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I became my mother after dad fucked me last night Pt.4

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A date with my father, and a night of lovemaking, made love him.

As I said in the last part, dad said that we’re going on a date in the evening, I went changed my underwear, and got out of the room to face my brother, he apparently went out because I didn’t find him at all, I did some chores prepared lunch and ate alone, my father came home and he told to come outside with, he made wear mom’s jilbab and a hijab which I have never wore but I felt so feminine, I felt like my mother

We went out and he took me to a salon and he said to the woman in charge take care of her like I told you, they applied makeup to me and waxed my legs and butt hair which at first to refuse to, but was quickly pressured by them, they applied some hair products (my hair is like neck long) and when I looked at a mirror I looked so good If I didn’t know any better I would think I am girl.

I finished and got out, my father quickly came to kiss me, and it felt romantical?, I don’t know, we went to a restaurant after that, and we ate some food and he was love bombing me, finally he took me to a field near us (it’s a green field with lots of trees in our town and it was like in the center of it)

We went to covered spot where no one would see us and he said “turn around for me honey” I asked him “are you gonna pee on my panties” he said yes and told him to piss in my mouth, I have no idea why I said it, he pissed and I swallowed it, I then started sucking his dick it was my first, although my dad fucked multiple times by now he never made me suck his dick, and I sucked like my life depended on it, I was slurping gulping, he was breathing heavily, he said “aww you gonna get your reward now and another one tonight” he was throbbing and so was my dick in my panties, I came right before him and he came inside my throat and I swallowed it happily.

We went on a walk and he was still lovebombing me, we got home I prepared dinner for him and he got a call from my brother (or son) saying he was gonna spend the night at his friend’s, my father told me to remove my clothes and go wear the sexy lingerie he put on the bed, I didn’t even know my mother had this, it had stocking and it was white, I wore it and I felt so good? I don’t know, he then came into the room naked, he told me to get in my knees to drink some piss of his and I did and I said “I’m all your love” I didn’t know why I said it, he then told me present my ass for him

I got on the bed buried my head on the mattress and lifted my ass in the air, I saw him set up his phone to record, and he started licking and eating my ass, he was slurping, penetrating me with his tongue, and I loved every second, he got on his knees and pulled my panties to the said he entered me raw, and this time it felt different than the previous times, the others felt like casual hookups or just to satisfy his need, this time it felt like he was genuinely making love to me, within a minute or two I came in my panties.

He flipped me into my back and started to mating press me, I felt so good, I started talking dirty to him saying things like “my ass belongs to you honey” and “give me my reward”, It just felt right, he finally came inside as always, he collapsed on the bed next to me and he started cuddling me, we fell asleep

In the morning when I got up he was already awake I undone my bra told him to come suck on them like you always do, he sucked so hard on them I felt them getting sore, I prepared breakfast for him, and my brother came home, he treated like usual like his mom, he then told me why didn’t you clean my room, we argued a little bit my point was it was his room, and his was that I was the housewife and the mom, I shouted at him and he slapped me, that’s when my father came in the room and slapped my brother back, mind you my father never later hands on us although he was a pretty big and strong guy he never did it was my mother that did that and my brother never got physical when we argued, my father yelled at him to clean his room and to never hit his mom again.

He then took me back to our room and started apologizing for my brother’s behavior (or our son in his words) he then started to make out with me, he also told me that he won’t be home tonight die to work, and he told that my brother won’t be here since he will send him to our grandparents.

This is probably my last post since I doubt things will change after this, but if you want I could type about our sex life, but if changes happen I will update on them so thank you.

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