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I fucked my teacher to make me pass

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Story about my hot busty teacher being seduced and help me to get better grades

My hot teacher is called Mrs Bethney she is married and has no children yet.
I was so lucky to have her teaching me let me tell you her figure 56 28 33
Yes that’s right she keep wearing tight clothes I sit at the back and while she walks to me Mrs Bethney walks and her boobs bounce and juggle and through bright pink bra on and her two un buttoned done and then I kept glancing at her neck and her much boobs, as she was explaining me how I complete the homework.

I am great at art as I kept looking at her as she face the whiteboard and I kept on drawing her in skirt and her boobs pops out and the bell rang and I purposely left my art on her table and I was about to leave…

My teacher caught me with my art and said what is this? She made confess to her that this is a drawing about her and her boobs are out in front of me.

She was surprised and shy about that and said sit on the chair as she unbuttoning more down of her white t shirt and I saw her cleavage and her Kuch boobs almost popping out and teasing me I told her if I seduce you then can you pass me ?

She gave me her address and told me to come on Saturday as she loves that drawing and want more of me and my dick was going crazy I can’t control myself anymore I said I meet you at the end you can take me to your house, so we arrive and went in the house and pushed me on the couch and it is only me and her in the house and she make me horny as she slowly stripping.

I really wanted to pull it out she said not yet and Mrs Bethney was teasing me and getting horny
She bent over and told me to pull her skirt down and see this sexy ass, I quickly went behind her and I took her pictures of her ass and bare pussy and I was pressing her ass teasing her now as she wants more.

I asked her what about your marriage? She said my marriage won’t affect this now spead my legs and I pressed her ass hard and she let me pull her hair and lightly spank her ass she bit her lips and then she starts moaning and I kept on spanking her harder and harder.

She begging me to don’t stop and then I started to put my handprint on her ass she kept saying how good I am and I quickly pulled down my jeans and my semi hard dick (9.3inches) trying to slide it in she said ahh not yet she got up and kissed me and i felt her soft warms hands on my big dick and she looks at it and said oh my god it’s so big! hmm! And she strokes my dick and French kiss me more as I press her ass harder and she said I really like to be submissive!
She got on her knees she kissed it and said I will obey your dick any day any time you want daddy!
I was shocked she called me daddy as I am virgin and it my first time having sex.

She slowly slide it in her mouth as she is topless and wearing bra, I had good look at her boobs more clear view and she said to flex my hip and more harder and faster fuck her mouth which I did she cocked and gagged my dick is all wet and full of sliver dripping on her boobs and she took off her bra and said will you like to put your dick between my big boobies?
I said hell yeah and showing her how I flex my hip more and I was going rough I didn’t care and she liked the roughness as I pulled her hair and I put her in doggy and spanked her again and slide it in her ass and she is so tight as I pushed and pushed in deeper and she let out scream out of pleasure and kept asking for more and she said my husband hasn’t got big dick like yours ahhh I said cuz he has a cip dick!

I pulled her hair motion kept going faster with each thrust ramming her ass deeper and she get more wet and wet she wants to cum but I told her to wait you cumslut cunt I called her names she in fact loved the names she kept saying use me please

Then I slide it in her pussy she was so wet cum slightly dripping and I started to fuck her hard and and faster brutal fuck rough fuck and I tied her hand to bed and in missionary I fucked her I grabbed her neck she begged me to chock her which I did and I didn’t give a dam as the bed shaking and I pulled her hair and told her to lay on floor and I ramming her pussy so harder and faster she wants to squirt and said please sir please can I squirt and cum please use me master I said now squirt she let out one big squirt she said ahhh I have never squirted before ahhh please keep going don’t stop please I am a married whore cumulus do whatever you want master please own me I want to be your property please use me like that!!
I tried to lick her pussy and drink her squirt juice but I increase fingering and I told her to lick her cum out of my finger which she suck so good and I fucked her brutally slapping her boobs she screamed and told me to fuck her like that yes yes yes please master I fuck her when I want even in school or public I continue fucking her and she let out moan again and again as I pound her pussy she said please make me sore I want to be battered please and I slapped her face said shut the fuck up I put my boxers in her mouth she tried to stay quiet but as I fucking her so good she can’t stop screaming moaning turning into muffles and I got her from the floor and told her to suck my wet creamy dick
She said please cum anywhere you like even if you cum inside me I want your cum inside me please I want children and I fuck her harder faster deeper my dick grew 9.5 and 3 inches wider and she kept saying please stretch me please master your property need this

Then I said I am about to cum I am going to cum and she didn’t let me cum in her face as she held my hips and and made me cum inside her pussy so thick cum ahh I am coming ahhhh fuck fuck I cummed and she kept saying please master fuck me again if you want I am all yours and my husband actually left me and I haven’t had this good sex in a while it’s like I am virgin to this master fuck me if you want so I started fuckign her ass spooning her and I grabbed her I kept bashing her ass stretching her ass as I fucked her deeper!

I will fuck you again in public and even in front of the principal she will love to see her co worker loves sex like this bitch

Let me know if you want part 2

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    She’s probably lying about her husband leaving, but fuck her marriage anyway. Why should you care? She’s a cumdump for you to use as you want!

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      I totally agree with you Cocksniffer !!!

    • Master ID:mg3jhksqcmb

      Yes you are right and I did use her and turned her into my cumslut

    • Master ID:9pp53ayum8t

      I didn’t care but I still fucked her and she wants to do more often

    • Master ID:9pp53ayum8t

      And Britney you are hot too I have another story for you

  • Reply David Kenya ID:5srdij5y43

    Part twice plxzz

    • Master ID:mg3jhksqcmb

      Sure I will tell you more about her in part two