I go to help my former sister-in-law around the house, and we have sex. Part two

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After a couple of days, Julie called hey are you available to fuck tonight? Sure why not I replied. I’ll be right over.

After she hung up, I began to clean up my condo and then decided to hit the shower, As I was just stepping out my doorbell rang. Wrapping a towel around my waist I went and opened the door and there was Julie dressed in a pair of shorts and a shirt tied around her mid section with the buttons undone showing that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She smiled, well hello there somebody is ready for sex! I smiled I just got out of the shower, she walked in, and I shut the door as I turned around, she was removing her shirt she let it drop to the floor her breasts firm and full even after three kids. I walked up to her placing my hands on her tits
As we kissed, I fondled her tits rubbing and pulling on her nipples eliciting moans of pleasure, I moved my mouth down and began sucking on and lightly biting her nipples causing them to get hard, OOOHHHH YESSS! THAT’S IT SUCK MY TITS BABY she moaned as she held my head on them, after a few minutes I moved back up to her mouth and we kissed hard our tongues intertwined exploring each other mouths, her hands moved down undid the knot holding my towel letting it fall to the floor she took my cock and began stroking it firmly causing me to moan THAT FEELS SO GOOD BABY! I moved my hands down to her shorts unbuttoned them slid my hands inside the waistband and moved them to her ass that’s when I found out she wasn’t wearing any panties! She giggled I came ready to fuck too! I fondled and squeezed her ass cheeks before moving one of my hands to her pussy finding it wet, I began rubbing it as my other hand with the help of Julie wiggling her hips pushed her shorts off. she stepped out of them kicking them across the room.
I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom, as I stood there with her in my arms kissing I asked have you ever sucked cock or had your pussy eaten out? Julie looked at me I’ve sucked my ex’s cock but, she looked down you’re twice his size and never gave me oral why? I have a idea I laid down on the bed, now straddle my face while facing my cock, with nervous smile she swung one leg over and lowered her pussy over my mouth. I took a slow lick of her pussy causing her body shiver and her to moan, you like that? YES, she hissed I did it again getting another moan, okay as I lick your pussy you suck my cock and with that I began licking her and she began sucking my cock, at first she had a little trouble but soon she was able to take me almost all the way down my shaft before gagging.
Meanwhile I was busy licking and sucking her pussy lips causing her moan OOOHHH YES THAT FEELS GREAT! she moved her hips back and forth moaning as she had her pussy eaten for the first time, she went back to sucking me and I spread her vaginal lips and stuck my tongue as deep as I could into her hole and moved it in and out, She took her mouth off my cock and shouted FUCK THAT FEELS SO GOOD BABY! KEEP DOING THAT OOOHHH FUCK THAT ‘S SO GOOD! she began rocking her hips faster sensing she was ready to cum I located and began sucking on her clit, suddenly her body tensed and she sat up screaming I’M CUMMMINNG OOOHH SHIT I’M CUMMMING! her orgasm rocked her body as her juices flooded into my mouth, I lapped her sweet juices up until with a final moan she collapsed on the bed next to me.
FUCK that was hardest I’ve ever cum! I rolled over on top of her, lined up and shoved my cock into her wet pussy all the way in, she screamed in pleasure and wrapped her legs around my ass as I began to fuck her as hard as I could, OH OH SHIT KEEP FUCKING ME HARD BABY FUCK ME HARD BABY! our bodies making smacking sounds as I thrust into her, Julie cried out I’M CUMMING AGAIN BABY CUM IN ME BABY, OOOHHHHH SHIT I’M CUMMING CUM WITH ME BABY! OOOOOHHHHHH FFFUCK I’M CUMMING! She had an even more powerful orgasm as with a final thrust I began pumping sperm into her. Finally, after a final spurt pulled my softening cock out of her and collapsed next to her on the bed. After catching our breathes she got up and began to get dressed, as she reached down and put her shorts on, I asked leaving already? Yeah, she replied sadly I got to get the sitter home, she looked at me you do realize I don’t want a relationship just a occasional fuck, right? Yeah, that’s all I want too I replied. Good she replied as she put her shirt on and she leaned down gave me a kiss and began to walk out the bedroom heading for the door. As she reached the door I called out aren’t you going to button your shirt? She looked at me smiled Nah call me in a couple of days and she went out. I got to the window in time to see her go down the stairs and past a couple of my neighbors with her breasts bouncing untethered. She looked up waved at me and got in her car and drove with my neighbors standing there with their mouths open. Part three coming

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