ass he squealed and cried as I stretched out his ass and once I was in I started taking pictures with both phones, and threatened to cut his throat if he didn’t repeat what I told him “harder daddy” “use my sissy hole” “make me your cum dump daddy” breed my sissy hole daddy” I record videos of me raping his ass while he said that. I used his ass for a good 30 minutes before cumming inside his ass, after I pulled out i told him i know where he lives now and if he goes to the cops I’ll come find him and rape and kill his family while he watches and that I showed him the videos of him getting raped and said would be a shame if those leaked at your school don’t you think? I told him come back here next week at this exact same time or else the vids get leaked.

The next day I contacted a life long friend I knew I could trust Dave and told him the situation and he laughed like I was joking, until I showed him the videos his jaw dropped and nearly shouted “WHAT THE FUCK MAN!” I told him the whole story of him and my daughter and how he tried to rape her, he understood but was still confused why I told him. “Well we both know you know your way around twinks” he is bi and I have walked in on him multiple times balls deep in twinky guys. Told him Mark is suppose to return to that park next week and I want you to go there and use him as your personal toy, and I’ll be nearby and if he refuses I’ll come beat him into submission for you. It took some more convincing but he agreed since it’s been a while he fucked a guy.

Next week rolled around and Me and my buddy drove to the park and sure enough Mark was there. I gave my buddy the same mask I wore and watched from my car as Dave climbed in the back seat and it looked like they just sat there until I saw the car start rocking before Dave climb out and walk back. Dave climbed in and said man that sissy is a fast learner, what did you do to him. Dave told me that they just sat there talked and he coached Mark how to jerk and suck his cock and how eager Mark was to learn and suck, before Dave told Mark to get doggy and he had sex with him all while Mark repeated the lines from last week and when they finished and saw Mark came from getting fucked.

Soon enough Dave routinely used Mark as his personal sissy and even inviting Mark over to his house to be his cock maid, he even invited me to come spit roast Mark with me fucking his throat while Dave fucked his ass while Mark wore a French Maid outfit. I asked my daughter if Mark has been giving her trouble at school and she said no he is totally different since he got jumped at the park, and even heard rumors he is gay. How there are rumors he has been blowing his team mates on the football team and he is no longer hitting on any of the girls he was before.

Things came to the climax when Dave told me Mark wants to be gangbanged and have a train ran on him, I told Dave to set it up and sure enough Dave set it up and booked a hotel room. Dave told me after the fact he invited 3 of his gay buddies and Mark invited some of the guys from the team so there were 7 guys total there to use Mark. Dave told me all the guys Mark invited showed up wearing masks and played rock paper scissors to determine the order they go and all the older gay guys just watched as Mark was used by the young jocks with Mark moaning and begging them to fill his ass with their cum. Sounds like a good night I told him, he then told me one of the young jocks wanted to be fucked by Dave’s buddy John who was a buff black guy after watching John stretch out Mark with his BBC. And soon enough while the rest of the guys where running a train on Mark, John was teaching this jock how to suck and take BBC in his tight teen ass.

Well good thing Mark dated my daughter because now he is fully ready to be a pass around party bottom when he gets to college!

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  • Reply Darren8282 ID:3k40n6rp49i

    im not open gay but id love to be sue like that I love being a submissive.
    All submissive should be used or places where we can go to be used or Raped

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    You should remember that Mark did you a favour by trying to rape your prissy daughter. Now you’ve got a great jock bubble butt to fuck!!

  • Reply Matt ID:1ck78njowllr

    I want to be used like this….I’m not openly gay but I love cock and taking it

  • Reply Matt ID:1ck78njowllr

    I’d be willing to be used like that

  • Reply Hot story ID:1cyit7azs7mh

    Really hot story. Help him find his true submissive self.