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I Finally Got To Go With Daddy In His 18 Wheeler

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My daddy drove a truck, for a living. He had one of the 18 wheelers that had a sleeper in it because, he would be gone for a week sometimes. He takes my younger brother Terry, with him all the time. I used to beg daddy to take me and he would say no. I didn’t understand why.

I loved being with my dad because, we would sing together. He loved music and so did I. He would take my brother Terry, with him when he went on a weekend run. That’s what I always wanted to do. I would cry and cry because, he wouldn’t let me go.

Finally, mommy said, “Jake, why don’t you just let her go once?” “She’ll see what it’s like and probably won’t wanna go again.” “I’m tired of her crying half the weekend, when you deny her.” “She thinks you don’t like her.” So, he finally gave in. He said, “Okay Kimmy, you can go with me this weekend.” I was jumping up and down, I was so happy.

I got my things together I was gonna take, packed my nightgown and extra clothes. I took my bath an I was ready. Terry was complaining, “Why does she get to go?” Daddy said, “You always go son, she never has, now be fair.”

I was 11, 4’10”, long waist length blonde curly hair with brown eyes. I looked like my daddy. Terry was 10, blonde hair, blue eyes and he looked more like mom. My dad was a good looking man. About 6′, dark sandy colored curly hair, and brown eyes.

We got in the truck and off we went. We were listening to the radio and singing. I loved to harmonize with my dad. We sounded good together. We were going to Utah and then, to Wyoming. We’ll get back home late Sunday night. We’re off school on Monday for teachers conferences.

When daddy stopped at this big truck stop, we went in an ate then, got back in the truck. I changed into my nightgown and daddy stripped down to his boxer shorts. I was snuggled into daddy’s arms while he spooned up against me. I fell asleep right away. Later, I stirred and felt something against my butt.

It felt hard and warm. Then, I realized my panties were down by my foot but, off my one leg.I acted like I was asleep. I was scared but excited at the same time. What was daddy doing? What was be gonna do?
My heart was pounding so hard in my ears. My pussy was tingling and twitching. Daddy’s hand had slipped around to my front and he was sliding his finger through my slit, touching my clit.

Wow, I never had anybody touch me there. I loved it as much as I feared it. Daddy’s dick was pushing against me. Then, he took his leg, raised my leg and put his dick between my legs and against my pussy. He started sliding it in an and out, like he was fucking me. I felt him stick his finger back on my clit then, start rubbing it. I was getting worked up.

I wanted him to do more but, didn’t know what that would be. Daddy’s dick was hard. He took his leg and
raised my leg up higher then, slid his dick between my pussy lips. He was trying to put it in my pussy. I’m still acting like I’m asleep. He started pushing his dick into my pussy. Wow, it feels big. He raised my leg higher and pushed harder. I winced in pain .

I was gonna have to wake up soon because, it was hurting. I decided to stretch a little. I raised my arms and stretched then, daddy held me tight and rammed his dick in my pussy. I yelled out, “Ow, what is that.” Daddy had the head of his dick in me and he broke my hymen. I said, “Daddy, what are you doing?” He said, “This is why I didn’t want you to come with me because, I’ve wanted to fuck your pussy for a long time and I didn’t think I’d be able to resist.” “So, now, here we are.” He was being still, waiting for me to adjust to his size.

He started pushing it in more and more. He was gonna fuck me. It hurt still but, not like the busting of my hymen. He pressed his hand on my stomach and held me close and tight to him while he started fucking my pussy. He said, “Kimmy, you feel so tight on my dick, it’s better than I imagined.” “I wanna fuck your pussy a long time.” I didn’t say anything. Daddy reached down and started rubbing my clit. Ooh, I liked that.

He said, “Does this feel good, baby?” I liked daddy calling me baby and talking sexy to me. I said, “It feels good daddy.” He said, “I love it when you call me daddy, especially when my dicks in your pussy fucking you.” I liked it when daddy talked dirty to me. I said, “I like it when you talk dirty to me daddy.” He said, “You do, well, I can tell you how bad daddy’s wanted to fuck this little pussy ever since you were 7 years old.”

I said, “You have?” He said, “Yeah, but I knew I was too big for it to go in you.” “But, as soon as I said you could come with me I got a hard on.” “I knew I was gonna fuck you.” “Are you okay with it?” I’m breathing hard because, he’s got my clit hard. I said, “I like it just fine daddy.” He said, “Are you gonna cum for daddy?” “Your clit is very big and hard, come on and cum on daddy’s dick.” When he said that, I cum and it was a wonderful feeling.

Daddy started fucking me harder and faster. He said, “Ooh, you cum on my dick, it feels so nice.” Was that your first climax?” I said, “Yeah” He reaches up and starts squeezing my B cup titties. Be rolls and twists my nipple. I liked it. He said, “Oh baby, I’m gonna cum.” Then, he shoots his load in my pussy. I feel it hitting my cervix.

Daddy slides his dick in an out of the cum he just put in my pussy. He pulled me over kinda on my back and started sucking my titty. Oh man, it felt so good. Daddy said, “Thank you baby.” “That was wonderful.” I said, “I loved it too daddy” He pulled out of me and continued to suck both of my titties. He reached down and cupped my pussy with his hand. He slid a finger in then, two in my pussy. It was so slick with his cum in there.

He said, “We better get a few winks, we have a long way to go tomorrow.” I said, “Okay, daddy.” We fell asleep but, early morning I woke up with daddy putting his dick in me from behind again. I let him fuck me and when he cum, we went in to get some breakfast. We got on the road and had a nice day. I was sleepy so, I crawled into the sleeper and fell asleep.

I must have slept quite awhile because, daddy was pulling in a truck stop for the night when I woke up.
Daddy went in an got us hamburgers and brought them back to the truck. We ate and got back in bed. Daddy took my panties off and said, “You know I’m gonna fuck you every time I get a chance don’t you?” I said, “That’s okay daddy.” He laid on top of me this time and put my knees up by my ears. His dick felt bigger this way.

He started sucking my titty and I do like it when he sucks on them. He fucked me twice then, we went to sleep. In the morning he said, “You wanna try something different?” I said, “Like what?” He said, “Well, you could give me a blow job.” I said, “What’s that?” It’s where you suck my dick an I cum in your mouth.”
I said, “Yuck, daddy.” He said, “Well, you can just suck my dick an I’ll pull out when I’m ready to cum.”

I said, “Well, I would do that.” He said, “Okay.” He laid down on his back an I got on my stomach between his legs. I looked at his dick and held it with both hands then, started sucking it. It felt kinda good in my mouth. It was slick and big. He told me what to do. He got very excited. He said, “What a turn on, my daughter sucking her daddy’s dick.” “Watching you makes me wanna cum.”

He told me to stroke it too and he started to cum so, he pulled it out if my mouth and put a wash rag over it to cum in.
Me and daddy had a lot of sex. My pussy got sore. We talked about how mom could never find out. Daddy said, “I’ll let you come again sometime.” I was glad about that. When we got home I told mommy I had a good time and she was glad daddy took me. He said, “She was okay, for a girl. We laughed.

I couldn’t wait for the next trip. I wondered if daddy would do me since we’re home. I guess I’ll just have to wait.

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    Nice. A daddy should always be a girls first fuck. My daddy was my first. He raped me yes. But it was what l needed. And grew to love. Best fuck l’ve ever had in my life.

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      I loved fucking my daughter when was on the road

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      I loved fucking my daughter when i was on the road . She was 12 at the time. She’s almost 25 now and we still fuck when her husband leaves

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    We need part 2 with dad & son

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    He probably fucks your brother as well stop going your ruining your his father and son bonding your brother deserves feeling good too

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