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I Had Sex With My Dog

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I dogs a dogs bitch.

I am a dogs bitch.

I am now 15 its my birthday today, June 24, 2024.

This is a true story, I was 13 when this happened.

Chapter Two.

Watching late night-night television.

It was Christmas and we just boke up for the Christmas holidays, mom and dad were fast asleep and my siblings will be home from college in a couple of days time. I was watching a late-night tv show, I was tucked under my blankets as the window was open, the cold Colorado air chilled my room. Nothing made me sleep better than being tucked, nice and toasty in my bed with the air around me almost freezing.

Bored with the show I was watching, I slid my hand under the covers, looking for the remote. Frowning, I slid my hand around, tossing the pillows back, being, looking for it. Groaning, I realized where it was, it was sitting on the bathroom counter where I had left during my last pee break. I considered whether changing the channel was worth getting out of my nice warm cocoon.

The program’s monotony was getting annoying, and I was growing sleepy. Then I had an idea to determine if Ghost is as smart as everyone thinks. Ghost! Come here boy! I shouted and immediately heard heavy thumps running up stairs, my door was opened by Ghost pushing it with his nose. My dog came to the edge of my bed and stared at me expectedly, cocking his head to one side.

” Ghost. Remote. Bathroom. Go fetch.” He sat there unmoving, understanding what bathroom and fetch in the bathroom? “Go, Ghost, go fetch the remote ,” I repeated and grew excited when he started toward the bathroom. Maybe he’s not a dumb dog, after all, I thought happily. Ghost turned and sat in the doorway, waiting for me to came and play fetch in the bathroom.

I rolled my eyes and gave up, yanking the covers off my naked body, I sprinted through the cold air. “Move!” I squealed, squeezing past Ghost’s large, muscular frame. I grabbed the prize from the counter, pausing to empty my bladder one last time. I plopped onto the toilet and squeezed the piss as fast as I could, wiped and ran past Ghost again jumping back in bed. I slid deep into the soft blankets, pulling them up tight around my neck, shivering.

A few minutes later, still shivering,! Wondered if I should get out again and shut the window, I knew Ghost wouldn’t be of any help in that situation, but…. I looked at Ghost lying on his bed by the door, oblivious to the cold . He was staring at me with big, brown eyes, and when he noticed my gaze, his tail started wagging I sighed and grabbed the edge of my covers. “Come here, boy. It’s your fault I’m freezing, so get up here and warm me up.” I commanded.

Ghost immediately scrambled and took a flying leap on the bed. I raised the covers, and Ghost joined me beneath the blankets, quickly finding his spot. He ended by lying against my side, with my arm around him and his head resting on my shoulder. His heat radiated under the covers like a furnace, and I snuggled closer to Ghost. He licked my cheek and gave a long sigh, closing his eyes.

A few minutes later, my shivers disappeared, and I finally began to feel comfortable again. Ghost apparently was relaxed, too, since he was already snoring lightly in my ears. Engrossed in the new show, I felt Ghost twitch as he turned on his side, facing me but still mashed tightly against me. He hiked his leg over my leg, pushing his warm belly against my bare thigh, Ghost returned to his deep slumber, and I continued to watch T.V.

Engrossed in the new show, I felt Ghost twitch as he turned on his side, facing me but still mashed tightly against me. Ghost hiked his leg over my leg, pushing his warm belly against my bare thigh, He returned to his deep slumber, and I continued to watch T.V. A short while later, I must have dozed off because I was awoken by Ghost jerking and grunting. I glanced over to ensure he was ok.

I figured Ghost was just dreaming about running in a pasture or something. That is until I noticed something incredibly hot being pushed against my naked thigh. Ghost jerked his rear legs again, and the hard hotness slid up and down my thigh. I gently pulled the covers up far enough to peer underneath, and a sly smile crossed my lips. I eyed Ghost’s long 10 inch think cock pressed against my bare skin. He jerked again and grunted pushing his exposed cock harder against my leg.

His jerking grew quicker and more rhythmically, and I watched, transfixed by Ghost’s cock slipping against my leg. Precum had begun to drip like a leaky faucet from its tapered red tip. Ghost must be having an outstanding dream about fucking some bitch, I thought, admiring his leaking cock, I noticed the growing dampness between my legs and that my nipples were like pebbles. I wasn’t a novice to seeing or even touching Ghost’s cock.

I started fantasizing about fucking a dog for some time now but never had the chance too, every time I thought about fucking Ghost I always thought of a reason not to. Now am only 13, but not a virgin I’ve had a few boyfriends and fucked each one of them in both my pussy and my ass. I also enjoyed the taste off cum which I always swallowed, so am not a sweet little thing I like cock.

Well am sorry I should off done this part of the story first as its about two weeks before the other story I do hope you are enjoying my stories thank you, Nikki <333

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    fantasies of sitting on a chair with my cock inside o horny incest minded woman having a dog licking my balls while I pump my incest seed into her womb and having that dog licking us clean

    • Willow ID:28xoqggb0k

      That sounds hot

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    Love the story hope you see this you should have fun with the dog

  • Reply Nikki ID:2t454fw41

    Because it is imaginary one, he does not exist.

    • Emily. ID:1fjh8ue86id

      Shut the hell up. I think its a cool name.

  • Reply :/ ID:4bn00en3fia

    Who the fuck names their dog “Ghost”

    • p ID:1dwejxxxxp6i

      Nikki does

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    • Emily. ID:1fjh8ue86id

      What the fuck asshole what’s it got to do with you. And what the hell is that sort off name ;/ what a shit name.

    • Julius C. ID:emd87tdvq

      Who the fuck uses an emoji from the 1980’s as a username?