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I caught mom with the yard man now she’s mine

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My mom who’s in great shape was fucking the guy working in our yard. I used my phone to video her. Now she’s mine

My mom only has had one kid, me. She a trainer for female amateur athletes so, she’s in great shape herself. Last week there was a gas leak at our school, and we were sent home early. I seen the yard guy’s truck in our driveway so, I walked around back to see if he was doing anything with our vegetable garden. As I looked around he wasn’t in the back yard but, it looked like everything was done, he just hadn’t picked up the clippings yet. So I went inside to get something to drink when I heard, ‘ Oh fuck me, harder, do it harder, I’m almost there. Yes fuck me.’ I thought, what the fuck.

I went down the hall seeing my parents bedroom door almost closed, with the bed making a lot of banging noises. I looked around the door seeing my mom, on her hands and knees, naked, and the yard guy from behind. He was fucking the shit out of my mom. I had been peeping on mom for some time now, and only had seen her ass once, but here she was naked, getting fucked. My mind started going into deep, dark, places, so I pulled out my cell phone and started to video mom fucking a guy who isn’t my dad, her husband. As I was taking the video, I heard her say ‘ Don’t cum in me, I’m fertile.’ In a few minutes, he said that he was about to cum.’ So mom spun around, taking his not that big cock in her mouth, sucking him until, he started shot in her mouth as she swallowed his cum.

I left the house, thinking what I could do with the video, and more important, what I could get mom to do when I let her see what I got. I went to the park, watching the young moms with the little kids, and as I watched I wondered, if what mom was saying was true. I wondered if she is fertile, and could I make her give me a brother, or sister. Dad and mom have been fighting a lot, for the last year. Dad moved out, and he’s staying with at friends place, as they have a time out. Maybe mom is just too hot for him, and his beer belly. I have heard mom yelling something about, not getting it up anymore so maybe that’s why, she was fucking the yard guy. He is in a lot better shape than dad is, that’s for sure. With my mind made up I got up to walked back home. Just as I was about to leave, a young mom bend over showing me she only had a tiny thong, covering her kitty. I did like the smile she give me when, she stood up with her baby. Made me think of mom bending over picking up a baby for some reason. I think that mother enjoyed giving me a show. Maybe she thought my hard on was for her, well it could be, if she let me. Ya I have a thing for older women, like my art class teacher, she’s tiny, maybe 5 foot, with maybe A cup tits, along with a slim body which, has give me wet dreams at night.

As I walked home I wondered if they were done, or was mom still fucking this loser. I turned the corner seeing his pickup truck was gone, which means mom home alone. As I walked in a heard water running, and as I went down the hall towards my parents bedroom it sounded like mom, was going to take a bath. When I got to the door, I just walked in like it was my room, catching mom getting her underwear out of her dresser, standing there still naked. She screamed at me to get out, as she tried to cover herself. I said ” So it’s ok for the yard guy to see you naked, but not your own son? ” Her mouth fell open as she dropped her lacy panties with matching bra to the floor. She stared at like she didn’t know who the fuck I was. I pulled my cell phone out, showing mom the video I had taken of her a little earlier.

She looked up from my phone saying ” You have to delete that video. Come on delete now or else, are you hearing me? ” I give a little laugh saying ” I could but, I already sent it to my email, and into the cloud so, deleting it here won’t get rid of it mom. ” All I heard was ” Why would you, what are you going to do, oh no, you can’t, your my son, no way, that’s incest so it’s not, what do I have to do,
you little asshole, get rid of that video. Please delete it, it, could be trouble for me, ” I looked her up and down, as I turned I said ” I will let you know tonight mom. ” The truth is It was, I still only had it on my phone so, I had to do something to make it safe, plus I had to think what I wanted out of my mom. All I know is mom did checkout my package in my pants, as she stood there trying to cover herself, and from what I seen of the yard guy , my 15 year old cock was bigger then his was.

Mom came out wearing sweat pants and a oversize top, trying her best not to look sexy but, I now know what’s under the baggy clothes so, it wasn’t working. I asked ” What’s for supper mom? ” All I got was “I’m not hungry. ” As she turned going back to her room, closing the door. I made myself some Mac and cheese, and cleaning up before I headed to my parents bedroom. I tried the door finding it locked. Our bedroom and bathroom doors have a hole in the middle of the nob, and if you push something in it unlocks. I walked away going to the den, getting a paper clip. Back at mom’s bedroom door, I pushed the straighten clip in the hole, unlocking her door and walking in. Mom was on her bed with the covers up to her neck, as if that would stop me if, I was going to force her.

I sat on her bed as I said ” Mom, I know you and dad are more that likely going to split up, and I don’t blame you. I have heard you two fighting, and I take it dad had a problem taking care of you in a way you need to be taken care of. Mom, I have been thinking of you for well over a year now, and you have to be the most sexiest female I know, and all my buddies have wet dreams about you as well, god knows I sure do. Mom, with your beauty you could do a lot better than a guy who cuts our lawn. You could maybe look at it like, you would be teaching me how to be a great lover, for my future wife. I love you mom, and I don’t want to hurt you, so just think about it as doing me a service. ” I got up and walked out closing her door. I went into the den turning on the TV.

Mom came out still wearing the sweat pants and the oversize top, going to the kitchen getting a apple to eat before coming to den doorway saying ” If I give in to this, and it’s only a if do, will you delete that video, and never do anything like this ever again? ” I said ” Sure mom but, I want you to be my first and show me everything that a man and a woman do, mom. ” She stood there looking at the TV, trying to make up her mind. She finally said ” You can’t tell a living soul if we do this, I mean anyone. I can’t believe you want to do this thing with me, your own mother. Well let’s get it over with. ”

I followed mom to her bedroom, watching what a nice wiggle her ass has as she walks, even with what she was wearing. I closed the door behind me for no good reason, after all we are alone in the house. Mom turned to me and said ” Well get those clothes off if we’re doing this thing. ” I was down to me jockeys in a flash, but stopped cause mom hadn’t removed nothing. I pointed saying ” Well mom, what about you, Or should I undress you? ” She looked at me with a shocked look but not moving a inch, I walked up to her, taking a hold of her oversize top lifting it, until it got to her arm pits. She turned a little but red in her face, as she lifted her arms, so I could slip her top off letting me see, she was wearing that sexy lacy bra she dropped on the floor earlier. I then took a hold of her sweat pants, pulling them down past her matching lacey panties, I swear I could smell her kitty as my face was within a inch of those sexy panties. I bent over to remove her sweat pants fully. My mom could pass for Heidi Klum only younger, and with a better ass and not so top heavy, as mom is a B cup. As I stood before her I said ” Your turn mom. ” She looked at me as if I was nuts but, reached out taking a hold of my jockeys pulling them part way down stopping with her face only inches from my cock.

She turned her head to look up at me, then let my jockeys hit the floor. As she stood up I put my hands on her ribs, sliding them up feeling her soft skin under my hands as I got to her bra. I reached behind her, and having never undoing a bra before, I was having problems. Mom finally put her hands behind her back undoing her bra but, let me remove it When her nipples came into view I just couldn’t stop myself, I took ahold of her still firm tits as I lowered my head taking one of her nipples in my mouth, sucking and chewing on her nipple, before moving to the other. When I started sucking on mom’s other tit she give a tiny moan, which I hoped was cause she was enjoying what I was doing. After a few minutes I bent over and slid mom’s sexy lacey panties to the floor, getting a much stronger smell coming from her kitty.

I drop to my knees seeing mom trimmed her hair to a V, pointed at her kitty that had a bit of wetness showing on her lips. I was starting to wonder if this was turning mom on. I put my face in mom’s kitty giving her a lick, making her jerk back with a louder moan coming from her. I push forward licking her harder, and deeper, in her folds tasting her for the first. Mom’s hand came to rest on the top of my head as I kept licking her as hard as I could, with mom’s hips jerking when I hit a little bump. I had heard of a clit and this must be it. I licked then sucked on this bump with mom breathing hard, and her hips being pushed at my face, her fingers grabbed my hair as her movements got rougher by the second. Then she yelled ” Eat me you little bastard, eat me. Oh fuck I’m going to cum, OH FUCK. ” as mom began to shake and quiver, just before her knees give out, knocking us both to the floor.

Mom looked at me as if I was a stranger, before she pushed me on my back and got between my legs grabbing my now very hard cock in her hand, and with a hint of a smile she took me in her mouth, sucking and bobbing her head on me. God I never felt anything like what mom was doing to me, and I never wanted it to stop. She moved from being between my legs until her knees were beside my shoulder, then she lifted her leg up and I clued in, moving under her pulling her wet kitty down to my face and on my mouth. Dam she was so wet and tasted a little what, I really don’t know but, I wanted more. I found her clit again and as I licked and sucked on it, I felt her chin hit above my cock meaning she had all of me in her mouth. She was groaning so much I felt it through my cock, and down to my balls. Mom lifted her mouth off me, sliding my kitty on my face as her breathing become very hard just before, she stopped moving and breathing as a small gush from her kitty went in my open mouth. This tasted different, it was sweeter tasting, as I hoped it was mom’s cum.

Mom moved off of me saying ” Oh my god, I had no idea that. ” Then she just stopped saying anything except ” Make love to me.” I couldn’t of ever dreamed of hearing those words from mom, but she got up pulling me with her to her bed. She pulled me on top of her, and after I missed the spot a few times mom guided me into her so wet hot love tunnel. I just knew to move my hips pushing myself as deep as I could go over and over again. Mom’s hips were meeting my movements as she said ” Oh god, where did my son learn to be such a fucking good lover. Fuck me, fuck your mother, do it. Oh god I think I’m going to cum on my son’s cock, I’M COMING. ” She dug her fingers nails in my ass cheeks as I fucked her as deep, and as hard as I could. Mom buried her face in my neck as her orgasm slowly ended. I just kept fucking her slower then when her came but still had mom close to her next orgasm. She lifted her legs putting her knees placing them my shoulders, as I could feel her next orgasm coming on strong. She was yelling for me to fuck her hard, and as her orgasm hit, so did mine. I came so fucking hard that it hurt, but I didn’t care that it hurt cause it was with mom’s orgasm.

Mom wrapped her arms around my neck pulling my face to hers as she kissed me not as a mom, but as a lover would or so it felt to me. Mom stopped kissing me after a good 5 minutes and said ” So the video, why don’t you delete and maybe someday, you can video us. That was some of the best sex I have ever had, and to think it was my son who give it to me. Son I think I’m going to need the morning after pill am I not? Cause it feels like you pumped a gallon of your love in me, and in such a good way too. ”

Funny thing with that being Friday night ten days ago, mom didn’t make it to any stores at all on that weekend, and didn’t make it much out of bed as far as that goes. Mom said her monthly was due last Saturday but, it still hasn’t came, and mom getting worried but I’m not.

P/S Mom called a lawyer today and filed for divorce

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    Great story exactly how it should be. Your mother gave you birth. You should give your mother birth back.

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    Nice. This was a great story and the sex scenes were done right.
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