I love my auntie after prison sentence

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This is for folks that don’t mind poor grammar and so on as I hardly ever went to school , I read a few recent stories where twats just moan about spelling and so on , wtf are you doing on here perving then ?

So about hmm , 40 years ago I got released from a long sentence 4 years it was ,
in a very tough young offenders institution,

I decided to stay with my fathers sister my aunt Dorothy she was a nurse at the nearby hospital she was a bit of a case , I liked her she was pretty daring and fun to be around , One day I seen her taking some pills ,

I thought that’s weird she keeps them away from all the other medicine in the house , So I investigated and they turned out to be amphetamine tablets lol She was nicking them from work ,

I had Wondered why she was never asleep and always doing stuff and never shut up , I enjoyed staying with her she wasn’t married,

And I found a big stash of sex toys !!

A large dildo a thing that I heard sometimes buzzing making a racket at different times , She would bring the odd fellow home , I heard her screwing with this guy one night and I couldn’t resist listening from her bedroom door ,

I heard her saying come on fuck me , no fuck me hard like I’m your hoar !!!

So i laughing to myself thinking go auntie enjoy yourself and went in the kitchen for a drink from the fridge , The next thing I see is my auntie Dorothy dressed in sexy looking matching bra and nickers and her long tanned legs in white stockings , Well what you staring at paul ? I dressed up for him as I like it in fact it really turns me on

So listen don’t go telling everyone you’ve seen me banging that waste of space in there dressed like this ?

All I could do was smile then burst out laughing she laughed with me then said he’s a fkn waste of my time … first and last time with him ,

Now what i haven’t mentioned yet is my auntie Dorothy is not a bad looking woman and is very slim with long legs she’s taller than me , I am 5’10 tall , Anyway she was about to go back in her room when she suddenly said how do you like my getup then ? Pretty hot isn’t it then says too good for him ,

Listen paul do me a favour and help me get rid of him ?

Ok auntie dot ,! she goes back in and says I need to be up early tomorrow mate ,it’s time you was on your way , With that the guy started to get dressed we both walked out and five minuets later He asked for a drink and says he hasn’t got a motor and so on implying he wanted to stay longer

I said listen my friend my auntie wants you gone and if I was you I would take notice and gave the guy a look as to say fuck off or else?

And with that he said his goodbyes and left , so my auntie says jeez I might as well stay up and go to work a little early and you can get to bed have the house to yourself,

What do you fancy drinking a beer or a coffee? She passes me a beer and herself one , I said you took some speed auntie I can tell , so I explain I knew and she’s cool about it saying it keeps her on her toes and she stays slim but then she grinned you must have messed around with all kinds ,

I say yes I used to do , and so she then cut me short and said trouble is when your coming down from it , It makes you really horny I said yes I know , all this time she’s sat in the comfy chair dressed like a porn star in her gear she had on for the guy that didn’t live up to her expectations

Since I got on with her so well and we was on same wavelength I blurted out are you horny now dot ? She then said er? Why are you paul ? Then she quickly followed it with bloody hell I didn’t think ffs I have been sat here dressed like slut and my tits hanging out chatting with you my nephew and bursted out laughing again ,

I was looking at her and thinking I would really enjoy fucking her given the chance and what a sexy looking woman she was dressed like that ,

Then she says how you doing for girls paul since you came out of that young prisoner place ? I said I haven’t got one yet ,

You have not had your end away yet after all that time Jesus lad you must be busting out full of the white stuff lad ?

I thought fkn hell she’s not bothered about saying things as they are !!

Then she says oh my god Jesus!

I said what ? What’s wrong? she says er? So have I got you exited dressed like this ? Go on be honest have I ? She looked down at my bulging crotch , Oh my paul your bursting out lad , So your auntie is doing that too you then ?

Dot I said you look stunning I have only seen pictures of women dressed like you are now and have done nothing but wank off to them , and now I have my sexy auntie dressed exactly same in front of me ,

If we fuck each other your not bothered about your dad or anyone finding out ? No I’m not at all bothered Dot

She stood up looking hot as fuck and said show me how horny I make you she then kneeled down facing me undid my trousers and pulled my cock out

And started holding it then in her mouth she pulled it all in , she looked magnificent dressed like a porn star , she then stopped saying get on me !!

I pushed her on to the floor opened her legs she brought her knees up and I put it inside her I started to thrust deeper and within minuets I asked her where did she want my cum bang it up inside me use me paul , oh fuck auntie gonna fill you up , she said please then come on now

Ram it in me paul , 4 years and that virgin cock come on up inside now come on , I arched my back and gave my auntie a big load no more wanking over magazines in prison , my auntie getting it all dressed like a sex god what a time , We watched her porn cd’s and kept fucking till daylight , she took some pills and went to work full of her nephews seed ,

I screwed her soon as she got home again and banged her for weeks on end everyday my dirty auntie and me had some really great sex for a long time

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  • Reply durrrr ID:5m9tb98m

    lul you make it sound like you don’t realize that stupid is a turn off for a lot of people … and that the better told a story is, the hotter it can be…

    • I love my auntie ID:1cqqkrlm4gcw

      Missing the odd punctuation doesn’t make a person stupid, anyone that thinks that are provably er? stupid ,the story I was meaning besides my own was easily read, Also I thought plenty of detail and definitely got my heart beating faster and my dick hard

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    Lovely big spunk filled young offender cock – your aunt’s not stupid!